8 thoughts on “YG releases music sampler video for RISE”

  1. I really love the graphics and logo for this album (and the gold/black/white colors.) The use of the sun logo and clock is so clever (“time to rise”). I want merchandise!

    Wouldn’t this logo be cool on an actual clock/watch? Presuming YG could issue one that ran on time? hehehe. Especially if it had a cool alarm sound.

  2. Have already shared this with friends! Such an awesome idea with the clock and the sample of the tracks. The graphics and logo are really great too, still going with the sun theme given Taeyang’s name, but different vibes from the SOLAR ones that it can stand on its own too. Really nice job~

    And oohhhh if I had the logo and the tracks as actual alarms to whichever time that will be a DREAM~~~~ ❤

    1. I liked the alarm clock they made with the BB voices as alarms the last time – such a cute idea. They could do something similar for this.

  3. i was watching some fancams from yb-518% and i found that he really did tease with a lipsync’d preview of ENL at the YGfam concert back in april haha

    1. There’s a bit of a back story to that. YB had previously sang some bits of the new songs at a Nagoya fanmeeting and had asked the audience not to record it. Of course someone did and uploaded it here: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/9RvCLy_UlaU/#

      So during the YG Fam concert, YB said he didn’t want to sing any more previews because they (the audience) recorded it when he asked them not to. (He was kind of half joking and half scolding. Daesung also agreed that he saw the uploaded video too.) When Seungri kept trying to persuade him to sing anyway, he agreed to do the lipsynch version.

      1. oh wow. good thing i didn’t watch that until now otherwise it would’ve been a huge spoiler for me. i’m quite curious about that last song he sang that didn’t make the final cut for his album.

        1. Ugh. I knooooow. There were really supposed to be more songs, so I’m hoping that the plan is to release a repackage. This really has to happen!

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