YG-Life launches Counter for RISE album and MV

See counter here on YG-life.

Taeyang also posted the same photo on Instagram.


9 thoughts on “YG-Life launches Counter for RISE album and MV”

  1. Haha, YG needs to get his use of 24:00 and/or 12am right, because as he has it, it’d be 12am on the 3rd not the 2nd lol.

    1. Yes, so confusing for everybody! And these YG-Life counters seem to be synched to the clock on your computer’s OS so doesn’t work too well outside of Korea’s time zone. (We put our own little countdown timer on the right sidebar of ATY’s homepage by the way just to be sure.)

      In any case, the press and some select VIPs will get to see the MV and hear some songs first. Hope they give us some reactions before the official drop. (Haha, can’t wait…..)

  2. So let me get this straight – the MV and album drops midnight June 3? Although it says June 2 12.00AM/24.00?

    That aside…AHHHHHH! *gush gush gush* Though really, the reality hasn’t properly set in yet.

    1. The MV and album drop on June 2 at 24:00 (basically 00:00 of June 3) – so 9 hours and 30 min to go! (See the little countdown timer we have at the top right of the homepage.) A couple of us will be in chatbox around 30 min before the drop to keep each other company – join us please 🙂 We can all spazz together!

      1. Ahh~~ OK, that clears it up! I sort of guessed by the timer there (that was helpful, thanks :D)

        And yes! Count me on on the spazz party!! I HAS NOT BEEN THIS HYPED since maybe SOLAR and the promotions that followed (no matter how short lived that was).

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