RISE: Teaser #4

YB Rise Teaser 4

Source: YG-Life “Taeyang: Private Event “Rise:Premiere”

More on the event below the cut:

Ahead of the online release of his new album, Taeyang will be holding a private event in Gangnam with invited reporters and lucky fans chosen from a special event. There, the new songs and music videos will be revealed for the first time.

Source: enewsworld

No word on whether it’s going to be a showcase event. (Note that this means that the album digital release will be at midnight of June2/3 since it will be scheduled after the premiere.)

5 thoughts on “RISE: Teaser #4”

  1. Sigh. Trust YG to fall back on his trolling ways and post a teaser to a teaser. Already steeling myself for the “From YG” letter tomorrow.

    Love the photo though. YB always did have a way with hats.

    1. I agree on the hat thing! I still can’t decide whether his pic from WUA or WD is my favourite YB-looking-great-in-a-hat pic. And now I’ve got this one, bah!!

  2. *shakes fists in rage* Darn you YG! Though I should’ve known better. YG is (in)famous for being the biggest troll ever in KPOP.

    That aside, I’m loving all these pics of YB – he’s been looking the best he’s ever been since…Well, I have no idea when, but he’s been looking good (and most importantly healthy) these days! 😀

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