RISE: Teaser #3

Credits for the MV below the cut

Directed by Dee Shin
Produced by Jacqueline Nguyen 
Production Manager – Sujung Lee

Production House – The Uprising Creative
Creative Director – Darren Craig
Executive Producer – Jonathan Craven
Producers – Lauren Ciell, Renee Tod & Alley Curran
DP – Sing Howe Yam
Production Art – David Dreyer
AD – Erek “E Class” Mateo

Edited by Ji Yong Kim (Fantazylab)
Sound Design – Roger Lima (WNL)
VFX – Star-Beast Digital
Grading – SeJung Hong

Executive Producer – YG ent. ( James T. Kirk, 김병구)

Everybody wants to rule the world.

Source: The Uprising Creative (facebook)



13 thoughts on “RISE: Teaser #3”

  1. Wow, this was intriguing. Not a hint of the song at all, but it looks like it might be a story MV? I like how raw it looks too. (And I LOVE the simple gold ring on the logo. It’s my favorite album logo from YG since…ever?)

    I have a sneaking suspicion he might have grills on though (grrr.) But no matter, I might finally get my wish to see YB beat someone up. Kind of hot actually.

    So cool that we’re getting a countdown with teasers….

  2. Omg this is one hell of a teaser! There’s so much to take in in that 1min video…where to start, the siren in the background the slightly eerie vibe that reminds me of his dazed and confused shoot or the super awesome gold ring logo that Bluemaid mentioned? Can’t wait to see what new concept YB is bringing us this time and crossing my fingers for a story mv! One that involves YB being this sexy vampire with super powers….hmmmmmm

      1. Hmmmm reminds me of the zodiac movie lol maybe he’s set on a mission to solve a murder and take down the baddies…..

  3. Cogwheels seems to be theme too. Hope there arn’t any grills. For some reason I wish he would shave his head again, he would look like a badass. I’m sort of getting a reggae vibe too, the music at the end isn’t a song preview is it? I’ve heard that tune before

      1. Maybe they did (since its a really famous song)… or maybe it isn’t his song at all. Remember this is YG and YB together… we should be ready for any amount of trollage.

  4. The suspense is killing me. If there’s going to be a teaser everyday till June 2 I don’t think my heart can handle it.

    Loving this 1 min teaser. So much to take in and so much to take out…

    +1 on a story MV! and I’m with BM on seeing YB beat someone up, that’ll be hot. Heck even that glimpse of his back in that few seconds I find hot.. The man is a sexy beast, so I’ll take anything XD

    Speaking of, YG hasn’t been doing much story MVs.. Wait, have they ever done a story MV? For BB and/or YB that is, since I know they did one for 2NE1.

    1. They’ve done lots for BB (Lies and Haruharu most notably) and YB has LOAM, WD and IBT. But another story MV would be great! Especially since this one doesn’t seem to be a typical love story.

      1. Oh yeah, how can I forget WD and LOAM!? True that these two and the others you mentioned fall along the lines of a love story – if the teaser is any indication – maybe it will be offering something different. Fingers crossed!

  5. Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna make it to June 2nd at this rate. I’ve been waiting for this album ever since they brought it up, so my fanboy feels are escaping.

    As for the teaser, the story I felt like I was being told, was the journey to this very moment. Hard work went into creating the album, but doubt, frustration and obstacles were always following behind him. But, with his known persistence, he was able to break out of whatever was holding him back; he looked inward and decided to just be himself. I honestly think that he struggled with that for a while, and instead of looking outward for answers, he looked at who he was, and stayed true to himself. Lol I’m getting all corny now.

    So far, I’ve liked what he’s been saying about his new album. He doesn’t care about charting number one, and he knows that fans will either love or hate his album, yet he’s completely okay with that. He’s doing music that he likes and he’s happy. I personally think that putting out genuine and sincere songs, is much better than showing fans and the public alike what they want to hear.

    Sorry for the long post. >.<

    1. Don’t be sorry for long posts – we used to have essays on here lol.

      I’m really happy he tried to stick to his guns of releasing what he likes rather than adjusting to the current popular trends (though I am sure a certain amount of compromise had to happen for YG to approve it, which probably accounts for a large chunk of the delay.) Its always a tricky balance for any artist to manage both creative and commercial goals for any album, especially when investors have to be satisfied as well.

      As to the MV concept , it seemed like a superhero concept to me (discovering a talent/power, being given a mission/quest, and prepping to go up against the big bad.) I like that its a bit geeky in its coolness haha. Wondering how the choreo comes into it and how it will translate to a stage performance. So, so excited for the rest of the teasers and to hear the album.

  6. Ok so i figured it out. The human race is on the edge of extinction and YB is the only one that can save us all. But first he has to solve a math equation 😉

    OK so maybe not haha. Either way YB is looking mighty good. And I’m with everyone else, if this keeps up there might not be anything left of me when June 2nd comes around 🙂

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