RISE Teaser #2

YB Rise Teaser 2

Dead. But coming back to life on June 2. Me, I mean.

From YG-Life.

Update: YB’s Instagram photo is a BIT different.


9 thoughts on “RISE Teaser #2”

  1. omg. He looks AMAZING. Though I can’t even imagine what the song is like. (Or what it’s called.) Heavens, you’d think looking as hot as that — he’d get the girl this time right? (Unless it’s a fantasy zombie sequence where there is no living women in that part of LA. Though with a name like RISE, and Taeyang looking so fine, he’d slay’em all and bring them back to life…)

  2. Yes, yes, yes. THIS IS IT. THIS IS ITTTT.

    That is one really, really hot picture, i couldn’t stop staring at it when it first came out like a minute ago haha. He definitely put on more weight since that famous abs pic 6 years ago (haha of course).. you know the one that the media keep using for ‘best idol body ranking’ pic. hehe. but i like this one better, healthier, there is more flesh on him.

    that pose though ❤ ❤

      1. so good. the hair. the ripped jeans.. ah my mind is drifting off somewhere else kekeke is it just me cuz i really want to kiss that waist part, above his jeans.. at the back.. ok bye.

  3. If the phrase if looks could kill were true I’d be dead on the spot. How is it possible for one person to radiate that much hotness?? But what should I expect with a name like Taeyang 😉

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