Taeyang meets Haru on Superman Is Back (140525)

Taeyang is well known for having a soft spot for children and has fondly called Epik High member Tablo’s daughter  Haru his superstar. Haru seems to have gotten over her previous shyness in meeting the BigBang members and paid them a visit as they prepare backstage for the YG Family Concert in Osaka last April.


Tablo : Haru, look at uncle TaeYang’s hair color ! looks like Elsa(Frozen)’s hair
YB : Elsa..
More underneath the cut.

Haru : What are you doing?
TaeYang : Makeup

Taeyang: Haru, please put it(lipstick) on oppa’s lips
Haru : Oppa is a male, this is for females~

Tablo : You should marry soon too, your eyes watching Haru are so..
Taeyang : Haru is just so pretty.

Thanks to @ShrimpLJY for the screenshots and translation and 베티핑끄 for the upload!

4 thoughts on “Taeyang meets Haru on Superman Is Back (140525)”

  1. It’s so cute how Haru is warming up to the BB members and they obviously adore her right back. Haru aside, the best thing about this little clip is YB’s huge smile and his messy hair. (Argh, my weakness…)

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