10 thoughts on “JUNE 2 : RISE”

  1. i had a feeling that the “who’s next” teaser posted by YG few days ago is probably gonna be Taeyang but as usual I not dare to put up so high expectation..but seems like is true!!yay!!

      1. I totally understand that feeling. Aaahh my friend had to remind me to breathe when i saw it LOL. I can’t wait for all us ATYers to ‘rise’ again…I’m not even sorry for that haha I’m so happy 🙂

        And that picture of him is beautiful

    1. Know the feeling!!! I wasn’t even thinking of YB when I saw that pic (see, that’s how much “expectation” I have in YG nowadays).

  2. There were rumors flying around when YG released the picture a couple of days ago, there is a saying in Chinese , Out of the cloud/Darkness comes the SUN, just like any YG fans I didn’t want to jinx it by saying anything but this is the best present for Taeyang and his fans EVER!

  3. Ahhhhhh!!!! Ohmagawd afkjiuiwerjl!!! $%#!@# /ends fangirling

    And that picture of YB… DAYUMN…. YG just loves to toy with the fans of his artists doesn’t he.

  4. I swear I think I heard angels singing when I saw this announcement 😉

    June 2nd can’t come soon enough, but I’ve waited this long so I guess I can wait a couple more weeks 🙂

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