Happy 27th Taeyang!

In the middle of all our busy schedules, we can’t forget to wish you a most amazing day for your 27th Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day (and take some time off to celebrate with a few guilty pleasures.) We’re going to take that excuse and celebrate too…

Dog BDay

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Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, don’t forget that we are wishing you the very best today and throughout the year. We’re patiently (and admittedly a bit crazily) waiting for your new music whenever its ready.  We’re so proud of who  you are and what you’ve accomplished but always know that the best is yet to come. Here’s hoping that every new day takes you closer to your dreams!

Photocredits: jaymiheimbuch, 2

12 thoughts on “Happy 27th Taeyang!”

  1. Happy birthday to the one and only Dong YoungBae! May this day and year be one if unimaginable success. I hope he can accomplish the things he’s always wanted to do. Maybe release an album……Travel to Rio……nothing too fancy. Lol.

    But seriously, YB deserves the best and I hope he gets it. May he continue on this road of self-discovery and become one step closer to being who he truly wants to be. Llet him be who he wants to be, do what he wants to do. He deserves all this and more!


  2. Happy Birthday to my brightest star of all Dong Yong Bae!!!
    Omg I am super excited right now, YG has just released an official news that YB’s album will drop on June 02 2014!!! Isnt this the best present bday ever for him and also the fans??

  3. Our Birthday Boy!! I am soo happy it’s your day! shine bright like you always do, and may you accomplish everything you want to do and we will be with you every step of the way!

  4. Happy, happy Birthday to the sweetest and inspiring man that is Dong Young Bae. I’ll always appreciate and be grateful for his music and how it helped me cope in rough times 🙂

    May 2014 be a smashing year! If 2013 was the time in which he had the time to discover himself, then may this year be the time where he shows everyone what he’s discovered and accomplished in that time 😀

    Hopefully he has time to see the places he wants to see too, and continues doing the music he loves with a passion that won’t cease to shine.

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