Taeyang shooting a new video?

Taeyang recently posted a few teasers on his Instagram that looks like it might be from the set of a new music video…

“The ART of GOD #sunset”

More instagram posts from the set below the cut:



Followed by an equally interesting set of posts by “Allminds” (Eric “E Class” Mateo, who is likely part of the video production crew.) Interesting that one of the tags is theuprisingcreative (website, video reel, twitter) – can we expect something different from YG this time around? In any case, experience has taught me to manage expectations, so I’m keeping the excitement to a low hum…

“And that’s a wrap!!! @youngbeezzy …… Always a pleasure working with humble hard working artists…. #anotherdayattheoffice #setlife #adlife#kpop #taeyang #blessed #YG”

“#setlife #Ad #blessed #weshooting #day1 #kpop #taeyang #theuprisingcreative pc @_shynasty_”

It’s great to see Taeyang working on some new projects – hope we get to see the finished product soon-ish and we can finally put an end to these labor pains! This new album is one very overdue baby!

6 thoughts on “Taeyang shooting a new video?”

  1. Seeing as they’re working with a US production crew (one that’s worked with Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Ke$ha etc.) I’m hoping that we’ll get something that’s an interesting fusion of both western and kpop music video styles (whatever that may turn out to be.) More than that, I’m hoping that they can do this QUICKLY.

  2. I like the second pic, the one with crew..I like how good he looks while dress as simple as that. Anyway like what you said never expect too much from this but reallt hope we get to hear some good news fm Yg soon..=p

  3. You have no idea how many questions went through my head when I saw those first two pictures yesterday. And now that I’ve seen those other two I have even more questions haha. But I’m learning to be like everyone else and keep the excitement to a minimum until something official is released.

    And I agree the new album is an overdue baby and we definitely need something to speed up this labor 🙂

  4. I’m not even going to get excited because I’m still waiting on those other 2 videos he shot a while back. I’m just afraid this will be another wasted effort. Le Sigh.

  5. I hope these actually turn to something that ends up as a track on an album or an MV for YB. The former referring to a small snippet/video recorded of him singing or something on his Instagram or somewhere gah, quite a while ago so my memory’s a bit fuzzy. Although with YG’s track record in keeping his word, I have like 0.00000000001% of hope? Definitely one overdue baby man, this album.

    I’ve been MIA again but rest assured that I still keep up to date (a bit) with YB and ATY 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, you’re not missing much. Apart from the fanmeetings that seem to randomly pop out on their schedules, YB has been lying low and hopefully busy preparing for a comeback. So there hasn’t been all that much going on that we know about. I’m sure he knows we’re missing him! Hopefully he emerges and connects with fans on his birthday at least.

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