Taeyang at YG Family 2014 Tour – Power in Osaka (140412-13) Fancams

YG Family rocked Osaka’s Kyocera Dome over the April 12-13 weekend for their “YG Family : Power in Osaka ” concert and as expected, the highlights were the collaborations among different YG artists and the chance to sing each others’ songs. Apart from a set of Bigbang favorites, Taeyang also performed with Tablo (Tomorrow) and the Team B trainees from the WIN program (Ringa Linga.) A huge crowd favorite was Bigbang’s cover of 2NE1’s “I Love You.” Fancams below!

Thank you to urthesun and YB-518% for the fancams!

April 12

2ne1’s I Love You

More under the cut!

Tomorrow (with Tablo)

Ringa Linga (with Team B)



Koe wo Kikasete  / Bad Boy



Hands Up

Gara Gara Go

My Heaven

Taeyang talk (Seungri asked him to sing a bit of his new song and Taeyang obliged with the lipsynch version)

All artists – Gangnam Style

Other encores

April 13

2ne1’s I Love You

Another Day 2 I Love you fancam (here.)


Ringa Linga (with Team B)

All artists – Gangnam Style

We’ll update more with Day 2 fancams as they come in.

5 thoughts on “Taeyang at YG Family 2014 Tour – Power in Osaka (140412-13) Fancams”

  1. The concert looked like lots of fun and it was a great idea to load it up with collabs since both BB and 2ne1 have been (or are in the middle of touring) and its nice to offer something fresh. I thought the trainees brought a lot of energy to the show – rookies certainly make up with intensity what they may lack in experience. (I loved the Ringa Linga collaboration stage! They really matched up well with YB.) It will be interesting to see how they switch it up when they take the tour to other cities.

    Taeyang looked great at the show – I really loved all his outfits. He looked so comfortable and so “him.” I have no idea how they are going to schedule the rest of the tour but it would be nice if he manages to drop an album before long so that he can include a new song or two in the line up! (Same goes for Winner, Daesung, Psy etc who are all supposed to have new albums out… sometime.)

    And lol – 8 years after debut and its clear that YB will forever be hopeless at girl group dances. (Which makes it funnier, really…)

  2. Even looking at fan cams I can see how fun it was..Wish I was there too. T.T
    I always love to see another artist performing another artist song and BB’s I love you reminded me of how last time they did 2ne1 I Am The Best but Yb did not perform with them in that performance… Glad to see he participated in this round and did’nt know gd can shake that well..haha..and ya I totally agree with you on Yb dancing to girl group moves..I laugh so hard looking at him dance..

    1. YG mentioned in his last letter on yg-life that its in the pipeline along with Psy’s and Winner’s albums (though as usual, he didn’t say when exactly any of it was expected to be released.) YB himself mentioned it on one of the fanmeetings that he’s still finishing up on it (and said “soon”) but then again it’s anybodys guess on what the real time line is. It does seems that he’s working hard on something though so fingers crossed…

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