Taeyang at Simply K-pop (Shanghai 140322)

Taeyang’s been spending the past few months on Bigbang activities, notably Bigbang’s Japan Dome Tour and a series of fanmeetings in Japan, China and Southeast Asia. (Check out past coverage of these events on allthingstaeyang.)  Solo-wise, he’s pretty much been performing the same set at all the events as he has since November last year, namely: Look Only At Me, I Need A Girl and Ringa Linga (and sometimes Superstar.) His March 22 set at the Simply K-pop festival in Shanghai was no different. The broadcast version of his performances from Arirang TV:

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Taeyang’s been looking really fine lately – his recent styling and Tom Ford certainly suits him (pardon the unintended pun) and even his more casual outfits have been looking smart. But all that handsome and even his abundant charm during the fanmeetings can’t distract us from growing more impatient for newer material from him. After all the assurances (over the past 18 months!) that his new album is nearly done and coming “soon”, everyone is wondering at what the holdup is and whether he’s doing ok.

Oh well, at least his dog is back home

3 thoughts on “Taeyang at Simply K-pop (Shanghai 140322)”

  1. He looks soooooooo good up there..
    On his album, with YG’s assurance that BB comeback would be in this summer, I wonder how long more would YB’s album delayed would be again..sigh~~~

    1. I agree about looking amazing! I don’t actually mind waiting – it’s just that YB’s said so often that the album was practically done and to please let YG know we want it (not that YG listens much to fans…) Can’t help but wonder what the problem is, especially since BB supposedly has another album coming up end summer. Doesn’t make sense to cram the activities together last minute again but then when has YG decisions ever made sense to us? I just hope that whatever is going on, the album turns out to be what YB wants.

  2. i don’t mind waiting either since we been waiting for years now. is just that if I am YB, I would prob be frustrated with all the delaying and things aren’t going smoothly as planned. Hopefully we’ll get some good news from YG soon

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