Taeyang features on m-flo’s “Go Crazy”


From soompi:

Big Bang’s Taeyang recently featured on Japanese duo m-flo’s new album “Future Is Wow” along with other famous Japanese singers. m-flo is a duo made up of VERBAL, an MC, and Taku, a DJ and producer. They will be releasing their 8th album “Future Is Wow” on March 26.

The guest artists participating in the album were revealed on m-flo’s official homepage, including Taeyang, Ah Yoo Mi, and Japanese girl group Flower’s main vocalist Washio Reina, among other talented Japanese artists. The song that Taeyang participated in is called “Go Crazy,” and is the lead track for “Future Is Wow.”

The track is a party track, and is garnering interest as to whether it will become m-flo’s new representative song. Not only did VERBAL rewrite the lyrics three times, DJ Taku also played the song in his mix for DJ gigs, and the song has already gotten great reviews. This is m-flo’s first official collaboration with Taeyang, who has known VERBAL since a long time ago.

9 thoughts on “Taeyang features on m-flo’s “Go Crazy””

  1. It’s so odd for me hearing something so pop from both m-flo and Taeyang and the song will take some getting used to (only because my expectations were so different. On my first listen, I thought it sounded like how Ryan Tedder would sound trying out EDM.) I’d really love another dance remix from this song though. I was expecting something a little harder for some reason, like I kept on waiting for the bass to really kick or wanting it to speed up but then again the full album version may sound really different.

    But omg – YB’s english sounds great! And his vocal for this is strangely sweet (as opposed to energetic.) Something different about the way he’s singing lately…

  2. Ya bluemaid i get you, I’m also expecting something different.Anyway is really an honor to be featured in m-flo’s album, they are really big in Japan. YB’s english sounds amazing but I would prefer if this was sung in Japanese

    1. I was surprised at the english as well considering its a lead single for the Japan market. Granted, I don’t know much about what does well in the Japan market nowadays but my fave m-flo period was back around 2008/2009 when they were still doing stuff with Crystal Kay so I was kind of hoping it would be something like that. (Which in retrospect, makes no sense as an expectation considering the kind of stuff m-flo has been doing more recently.) EDM really isn’t my thing though which is probably why I’m not really feeling the song or the production. All in all, I’m happy to get my YB fix but this is probably not going to be on my list of faves.

  3. Proud of YB for the pretty flawless English. Definitely unexpected.

    Even after multiple listens, I still can’t decide if I like the actual song. I just know that I’m glad that YB’s voice has been featured on a new song. Even if it’s not what I expected. Haha

  4. Sooo… I work at HCO an Abercrombie & Fitch affiliate and there is this new song on the playlist by Sam Padrul called Feel the Love featuring Chuck New… and it sounds like Taeyang. I would know.. I have been following him for a little over 5 years now. So i tried googleing chuck new and nothing came up. Sam Padrul is a relatively new artist but i’m wondering if they used the audio from this song or others in order to put together that song. any feedback would be awesome.

    conspiracy theory! taeyang just needs to release in the US.

    1. I gave the song a listen and I hear the similar vibe too. I can also imagine YB singing that song (it actually sounds a bit more of a Taeyang song than this one – or simply that it’s a much better song haha.) Thanks for the recommendation! (And I’d love a good english song from Taeyang too – as long as the lyrics were rather more substantial than Let’s go Crazy!)

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