Taeyang on Mnet MUST – Full (Unbroadcasted) Interview Transcript ( 131209)

This is the full interview with Yoon Do Hyun from the recording session of Taeyang’s guest stint on Mnet’s MUST last December.   Only a small part of this was included in the actual broadcast.

TY: Hi Everyone. I am Taeyang. Thanks for coming out today. Yoon Do Hyun-ssi should be here somewhere… Where are you?

YDH: I am here! Here! Wow! You look stunning! I almost lost my mind in admiration of you on the stage. I was like “wow…..” the whole time.

—Fans screaming—

YDH: I actually wanted to make some small talk with you earlier, but I didn’t want to bother you since you looked exhausted.

TY: In fact…long rehearsal made me….

YDH: I saw you were taking a power nap to recharge the energy…?

TY: Yes…

YDH: Somehow the power nap helped you to show us an explosive performance on the stage.

TY: (shy laugh) I know… I fell asleep in the waiting room, sorry.

YDH: no no no. I just didn’t want to wake you up. So how are you? You must’ve been really busy these days.  Thanks for coming out today despite your hectic schedule. I heard you are on tour in Japan?

TY: Yes, We, BIGBANG are currently on a Dome Tour in Japan. I just arrived from Fukuoka yesterday, came straight here for rehearsal. It’s physically intense but I love it.

—Fans applause—

YDH: Korean fans have been longing your concert. Any plan for performing in Korea?

TY: Yup. Bigbang’s final concert will be held in Seoul, Korea.

YDH: The date set yet?

TY: It’s January…..

—fans screaming 25th!!!!!!!——

TY: Fans are saying “25th?”

YDH: You actually have no idea when is the exact date?

TY: In fact… I really don’t know my schedule.

—Fans laughing—

YDH: How do you keep yourself physically active despite a busy schedule? You are not only singing but also dancing on the stage. You must have tips for managing your energy level.

I heard the rumor that you do yoga.

—Fans screaming—

YDH: I have to say you don’t look like yoga type of guy.

TY: I know, right? I am surprised at myself too.

YDH: Seriously you look more like a gym or skateboard guy. It’s a bit unexpected.

TY: Yes. I have been working out at the gym regularly and enjoying skateboard very often. But then recently, I started to feel a slight aching in my joints…my knees…

YDH: Oh no… Is it from your constant dance practice?

TY: It could be… So I wanted to try different type of exercise such as yoga and pilates.


TY: Yup.

YDH: What do you wear when you do Pilates? I am just wondering….

—Fans screaming—

TY: I know all of you have this picture in your mind….like… tight pants…?

YDH: Can you show us some moves? Yoga, pilates, either one?

—Fans screaming—

TY: Huh? Oh… But… Seriously I am not that good yet.

YDH: Don’t worry. We are all the beginner level here. Please? I would love to learn some.

—Fans screaming—

TY: Are you serious? Yoga pose? Here?

YDH: Just one will do. Anything.

TY: (Sigh)

YDH: Your favorite one or the basic one. Please? What? Huh? A cat pose?

TY: For real? Um….Wait let me take off my jacket first.

—Fans screaming—

YDH: (whispers) I think we got him on the right track. Kkk. Don’t you think your jacket is too heavy? Even closer look.

—TY took off his jacket—

YDH: wow, you look great without jacket.

TY: Let me tell you this, I am NOT that good at this.

YDH: So how long have you been doing this? (Yoga and Pilates)

TY: About 6 months?

YDH: That’s good enough time to…

TY: Well, one of the most important principles of yoga is the practice of constant remembrance.

YDH: So I am ready to learn.

TY: Then, let’s start with a standing pose instead of one lying down. I can’t remember what this pose is called… I have been told this pose is good for me. Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width.

YDH: Oh, now I am excited!

TY: Many of you might be familiar with this pose. Then go down slowly keeping your back straight.

YDH: Keep my back straight? How?

TY: Like this

—Fans screaming—

YDH: Oh I like your rear view.

—Fans screaming—

TY:  Keep your posture like this, and press both knees down closer to the floor.

—Fans screaming—

YDH: Wow, It looks…. even better from the rear view. It’s a good thing that you are facing your fans, I am the only one who get to see your rear view. I don’t know what’s going to happen if….

—Fans screaming—

YDH: So, shall we all try this out now? You think you can do this?

—Fans “no…….”—

YDH: Right, there’s just not enough room for everyone. It wouldn’t be fun. Let’s just save this for later and wrap this up.

—Fans applaud—

YDH: Were you able to get some rest this year? Even a few days?

TY: Since Bigbang wasn’t active this year, we spent a lot of time working on the new album. I really don’t recall if I took full day off. Oh, the summer vacation with my family. Other than that… I was busy with preparing the album and concert.

YDH: You have been working non-stop. No days off!

TY: Yup, well working on a new album is a break for me.

—Fans laughing—

YDH: Let’s just say that you haven’t taken a break yet. Um. The prompter isn’t ready yet. It’s ok, no rush!

TY: May I please have a paper towel?

YDH: Oh, some paper towels for sweat.

—-One of fan saying “Can I give you mine?”—–

—-Fans screaming while TY is cleaning up himself—

YDH: Ok let’s resume. (Pause)

—Fans laughing—

YDH: I read from somewhere that you would love to travel, since you spent most of your time in the studio to record new songs. Right?

TY: Yes that’s correct.

YDH: Where to? When?

TY: In fact, I have been dying to travel. But never enough time between schedules.

YDH: Where would you like to visit most?

TY: I have 3 countries in my mind now. The first one is Brazil.

YDH: Oh. Brazil. Have you ever performed there?

TY: No. not yet.

YDH: I hear it is quite far.

TY: Yup, it’s around a 20 hour flight.

YDH: So Brazil is your first choice. But haven’t you been able to take a short trip while you and other Bigbang members performed in other foreign countries? How was it?

TY: Well,  whenever we are on international tours, the local fans would visit us at our hotel and wait outside. So we never really had a chance to explore much. It wasn’t easy to come out of the hotel room.

YDH: Fan would wait for you guys like 24/7?

TY: Pretty much.

YDH: Wow. I am so proud of you guys, but then, it wouldn’t be comfortable though. It’s like you guys are locked up. How about a spy disguise? Have you ever tried?

TY: I have never thought about it.

YDH: (staring at TY) um… I don’t think it would work for you. But wig or mustache? Ok….
Where do you see yourself one year from now?

TY: As I see it now, I would be busy performing in Korea, or Japan etc.

YDH: More concerts – I can see the fans here are happy to hear that. By the way, have you spoken to YG about your plan for a Brazil trip? Have you?

TY: He will somehow find out from some article sooner or later.

—Fans laughing—

YDH: Hahahaha. From article? What an effective way to communicate! I got an idea, why don’t you speak to YG on air now ask him for a vacation? Please look at camera 2.

TY: Camera 1?

YDH: Oh. Yes, Camera 1.

TY: I will try to speak formally since this will be broadcasted.

YDH: Ok.

TY: Yang Sajangnim (T/N: “Boss”) I have been working so hard last year, so please allow me a trip to Brazil. It could be a great inspiration for my music. I can assure you that I will come back in one piece without any accident. You can count on me.

—Fans applause—

YDH: Hahahah Have you ever got into an accident during trip?

TY: No. But just in case.

YDH: So… you are 26 years old, right?

TY: Yes. I am.

—Fan wowing—

YDH: What are they saying? Being 26 is great.

TY: I know, what is this reaction about? (Am I too old?)

YDH: So being 26 in your prime, I am sure you are looking for someone to love. As we all heard from the media, you don’t have anyone particular at this point, but we never know you might secretly have someone. I heard you were saying “I want to love someone but it doesn’t need to be a relationship” I have to ask you this, what’s love to you Taeyang? It’s like we are doing ‘Radio Star’ [T/N: MBC Variety program]. Just out of curiosity.

TY: um. To me, love is…. I don’t know. It can’t be limited just to a relationship. Love is something that wakes up my inner voice and inspires me constantly.

YDH: Yes, agreed. You can always express your love in music. Ok, it’s time to ask for your next song.

TY: It’s “I need a girl”.

YDH: Would you like some water?

TY: Yes, please.

YDH: You performed many songs today, and there will be more songs following.

—Fans screaming—

YDH: Thank you again. Help yourself with water, drink as much as you can (joking). Water is only thing we can offer you here.

—Fans laughing—

YDH: So your single came out last month. ‘Ringa Linga’. It’s little late but I would like to congratulate you.

TY: Thank you.

YDH: Have you checked out the Ringa Linga dance cover Taekwondo version? Have you?

TY: Yes I have.

YDH: How did you like it?

TY: They were literally flying (joking).

—Fans laughing—

TY: It was such a nice surprise to see how they recreated unique choreography for “Ringa Linga.” It was so cool.

YDH: You should be really proud. And I also heard some good news that would make you proud as well. You and other Bigbang member TOP were competing for the first place, and then you beat him.

—Fans screaming—

YDH: Congratulations! How was it? Was it a mixed feeling? Have you guys talked about it after that happened? Very curious.

TY: In fact, I don’t even think TOP-hyung knows that I won the first place.

—Fans laughing—

YDH: Really?

TY: Yes, He has been really busy. When he focuses on certain things, he doesn’t really care what is going on around him.

YDH: Such a cool guy. Wow…. (Talking to TOP) If you are watching this now, just letting you know Taeyang won the first place.

—Fans applause—

YDH: So all the other Bigbang members are busy with their schedules, but I am sure your friends and family are aware of your achievement. Any text message from them? Kakaotalk?

TY: Should I exaggerate a story a bit since this will be on air?

YDH: No need. We don’t do that anymore (joking) I guess you got none?

TY: Yes…. As a matter of fact, we are all so busy. That’s ok. I already know it by heart anyway.

YDH: Now that’s such a sugarcoating! (Joking) You must been really busy… How about YG? Any message from him?

TY: He is not a type of guy who is texting often. We never got any congrats message when Bigbang was doing so well.

YDH: It’s nothing new that Bigbang won the first place.

TY: But, I recently received very sweet text message from him when Ringa Linga placed #1.

YDH: A sweet message? What kind of?

TY: It was ‘Congrats’. [T/N: YG’s tweet was ‘축하혀’ somehow cute and casual way of saying congratulations in Korean?]

YDH: ‘Congrats’? (Joking) That is the sweetest text ever. How about G Dragon?

TY: He is also extremely busy.

—Fans laughing—

YDH: Aren’t you guys so cool? Hahaha. Speaking of G-Dragon, you stated that he has been a really special friend to you. If you were to marry someone, you would choose him – a match made in heaven?  What do you guys have in common? And what do you envy of him?

TY: Well, since we were young, we admire each other all the time. We always have had different ideas about things so we learned from each other. If we had too many things in common, we could’ve had more conflicts. We always cheer up each other and visa versa. When bad things happen, we comfort each other.

YDH: You guys seem to be so close and respect each other. I heard you and G Dragon worked together on Ringa Linga? How was it?

TY: It got it done so quickly.

YDH: Did it?

TY: In fact, I was at the studio about to work on the initial track of Ringa Linga that we received from someone else. That night, Jiyong swung by and listened to it. He came up with this idea about the Korean Children’s song ‘Ringa Linga’, and he made the chorus part right there.

YDH: Wow, it was like improvisation. He was just stopping by and came up with this. Wow.

TY: Then I asked him, ‘Why don’t you finish the whole song, since we already got the chorus part?” So we got it done that night and I recorded the song the next day. Everything went well.

YDH: I see, once you got the right mood, you better get it done right then. This behind story is such a treat to us. Don’t you just love it?

—Fans ‘Yes!!!’—-

TY: I didn’t think this was an interesting story or anything like that.

YDH: The audience was so focused. Recently, you had solo stage in US and you even revealed your new song.

—Fans applause—

YDH: Tell us more?

TY: I got invited to perform at MTV Music Experiment in San Francisco. MTV invites foreign artists all around the world and offers live streaming service.

YDH: Live?

TY: Yes.

YDH: Congratulations! You unveiled your new song there.

TY: Yes it is called ‘1 am’

YDH: Have you performed that song in Korea yet?

TY: Not yet.

YDH: Can we get to hear some of it today?

—Fans screaming—

YDH: When are you expecting your second album? I am not talking about single. The solo album.

—Fans ‘Now!’ ‘Tomorrow!’ ‘ASAP!’—

YDH: Didn’t just he say, he wants to go on a trip? (…?)

TY: I want it out ASAP as well. It will be out soon. I can tell you this.

—Fans screaming—

YDH: Soon, right?

TY: Yes. Soon.

YDH: I see. Will ‘1 Am’ be on the new album?

TY: Both  ‘1 Am’ and ‘Ringa Linga’ will be there.

YDH: That means all the work is done already?

TY: Yes, all the work is done.

YDH: What’s the delay? Working on marketing strategy? Waiting for the right timing to release? Some video work? Did you hear that? The work is done!

—Fans screaming—

TY:  Yes, the recording work is done, the mixing part is in progress.

YDH: Sounds great, we look forward to hearing your new song, and it’s time to say good bye. Let’s hear Taeyang’s song. Thank you.

TY: Thank you.

Many thanks to Juckdo for sharing this recording with international fans! English Subs for the broadcast version is available at bbvipchannel (requires registration.)

Transcript and Translation by: lolliandpurple for alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com  Please credit if taking out.

11 thoughts on “Taeyang on Mnet MUST – Full (Unbroadcasted) Interview Transcript ( 131209)”

  1. Thanks so much to Juckdo and lolliandpurple for sharing this interview with international fans! So little from the recording actually makes it to broadcast, so this is SUCH a treat for us. (Why does it seem like the editors miss so many really cute parts haha. I would have loved to see his facial expressions during this interview since it his face and body language are so expressive and says SO much more than just his voice. )

    It makes me greedy for all the events and interviews we’ll never really be able to know about unless we’re there in person – sigh, for being so far away. (And thanks once again for all the generous fans with their fancams. So grateful for you all…) With YB busy preparing for his album in between his BB obligations, I’ve been missing him terribly so this interview helps to fill his absence a leeeeeee-tle bit.

  2. Thanks for everything juckdo and lolliandpurple!!! I swear YB has some of the best fans.

    I love YDH. He’s such a pervert. And I just love how he interacts with YB. Hahah

    I would have loved to see this visually, but hearing the audio is still so enjoyable. 🙂

  3. This is definitely a treat for the international fans, thanks juckdo and lolliandpurple! I was hoping that they will show the yoga move he did in the broadcast but they didn’t..
    Anyway reading this is good enough to make my day ^0^

    He keeps mentioning that his album is almost done but it has been delaying for some time now. I wonder what makes the delay though. Just read that his album release date in Japan was postponed from Mar to May. Does that means that there will be delay too in Korea? I just got curious on what took them so long to release it..

    1. No one really knows what’s going on with YG and his plans. (A lot of times, I don’t think YG knows either. Most of what he considers “plans” seem like wishful thinking.) That said, BB wrapped up their Japan tour recently so I think YB has more time to do the normal preparations – MV shooting, choreo practice etc. this February so hopefully we’re looking at the album coming out in mid to late March. (Though BB has fanmeetings and their own album preps going on at the same time too…)
      A lot will depend on whether the other YG artists scheduled for February comebacks/debuts are ready and where YB falls in the sequence of things. It’s frustrating since even Psy, Winner etc. are also delayed and I can’t imagine YG being able to juggle simultaneous promotions no matter what he’s been saying in the press…

  4. LOVED IT!!! omg Juckdo (I wished I had been able to meet you at Music Experiement just to see who takes these awesome fancams!)

    And of course the ladies here at Alwaystaeyang and lolliandpurple for translating

    really wished that they had aired the part about his album is pretty much done and he wants to release soon, I hate how some ppl are saying it’s Taeyang’s fault that his album has been pushed back so many times, it was only the first time back in 2011-2012 he scrapped the entire album because he wasn’t happy with it, he is happy with this one and can’t wait to release and it is freaking YG ‘s fault that its not happening and its being delayed..

  5. I am sure YB is the one who gets frustrated most about the delay. Sigh sigh sigh.

    I love Yoon Do Hyun and his sense of humor. You can definitely tell he adores YB. I try to convey his trademark ‘cute perverted’ joke to English translation as much as I could…. but somehow many of nuances got lost in translation. Sorry. I will do better work next time since its my first one. ; p

    Am I the only one who misses his solar hair? Don’t get me wrong he rocks with new white/blonde hair but I miss his cute mohawk.

    @BLUEMAID I will try to do more translation (sketchbook interview) some time next week.

    1. Hi lolliandpurple ~ You did such a great job! it was such a treat to sneak reading this interview into a long day at work ^^ Thanks again!

  6. Hello. Sorry to bother you but does Taeyang have a fanmail contact? – email or Letter address?

    If we want to send him presents, art, emails, letters, jokes ect.

    How can we contact him in hope he sees/receives? Can you please help me?

    Do any of them have email/letter contacts? Or we are wasting our time, do you think?

    Thank you for your help from the warmest part of my heart.
    I hope you can reply to me.

    Love Lisa

    1. You can send any fanmail and gifts through the YG office at this postal address:

      서울특별시 마포구 합정동 397-5 YG빌딩 5층 (빅뱅) 태양 앞(121-884)

      YG building 5th floor
      MapoGu, HapjeongDong 397-5
      Seoul, Korea
      (Bigbang) TaeYang
      post code : 121-884

      (I would write the address in both Korean and English to be sure.) A fan manager takes care of sending all mail to each of the YG artists. Personal email/addresses are not disclosed for security reasons. We’re told that Taeyang loves getting letters and really does read all his mail so do send him your letter!

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