Taeyang on Winner TV Episode 6 (140117)

While Taeyang is off in Paris attending Fashion Week (follow us on twitter for that or check out the coverage over at AllthingsTaeyang), the second of the Winner TV episodes featuring Big Bang aired on Mnet with more YG junior-senior interaction between the boy groups.

(Official Subs will be out on Tuesday.)

While I don’t think TY will ever be entirely comfortable in variety, he’s much more relaxed here among friends and I LOVE seeing him tease everyone.  His expressions are especially priceless – lots of gif-able moments here for sure.

2 thoughts on “Taeyang on Winner TV Episode 6 (140117)”

  1. Apart from all the parts with Taeyang in it, I did find the song demo evaluation the most interesting part of the episode. I wonder how much of that is the real process over at YG – do all songs basically just have to conform to YG’s personal taste? (No panel discussion etc.) And seeing how YG judges on SBS Kpopstar, I really can’t imagine all the hidden gems that may not have made the cut in the past. Plus I can now even more clearly picture what TY said about basically waiting YG out on his album until YG likes a song that YB feels strongly about – YB’s stubborness may be the only thing that gives him an album that is a bit different from what YGE puts out!

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