Taeyang on WinnerTV Episode 5 (140110)

Winner, YG’s boy-group-in-the-making, is in the middle of a reality show broadcasting their preparations leading to their official debut next month.  The group has been the opening act for BigBang in their Japan Dome Tour for the past month or so and we finally get to see a bit of Bigbang and Winner interaction on the show!

The Bigbang cut:

(Thanks for the upload! Full show with Official Subs after the cut.)

It seems that Taeyang and Seungyoon have compatible personalities within YG Family according to the show’s fortune teller.

(This was validated by their jokey messaging relationship with each other.) It seems that Taeyang’s brief stint as their mentor may have been the start of a good friendship! There will be more Bigbang in Episode 6 so perhaps we can see them joke around a bit more then…

Full show from Mnet (click cc for subs)

7 thoughts on “Taeyang on WinnerTV Episode 5 (140110)”

  1. lol. I’ve been watching the show and I can see why Taeyang and Seungyoon would get along. They’re both very parental (read that as “nagging”) and manly with a childlike and weird sense of humor. And also with a strong sense of teamwork and responsibility. Musically though — not alike at all. 🙂

  2. Hahaha, this looks like a good episode. I’ve been following the show as well. I’m not surprised that Seungyoon turned out to have a similar personality as YB. They both nag (XD) but they definitely have different tastes in music 😛

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