Taeyang at SBS’ Gayo Daejun (131229)

Taeyang performed the forever-teased-but-yet-unreleased  1AM as a special stage on the December  29 broadcast of SBS’ Gayo Daejun and was later joined by GDragon on a remixed Ringa Linga  and Bigbang’s Bad Boy.

1AM was previously staged in front of much smaller audiences so there was less audience participation this time around in the much larger hall (plus the lack of live band makes a big difference.)  It’s still a lovely song though and a good performance, even though I felt Taeyang’s  energy and voice were still not 100% (probably from his marathon performances a week ago.)  Get some rest, TY!  Too bad he couldn’t perform in that lovely Tom Ford suit, we needed more than just a few seconds of that eyecandy…

I also enjoyed the relaxed and friendly feel of the joint stage with GD as well – it’s not often that we get to see them sort of just vibe together onstage.  Something different for the end of the year from the besties… (Though it must be said, I’m kind of hating on the cameramen for not simply focusing on the performers rather than the audience and parts of the stage. Wtf? And missing the hug? Fancam ) Alternate link to the full GDYB stage here.

Taeyang also participated in the multi-artist song “You are a Miracle” at the end of the show – here’s the cut:

Full song:

Thanks to the uploaders!

9 thoughts on “Taeyang at SBS’ Gayo Daejun (131229)”

    1. lol. I was lukewarm at the very first but now can’t help singing along (and yes, occasionally waving my hands in the air) every time I hear it. Strangely addicted – I can’t even say why…

  1. I loved the collab song, Taeyang and Ailee definitely sounded amazing together. Now I wish for a possible duet for his upcoming album. Also 1AM sounds really chill song. ^^ Overall great night.

  2. You would think that since he’s performed 1 AM a few times now they would just release it already as a single, but I guess they enjoy teasing us. Well as long as he keeps performing that song cause I’m really liking it the more that I hear it. And I actually liked this remix version of Ringa Linga more than the one they released for that Samsung thing.

    As for the camera work, I think they should hire fans as camera people. Cause you know they would get all the right shots 😉

  3. That was a great performance! I also was not that into 1 AM when I first heard it at Musicexperiment but the way Taeyang performs it just give me chills and goosebumps ! Like when he said SBS you know what time it is !! Just makes me squeals with happiness ^=^ BUT who ever was the director of this show needs to be talked to…. We reaaalllly don’t want to see the actual stage , we want to see the artist on the stage !

  4. I love 1AM! I dunno if it’s from the videos at Music Experiment or something else… but I really like it 🙂

    Love the GDYB hug at the end ❤

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