Taeyang on Mnet MUST (131218)

Words are not enough. Watch the full show on Mnet here.

More video beneath the cut.

Full show in HD

English Subs available at bbvipchannel (requires registration.)

Alternate links

Many, many thanks to the uploader!

Screencap via @1004Hanaa on twitter.

Fancams from the event:

This Christmas – DYBLGE (518%)

1am (Encore version) – DYBLGE (518%)

11 thoughts on “Taeyang on Mnet MUST (131218)”

  1. omg. He looked absolutely amazing and I love, love, love when he switches up the songs to sing low like that. It’s enough to make me forget the completely unnecessary BB songs tacked on to the set list. I need this in HD! And massive amounts of screencaps! (And official video from Mnet so it doesn’t get taken down lol.)

  2. ok everytime, really everytime he improves so much ! u never hear the same version of the song in these shows. God he really lives his music. Do you guys saw his POWER in Ringa Linga? it was hilarious haha

  3. if i’m da lucky fan gal, i don’t think i’ll be able to sleep that night..probably dying of happiness..hahaha
    this is a very fun and energetic performance, u can see that he really enjoyed on the stage..

  4. i love love it when he performs with a smaller audience. He radiates, and he looks like he’s had so much fun performing and making interactions with fans. He looks good and confident. Too bad there’s no Wedding Dress cuz i miss that song like mad but I’ll take what i can get from this 😀

    1. I just can’t get over how good he looks – and everyone at MUST during the recording agrees that he looked even better in person than on TV. (The same was true in San Francisco…) As you said, he’s just radiant, especially when he’s having a good time… and then he suddenly smiles… wow.

  5. Another amazing show put on by YB. I heard fan recordings of YB singing ‘This Christmas’ and I’m so happy it sounded even better on Broadcast. Plus really impressed on how he hit those high notes, all the while entertaining that very lucky fan. It’s almost like the distraction helped lol. I was really hoping to get an official cover of that song from him, since the season is appropriate and all. The Samsung project would have been the perfect opportunity, but oh well never mind…

    Kind of agree with BM…those BB songs were unnecessary. It wasn’t like he was lacking songs to perform, so I don’t really get why they were put in the set list. Anyway, other than that I loved the performance. Excited for more performances from YB at the Music for all, All for one concert he’ll be participating in soon!

  6. Ohh..this was awesome. Loved the atmosphere, and YB sounded amazing – his lower register is perfecttt. I’ve been pretty annoyed with the delays and such surrounding his album, but this is definitely a nice Christmas treat for me. And it goes without saying, but he looks delicious 🙂

  7. He is truly amazing to watch. Not only can he dance he can sing as well. I feel like this new album is going to be amazing!! He has def. grown into a man!! He is so stinking hot!!

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