G-Market launches “Christmas Wish”

Gmarket launched its Christmas Wish campaign with Bigbang on its online site with a series of new concept photos and a series of individual and group CFs which will be unfolded over the next month.

New videos and photos will be revealed every week – take a look at oh-so-handsome Taeyang in the first batch! (Purchases on Gmarket allow you to win Bigbang member merchandise and concert tickets to Bigbang’s Seoul Concert in January 2014.)

(All wallpaper can be downloaded on the official Gmarket event site.)

And a sneak peak at next week’s CF:

We’ll be updating this post as the campaign goes along.

CF #2

And new wallpaper:

CF #3

New wallpaper

YB Photo4





Gmarket Christmas YB Wk4



7 thoughts on “G-Market launches “Christmas Wish””

  1. Alright this is gonna sound abit weird, but his face structure seems different than a few years back. It’s somehow abit longer? Whereas his face seemed shorter when he was like 18-22ish. Idk. I’m probably imagining it.

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