Ringa Linga on Inkigayo (131201)

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This was prerecorded on the same day as last week’s terrific performance and echoes its energetic and fun vibe though you can see he’s already a bit more tired. (Understandable as he was already coming off the Japan tour and MAMA awards to begin with.)

I love the styling – it’s so “him.” (Though I do think those black pair of boots must be really heavy. He dances ever so much better with the white ones.) I’m so happy that he’s started playing with the camera a bit more. Hopefully it’ll continue as he promotes his next single – since all indications point to a slower song, there’ll be a lot more opportunities for camera flirting,mmmm.

Speaking of that next single – any ideas for a project to “encourage” YG to release it sooner? Email me any ideas… we need a united effort on this.

7 thoughts on “Ringa Linga on Inkigayo (131201)”

  1. I’m really enjoying his lives. I agree his stage charisma is amazing, and I love the way he flirts with the camera. He looks hot in that jersey, that style really does suit him ♥

    I think trending on twitter for YB’s album release would be a great idea. I’m not happy about the fact it’s come to this, but hey… I guess we gotta do what we gotta do to get that album. If everyone’s up for trending, we can select from a few hashtag options and go with the one the majority likes. That way it’s a united effort.

  2. I was wondering when he recorded this because I thought there was no way that he could have done the San Fran concert and this and still make it for the Japan concert. I know he’s amazing, but he’s not Superman 😉

    But I do agree that this is the best he’s looked style-wise so far. Not that he looked horrible before but I love his hair like this. And he seems so much more confident the more he performs.

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