Taeyang for Dazed & Confused Korea (December 2013) – HQ Scans

YB Dazed 2013 - 1

Thanks to urthesun for these wonderful scans! Gallery slideshow below:

This is probably my favorite magazine photo editorial Taeyang has done to date. I love the vaguely vintage feel of the photography in contrast to the modern styling, the religious elements and that it just feels like “him.” It seems thoughtful and suggests where he is right now in his life – somewhere in between the old and the new, and yet rooted in a strong and unchanging belief system and a greater certainty of what he wants.   I can’t wait for the interview to be translated – I hear fans have been really pleased with it.

Update: Behind the scenes


7 thoughts on “Taeyang for Dazed & Confused Korea (December 2013) – HQ Scans”

  1. I don’t have the artistic eye tbh so these photos are either really nice or just not my taste haha. Top most pic looks like it was taken at some random hotel hallway. Anyway, I think I like the one with him all covered up in the middle of the streets haha

  2. I love the pictures especially the fourth picture from the top in the first column. That picture looks like it should be in an art gallery or something. But that video kind of creeps me out too much. Never thought that YB would be able to do that haha 🙂

  3. Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows if YB’s Dazed and Confused interview is being currently translated? I heard its really good!

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