Taeyang pours on the charm for Ringa Linga on Inkigayo (131124)

More below the cut:

He looks a-maz-ing!  How he manages to flirt so much doing that song is beyond me, but he is so good at it!

He also took home the mutizen for the day (congratulations!)

translation via allthingstaeyang on tumblr:

Asking the MCs) “Oh did I win 1st? Thank you. Firstly, thank you to the fans for my win, for writing a good song G-Dragon my friend Jiyongie, YG, Choice 37 who helped me a lot in my upcoming album, Teddy and all the producers. Please give more love to Ringa Linga, Taeyang and 2NE1 too! Taeyang number one!

And of course, his effusive thanks  on twitter:

Plus he seemed to be in a very good mood during the pre-recording, even busting out into an impromptu cover of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”

Of course he ends it joking “Why am I singing this song?” He joked some more with the audience and staff, answered questions and danced (without music.) So excited to be with his fans (and judging from the screams, that feeling was mutual.)

12 thoughts on “Taeyang pours on the charm for Ringa Linga on Inkigayo (131124)”

  1. Awww!


    YG sent YB a smiley emoticon.

    From @Shrimpljy:
    CEO yang & TaeYang’s convo Yang : Congratulations !! ^__^ TaeYang : omg..! ♥♥♥♥♥ Hyung.

    (The previous text was about kimbap lol. TaeYang asked CEO yang “Where is KimBab” via text message LoL He said he wanted to eat [feed] it to fans at pre-recording.)

  2. He looks so good! Did my favorite Ringa Linga hair~
    Congratulations, Taeyang ^^ This means that there is more hope for the follow up single right?
    He seems to be really happy about the win, even showing us what YG sent him haha. Did the fans get their kimbap tho? XD

    That cover of Drake sounds so nice, I wish I was there in person to listen to him. Can we have a full cover on YT Teydaddy? ^^

    1. Omg yes please! ^^ Would love a full cover of that. He sounded awesome in that short clip. He has such a sweet voice ♥

  3. Awwwww my Taeyang!! Every performance he’s done so far has been awesome!! I loved the drake cover! I wish he would record it for real! He really looks like he’s having fun doing Ringa Linga! And the audience was the best!! I wish I can see him live in SF. 😞

  4. YB is just doing me so proud week after week. I’m loving his live performances! Apparently they wanted him to pre-record himself singing so that he lip-syncs for the actual performance, but YB said he wanted to sing live ^^ and I’m glad he did! Not only did he sound amazing but his whole stage presence and confidence was so enjoyable to watch. So proud of him ^_^
    and congrats YB! ♥

  5. Oh, and I love that he didn’t have such heavy clothes on (especially that kilt thing he keeps on wearing.) That and the change in boots makes such a big difference in the dancing..

  6. Love the change in wardrobe, it made a big difference -as BM has said already. SO MUCH FLIRTING WITH CAMERA THAT I CAN’T EVEN. Loved this performance and congrats on the win!!!!

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