Big Bang takes over MAMA 2013 (131122)

Big Bang appears and performs at the 2013 MAMA awards in Hong Kong.

Big Bang and Taeyang tore up the MAMA awards on November 22, 2013. For once, Big Bang actually appeared on the red carpet, where Taeyang proved just how much he was missing his Danny hyung. For those that don’t know, Danny Im is an Mnet America correspondent as well as member of once of YGE’s first groups, 1tym.

While Taeyang was backstage for a majority of the show, he made sure to make his appearances count. Taeyang performed his most recent solo song, Ringa Linga, and then joined his bandmates for a group performance of Fantastic Baby. He even managed to drag Lee Hyori out and dance with them! It’s great to see that he was just having fun.

He, along with G-Dragon and Seungri, presented the world-renown musician, Stevie Wonder, with the “music makes one” ambassador award.

Red Carpet Appearance plus dorky Taeyang

Taeyang’s performance of Ringa Linga

Big Bang performing Fantastic Baby

Big Bang with Stevie Wonder

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7 thoughts on “Big Bang takes over MAMA 2013 (131122)”

  1. I HATE THIS MICS. wtf YBs performance would be way better !!!!! god htis sucks ;( but I feel his power in this performance

  2. Talk about a bad mic for YB. To my recollection this is the second time MAMA has dropped the ball on YB soundwise during a ‘solo’ performance, the first being back in 2010 during his ‘WUA’ performance where the backtrack overlapped twice.

    Thankfully they gave him a hand held mic for ‘Fantastic Baby’. It was nice seeing the BB/2NE1 interaction during the Stevie Wonder performance.

    Oh and YB+Taebin <3<3<3

  3. lol that YB & Danny moment just warms my heart. It reminded me of when YB said he misses the old days, and I think he was just so genuinely happy to see him after a long time. The way he went over to hug him was so sweet. I love how affectionate he is with those he loves ♥

    I wish we could’ve heard YB more clearly during his RingaLinga performance, but they gave him a faulty ear mic. That really annoyed me. His lives have been so good during his weekly live shows and I would’ve loved to hear some more of that at such a big award show. Anyway he still gave a really good performance and it was nice to hear him more clearly during fantastic baby.

    It’s strange how fast a year has gone by..I remember BB standing together last year for the awards like it was just some months ago. Idk but they seemed more jolly then. Maybe it’s just me, but they looked a little gloomy this time around. I guess they seem to loosen up more on stage and get into the spirit of things when performing, and it was really cool seeing them have so much fun during their performance, and include other idols too. On top of Gd winning so many awards that night, they totally owned the night with their performance.

  4. did you guys noticed… i think Taeyang wants to grab Hyoyeon hand but he was to shy so he grab Hyori hands… cleverly Seungri read this situation 🙂 Thanx Seungri…

  5. It broke my heart when I saw him giving his all singing Ringa Linga but that damn MAMA sound system just had to get in the way. Half of the time I was thinking “im not hearing YB??” instead of enjoying the show. So that was a bummer because his performance was supposed to be the highlight of the show for me. Anyone noticed he was trying to sing louder into the mic, even almost shouting into it? But yea, like what most of you said, it was good that they gave him the hand-held mic for FB, we can hear him better (also all that excited screaming from YB)

    one of the best moments of the night had to be when YB,SR and GD gave the award to Stevie Wonder ^^ (not going to talk about what happened when SW tried giving his speech in the beginning >.>) Seriously, they’ve got all the money for a grand looking stage but they can’t give a little more attention to the audio? I mean, they could have at least learned from last year’s MAMA.

    overall, i like BB’s perf this year at MAMA! (sans the sound system of course)

  6. Can’t help myself saying “awwww” when YB went to “tackle” Danny, it was too cute. ❤ ❤ ❤ can't believ how bad the mic was during YB's Ringa Linga, just WTH? He really had energy for that solo performance. Thank god the mic was better during BB's Fantastic Baby.

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