Updated Info On Taeyang For Music Experiment


More information about Taeyang’s Music Experiment in San Francisco! (And how to stream it live at home, and get on the standby list…)

As previously known, it will occur on November 26 in San Francisco. Well the venue has now been revealed to be BIMBO’S 365 CLUB. Choice 37 has been confirmed to be the special guest, and the theme of the party is all white attire.   Doors are scheduled to open at 8pm PST.

1025 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA

For those that have not won tickets yet, daily social medial challenges are still running from November 19 to November 25. Check musicexperiment.com on how to win tickets via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Twitter.

Like previous ones in the Music Experiment series, the show will be broadcast live at approximately 10:15pm PST at  musicexperiment.com or via the Music Experiment Windows 8 App and will also air at a later date on the Palladia music channel. Fans can join the live show remotely as part of the Virtual Audience via their webcam and will be projected onto a giant screen at the venue.  The Windows app will allow home users to direct the show themselves from multiple camera angles and even save their own edit for later viewing.

Source: Official Press Release


Haven’t won tickets to see Taeyang in San Francisco on Nov 26? You can go on the standby list at  http://giantstep.net/TaeyangME for a chance to see the show in case there are no-shows at the venue.  No guarantees, but it’s a back-up plan in case you haven’t won any challenges yet. (But challenges are still ongoing so good luck to all the fans!)


Taeyang to be Honored by City of San Francisco.

 Mayor Evan Low of Campbell, California is the youngest Asian American Mayor in the nation. Mayor Low will present Taeyang with a certificate of recognition on behalf of Mayor Edwin Lee, the first Asian American mayor in San Francisco’s history. Both mayors continue to promote Asian culture, and they are excited to welcome Taeyang to San Francisco. This special recognition presentation will take place after Taeyang’s Music Experiment performance on Nov 26.

42 thoughts on “Updated Info On Taeyang For Music Experiment”

  1. Oh the venue is so nice! It’s not that large (and its probably going to be standing only too, but its such an intimate type of venue. (And whew, the theme is an easy one.) Super excited, especially after seeing the Sketchbook show.

    Clubbing with YB will be awesome 🙂

    1. IT IS GOING TO BE EPIC!~! Choice 37 also !! I checked the capacity and it said max amount of people in venue is around 650 ppl so we are all going to be able to get a close look at the SUN ^^

    2. YeahYer!! So excited! But unlike you, I think I’m going to find the all white theme a bit challenging since I’m an all black everything type of person for clothing hahaha This should be interesting. . .time to go shopping I guess, or designing a new shirt (^o^)b

      1. My first thought when I saw the theme was F… I don’t have any white pants!! I am thinking of cheating a bit and wear a diffrent color pants but will do the white top but this is going to be so much fun!! to be able to go crazy and party with Taeyang and other people who like him just as much as me if not more ^^ and see how many VIPS are in the bay area too !

        1. haha Right? I have like one white shirt and I don’t even know if white pants are that easy to find (that and I’ve just never really paid attention since I don’t wear white). I might cheat too if I don’t find anything ;P

          And yes, it’ll will be wicked fun. Excited to party up with Taeyang and VIPS! It’ll probably feel surreal lol

      2. I refuse to wear all white. I’m not trying to look like Stay Puft! Lol

        I’m probably going to add some black into it.

        And 650 people? OMG…that’d be amazing! Everyone will get a good view hopefully!

    1. Nope – you can only win tickets through the different Music Experiment challenges. Check the website musicexperiment.com for updates on the challenges (most of them only run for a day or two so it pays to check often.)

  2. I thought I read somewhere about this being streamed live. Does anyone know for sure? Seeing as how I can’t fly to San Fran it would be nice to still see it (even if it’s only on my computer 😉 )

    1. Yes, it will be streamed live on musicexperiment.com. Anyone can stream it, but Windows 8 users also get a special app (there’s a link on the site) that allows you to choose camera angles so you can in principle choose what you want to see. (Everyone else gets a standard feed.) You can also use a videocam and get projected into the venue on a wall I think.

      Anyway, you can already check out footage of past concerts on the ME site to see how it works.

  3. For those of you going, what will you be wearing? I wish the theme wasn’t all white! I barely own any white! Excited though!

    1. Doors open at 8pm PST. (This is from the official press release sent out to us by the event organizers so I’m pretty sure about the information.) Choice 37 will DJ and the actual show will start at 10pm-ish.

      1. They are definitely not fake tickets, I guarantee it! lol, I have 4 of them but I am only bringing me and 2 of my friends. I’m willing to walk the person in with us. Contact me at pandaefish@gmail.com and we can figure out a price/time/phone etc. Thanks!

    1. We’ll definitely do fan accounts except we’re still traveling – give us a little more time 🙂 Needless to say, YB was amazing and gorgeous and it was great being able to share that milestone with him.

    1. I was a little surprised that people weren’t asking for this song when he asked what they wanted to hear again. At least that’s what it seemed like. I know I was trying to telepathically send it through my computer screen, but I guess my Jedi mind tricks are a little rusty 😉

  4. My camera was kinda glitchy but I still uploaded them if you guys want to watch if you can’t wait for any better fancams haha

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