“TAEYANG thinking about landing in the U.S.? American agency leaves their door wide open”

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BIGBANG’s TAEYANG has been receiving calls from entertainment agencies in the United States for his solo musical career, and many eyes are on the artist to see if he will be branching out to the U.S.

It was confirmed on Nov 21 that TAEYANG has been giving much thought on reaching out to the U.S., since he received many offers from major entertainment agencies in the country. Nothing has been made concrete at this point, but it has been revealed that amongst the many agencies is the one giant agency of U.S. as well.

The offers from this side of the world is reaching TAEYANG since the release of his new song ‘Ringa Linga.’ The song is of a strong hip-hop with melodies here and there.

‘Ringa Linga’ may seem a little new to the South Korean public, but in America where hip-hop is already mainstream, the song is arousing much attention.

The effort of YG Entertainment is playing a role in TAEYANG’s branching out as well. Not many artists, including those in the U.S., have the capacity to encompass both R&B and dancing skills, so TAEYANG’s unique strength will highly work to his advantage when he expands his playing field to the U.S.

‘Ringa Linga’ has indeed brought about a sensational wave, with its music video and dance performance video altogether attracting whopping 10 million viewers. G-DRAGON and foreign composers co-written and composed the song, and the dance performance video with America’s top dancers has heated up the music world.But the most important aspect to consider is BIGBANG’s schedule. TAEYANG is part of BIGBANG, a group that boasts the busiest schedule in Asia, so the tight-schedule makes it that much harder to get the timing right for TAEYANG to be in the U.S.

TAEYANG joined the rest of BIGBANG members last week for Japan’s largest Dome Tour, where 770,000 Japanese fans will join them until next January. TAEYANG has his solo album prepared to reveal next March, and then will have to move on quickly to the release of BIGBANG’s new album. It is clear that his tight schedule is already full enough. [Note difference in translation vs original Korean article – the original article says that the album will be released “early next year.”]

In an interview recently, TAEYANG commented, “If BIGBANG were a big tree, then I would be a branch.” This shows that he has much affection for group activities, so the public will have to wait and see how he will be able to plan his schedule so that American market penetration can take place.

TAEYANG, immediately after participating in the 2013 Mnet Asia Music Awards in Hong Kong on Nov 22, will fly to the United States to have his very first solo performance in San Francisco on Nov 26. He is expected to have meetings with a few music industry related personnel to further discuss the matter.

The performance in San Francisco is TAEYANG’s first one in the States as a solo artist, which will be part of Music Experience 2.0., an event co-hosted by MTV IGGY and Intel.

From YG-Life

14 thoughts on ““TAEYANG thinking about landing in the U.S.? American agency leaves their door wide open””

  1. Note from YB Mania: “The original article from Osen says: TAEYANG will reveal his solo album prepared for 3 years on early next year, and then will have to move on quickly to the release of BIGBANG’s new album.” The YG-Life article says “TAEYANG has his solo album prepared to reveal next March.” Either way, I think we already know its anybody’s guess when that album will make it out finally.

  2. I really don’t know about these press releases… YG has a history of jumping the gun on these “US advancement” stories and these are even more vague that 2ne1’s long planned for US album. Considering that YB is only “thinking about it” and that it took him 3 years to complete this yet-to-come-out album, (and then he has to consider military duty) this really has me doubtful about it happening at all. And I shudder to think of what would happen if YG “rushed” into something like this.

    This media play is so strange. Considering also how much they have been building up GD ahead in the US internet music press, why would they even think of releasing anything about YB in the US first? And why make a big deal out of it at all if they aren’t serious about it. Ugh… these press releases.

    1. I thought exactly about the fact that they’ve been pushing gd a lot in the US press as much as they can, and I too wondered why all of a sudden this news about YB?? which makes me think maybe it’s not in YG’s control? I think YB has been offered a deal (s), and it’s a big opportunity that has propped up and not anything they planned. Plus who knows who these companies are, and how keen they are on signing YB. Perhaps in that case YG just had to acknowledge it, especially if YB might seriously be considering it.

      1. In any case, they should just decide on things first before making press releases about something that may never happen. YB has said many times that the only thing he cares about is making the music he likes from wherever he is, so really, this could go either way. Plus they are already saying that its not going to happen soon because of his schedule, so what was the point of the whole article really? It’s rather silly if its just to make him look good because lots of Korean singers and artists get “love calls” from the US that never turn into anything.

        1. I agree it would be silly if it’s just to make him look good, but I don’t think YG would do that with YB. Especially because his current schedule is so tight, so I actually don’t think he’d want him to. Also I know he has swept other things under the carpet. This does seem strange though…
          Anyway they say he’ll be meeting with them next week to discuss things, so I guess we’ll see if it’s anything that’s actually going to manifest into reality or just nonsense media play.

  3. I always felt Taeyang had that western appeal, hence why he appealed to me and many others who weren’t even interested in kpop. I’m mostly just happy he’s getting that recognition. I wonder who the major company is though. I think that’s the most important factor, because no matter what, with a good company backing you, you’re going to get that exposure needed to be successful…and I believe he has that potential.

    Anyway I know it’s not a given that he’ll accept it, but I feel Taeyang will make the best decision for himself as long as he’s given the choice. I just hope nobody holds him back or tries to influence his decision. I wish him all the best ♥

  4. i want Taeyang debut in US as soon as possible… quickly…

    but i’m affraid, YG only will let his FUCKING GOLDEN BOY… GD


  5. There is a part of me that kind of hopes this doesn’t happen. From stories that I’ve read, new artists don’t usually get to make the music that they want (at least in the US). Although YB is an established artist in Korea he is still considered fairly new in the US market so for him to be able to make the music that he wants might not happen right away. On top of that, US labels are known to drop artists if they are not really successful even after only one album. I would hate to see that happen to YB.

    If this is really something that’s being discussed I’m sure YB will make the best decision for him and whatever that is I’m sure his fans will support him 🙂

  6. I am in the U.S. and I have been emailing/texting radio stations and labels asking them to take a look at foreign artists. Whether my messages are actually being read is up for grabs. Labels in the U.S. are harsh and I can’t say that I actually believe the YG article. However, at the same time, Taeyang does music that is a little easier to merge into without so much criticism. I honestly believe Ringa Linga can surpass Psy’s music in the U.S. if given the chance. Sometimes labels in the U.S. are looking for something “different”. Rihanna is a perfect example. She is not a super strong vocalist but she is from Barbados and has a different look and accent which gives her songs a different texture. I would love to see Taeyang, GD, Big Bang as a whole, Se7en, Rain and a few others make it in the U.S. It was disappointing to hear that Se7en wasn’t successful. He is very talented as is Jay Park. I am ashamed that Jay Park doesn’t get a lot of support from the U.S. considering he is an American. Labels in the U.S. like to have control but it doesn’t mean Taeyang can’t come to the table with his own expectations if he really does have companies interested in him. The bottom line is the labels like to make money.

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