IZE IDOL ITEMPOOL: TaeYang ‘Ringa Linga’ (131118)

From IZE: [IDOL ITEMPOOL]  TaeYang ‘Ringa Linga’
(Photos from 131117 Inkigayo Performance)

YB Inki 131117-9

[Summary in 3 line]

CONCEPT : Emphasizing strong masculinity inspired by primitive tribes in Africa

MUSIC : Very simple message about ‘Lets have fun together’

STAGE : Urban hip-hop dance which emphasizes detail and groove

[To achieve high score]

From a romantic guy to a strong man : TaeYang’s solo music has always till now included the emotion, ‘Love’. Every song had different mood, but TaeYang’s charm was always revealed with a female partner. That’s the reason he danced sensually with female dancers for ‘Only Look at Me’ and ‘I need a girl’. His choreography was a tool of emotional expression after all. But ‘Ringa Linga’ expresses strong masculine beauty by focusing just on TaeYang.  Not only are there no female dancers on the stage, but he also emphasizes these concepts from the teaser image with tribal inspired tattoos, cornrows, mohican, etc. TaeYang has come back with no sweet or mournful images. It’s unfamiliar, but it’s obvious to everyone that concept fits on him so well.

The performance video : We should have more focus on his pre-release performance video than his music video. In the video, which contains  2 long-take choreography, TaeYang dances urban hip-hop dance among foreign dancers. Not like his former choreographies which expressed the emotion and explained the situation, this choreography focuses on the song’s groove by elaborately moving his waist, shoulders, arms and legs. This is why we should take this video as the most obvious hint of which way TaeYang’s stage is pointing. The choreography is made by Parris Goebel, the leader of “ReQuest Crew”, a dance crew who has won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship and the filming technique is very similar to the dance clips urban hip-hop dancers upload on Youtube. The stage he wants to express is the original style of urban hip-hop itself. TaeYang already said he watched ‘ReQuest Crew”s dance clip on Youtube and suggested to YG himself about collaboration on his choreography.

TaeYang in BigBang vs TaeYang as a solo artist : ‘Ringa Linga’ is co-written by foreign composers and GD. TaeYang said he chose GD’s song for pre-release for ‘popularity’. The expression ‘Ringa Linga’, which borrows from the chorus of a children’s song,  also cleary shows his directing point on popularity. Actually, we cannot help calling to mind GD than TaeYang from this song which gives more weight to hip-hop music than R&B soul music. It’s because rap has bigger position than vocal, and the swagger-style is not Taeyang’s strong point. But it will be a rash judgement to think that this song has diluted TaeYang’s color. It wasn’t a lame copy, he did show from the dance performance video what he really does well more clearly between those (excellent) foreign dancers. Besides Taeyang said, “I was eager to do solo activity because I can do everything I couldn’t do as a BigBang member. But as time went by, the boundary line between the two activities has receded. I found I can fully show myself in BigBang activities too.” Therefore, we don’t need to connect his former character to ‘Ringa Linga’. The point is how well he can show his color wherever he is.

[To get one more point]

– You might feel little awkward to watch TaeYang’s shouting – ‘Shake it like you have a spasm’, but he’s really a very joyful person. His personality perfectly matches with the concept of this song.

– Repeat after him : When you get stressed, listen to ‘Ringa Linga’ and yell like singers from YG. If you are shy, then you can diffidently, but joyfully move your body like T.O.P.

– Today’s homework : Find ‘WIN’ members in the music video. NamTaeHyun, SongMinHo, B.I, KimJinHwan showed up.

Edition. KimYoungJin

Translated by Redsun of YB Mania. Please credit if taking out.
Photos from SBS via YB Mania (Official Photos of 131117 Inkigayo Performance)

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  1. Holy sh*t, there are some really good pictures in this post, especially the one on the front page. I was so busy, I just noticed this today.

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