Ringa Linga on Inkigayo (131117)

Yay for arms!

I like the pared down outfits the best so I hope he wasn’t too cold. (That sweater on Sketchbook though…mmmm.) After seeing Taeyang in a..er..lot..less clothing throughout the years, I’m just so used to seeing him this way and it just seems more comfortable somehow.

I like this version but the “band version” on Sketchbook was really more my style. Hope he does a couple more remixes on what will probably be a short promo run.  (December is coming up and we’ll be getting a new single – “Body” – which is a Teddy song. And I really do love my T&T collabs…)

8 thoughts on “Ringa Linga on Inkigayo (131117)”

  1. Yay for less clothing!! Erm, what I meant was it made the dancing a lot less restrained, haha.

    I agree with BM, I think I’m just so used to him wearing less that this performance looked like he was a lot more comfortable somehow.

    Another single in December!? YES, YES YES! 😀

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