Interview round up Part 1: Taeyang during Ringa Linga Promotions


As some of you may have noticed, there has been a flood of Taeyang interviews recently in connection with the Ringa Linga promotions. Most were part of a round table press conference involving different news agencies, hence a lot of the published interviews tend to overlap with a lot of repeated information but also some different questions in each.  We are going to be posting some of the major interviews in full, but also excerpts from other interviews to focus on the new information and minimize too much repetition. So here is the first massive post. Enjoy!

Taeyang:  “The change in music, the answer was Cho YongPil”
LeeEunJung, YeonhapNews

  • “It seems I became like a rookie, not only in the kind of music I want to do, but also in my attitude for music. I longed for music like during my trainee days. It feels like, I can even sing standing on a apple box in the street, haha”
  • Taeyang participated in writing and composing 6 songs for his upcoming solo album.
  • He expressed his respect to Cho Young Pil when CYP released his 19th album ‘Hello’, and he attended his showcase which is very rare thing for idol singer.Taeyang said “CHP is a role model for singers in the way he lives his life. I saw his documentary and got an answer from the program about how should I live my life as a singer. He has never been bound by a certain habit and did the music he likes for his lifetime. His attitude for music can explain why he is the king of Kpop.””[CYP] said the reason why he doesn’t appear music programs is because he thinks the ideal way for a singer and fans to meet is through the stage, and I think this is awesome. BigBang also focuses on concerts rather than music programs, so it seems we are heading in the right direction.”
  • It’s been 8 years since Taeyang debuted. He said he became more focused on doing what he likes and doing what he thinks is cool in the present rather than chasing a big plan.”How can I manage myself as BigBang, and how should I live my life as a singer” –  I have clear answers for those question now, and I am enjoying thinking of ways to express those realizations through music to inspire people”
  • Taeyang seems the most straight and narrow man among BigBang members.“ No, I’m not. I have a rebellious disposition the most among members. I am just trying not to harm my members and people around me. (He laughed.)”

TaeYang “Challenging for acting? If there’s a chance, I’ll do well.”
LeeJiHyun ,Starnews

TaeYang gave a high praise to T.O.P. : “I watched the movie DongChangSaeng in which T.O.P. has a main role, and he did really well. I felt him as the character in the movie, not the team mate I know.

TaeYang playfully answered to the question about acting challenge, “If I have a chance for it, I would do well.”

Taeyang said, “I’ve never thought about acting before and don’t have much interest in it now either, but when I watch movies at home, I realized movie can move people’s mind as much as music. If there’s a role which I can express, which is a fit for me, then it’s not a bad idea to do it.”

Taeyang “I want to inspire people around me.”
ParkJiHoon, CookieNews

It’s been 8 years since you debuted.
“It seems I have been managing it well. I have worked straight without rest, and it wasn’t possible if I wanted to do so. I was lucky to be like that.”

You’ve been watching YG entertainment’s growth as one of the seniors in YG.
“It feels weird when I think we are a part of YG’s growing history and we have been observing it. In the past, there’s no single person I didn’t know in YG, but now when I go to our office building (located at HapjungDong, Seoul), it seems like there are more people I don’t know than I do know. It seems YG has become a real ‘Company’ to me.”

– What do you do in your free time?
“I mostly play with my close hyungs at the studio. I watch movies a lot when I go home. I did weight training a lot before, but not recently. I now learn yoga instead. It is really helpful for dancing. Some motions in yoga are very strong, they make my eyes water.(laugh) But I became more flexible by doing yoga.”

– You are well known for having a practicing bug.
“I [used to] practice to be perfect on stage. But my attitude has changed. I now practice since I just love singing and dancing. I think I have reached a stage where I can express my pleasure and other emotions from my heart.”

– You were teaching trainees at the YG’s survival program “WHO IS NEXT:WIN (Mnet). Do you also have a plan for becoming a producer?”
“No, I don’t. I want to focus on what I can do the best. It was really tough for me teaching them on WIN. I find it difficult to teach and advise someone. GD is definitely good at those things, because he is quite experienced at producing.”

BigBang TaeYang: Musical confidence based on simplicity and frankness…”Ringa Linga”
LeeJaeHoon , Newsys

Taeyang loves all kinds of music, not focusing on a single genre.
“My personal taste is close to R&B and, but I also listen to pop and rock a lot. My favorite music doesn’t belong to a particular music genre. It’s about style, mood, feeling. I like expansive sound -such as Coldplay. I didn’t set a certain genre for my second solo album as well. If I like the feeling of a song, I work on that one even if it’s not the kind I have done before. So when you listen to my new album, you would feel the diverse composition.”

TaeYang has sung G-Dragon’s songs during BigBang’s activities. Some people say ‘Ringa Linga’ also has GD’s strong color, instead of TaeYang’s original color.
– GD has been producing all of BigBang’s songs, and I have expressed my part with my own style, so working on Ringa-Linga wasn’t hard for me. But those people who liked my previous solo music could be panicked a lot. But personally, I hope this album arouse interest of more people, not just my old fans.

Because his goal is showing his musical growth from last album.
“GD tastes appeal to the public. I wanted to accept that as well. I pre-released this song, so I believe there will be different appraisal when my full-length album comes out.”

TaeYang is one of the few idols who can show sensuality through music. He had 2 versions of his 2010 solo concert , X-rated and G-rated. He projected more sex appeal on the former one.
“Somehow, the music I like are a bit sexy. That’s why I might show sexiness during singing, also in choreography. I like raw and powerful things. I didn’t intend to do so. hahaha.”

You have received high praise for solo activity, so are you burdened by expectations for your second solo album?
“Frankly speaking, I want to be evaluated as the way I am at the moment. I couldn’t release my solo album if I obsessed with better music. It seems to be right I show what I am now.”

Translated by Redsun (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4)


Osen Interview
Compiled and translated by: bigbangupdates

Taeyang unveils his thoughts about marriage
Taeyang recently interviewed with OSEN in a cafe located in Hongdae and confessed, “I am negative about marriage for now. But if there is a woman who can shake my world, I will marry her even tomorrow.”

Taeyang explained, “I asked Shin Seung-hoon ‘Aren’t you going to marry?’ I believe that being an artist has nothing to do with marriage. And he answered similarly. I think it’s because I never found the apple of my eye. If I find my love who can shake my world, I will dare marry tomorrow. My first love was like that. I think it is hard for me to date because my first love was so strong.”

Solo Comeback
Feelings about his comeback
Taeyang: “I feel good. I worried about the delay of my album release. But after ‘Ringa Linga’ came out, I feel like I am almost there. It feels like the album will drop soon. I performed on Inkigayo after a long time so it was so fun for me. I was happy to meet my fans since it was recorded in advance.”

Reason behind the Korean element in the song
Taeyang: “As it shows in the title, ‘Ringa Linga’ was inspired by a Korean children’s song. The concept ‘Lets dance together’ came out when G-Dragon and I were talking. It was mainly influenced by Big Bang’s world tour. When we were on tour, we became more interested in other countries’ culture. We started to think that Korea has its own distinct awesome coolness. We wanted to introduce those elements to foreigners.”

Confidence on his new album
Taeyang: “I tried to expand my music spectrum. So I developed new feelings from past albums. If my previous albums were more consistent, now the album tracks all consist of various compositions.”

Solo vs Group Promotions
Q: How is promoting solo different from group promotions?
“In the past, I thought I can do everything I couldn’t do as a group during my solo promotions. I saw my solo as my breakthrough. But as time went by, I learned how to express myself in a group. Group promotions are more fun. GD agreed. It is so hard to wait alone. If we wait together, time just flies by while we chat and play. I think this makes a synergy effect on stage.”

How do you distinguish yourself from Seungri and G-Dragon who also recently had solo promotions?
Taeyang: Seungri and GD all have strong identities. It is how we have great synergy when all five of us are together. We are all different. I am strong at R&B hip-hop. I think I appeal to those who enjoy listening to R&B and hip-hop.”

Music fans are curious about Big Bang’s new unit that G-Dragon mentioned. What do you think about a G-Dragon and Taeyang unit?
Taeyang: “My guess is it will be awesome if it happens. I think there are lots of things we can do. We have the same code— different but similar. I think these characteristics can create great energy. We’ve known each other for so long, so now we understand each other even without saying anything. It will be a special gift for our fans.”

Taeyang also hinted about Daesung’s solo album plans, “Daesung seems to be preparing his own album. He is likely to release his album next year. Daesung only released his album in Japan, so I think he will have a solo comeback about next year.”

Reason to do music, found while traveling
Taeyang: “I started traveling to meet new people. Not women (laughs). Repeatedly meeting new people and creating music while traveling prepared me for my album. I just felt happy finding and listening to good music. In the past, I was too busy to enjoy the music. Through traveling, I found so many people planting great music throughout the world. I was just happy to listen to such good music and that was the reason for me to do music.

Every artist aims to play public-friendly music without losing their musicianship. That is my ultimate goal. My album may receive bitter and favorable comments, but I personally like my album. I poured in my everything which is why it links my past and future. I believe this album was necessary for Taeyang’s career in the long run.”
Sources: Naver/Osen (12345)


From Soompi (1,2)

“He’s a dancer that knows how to play with the rhythm.”

This is what Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment said about Taeyang who is signed under YG Entertainment, one of his rival companies. Taeyang, who displayed his devotion to R&B, went under a transformation and has returned with a hip-hop track, “Ringa Linga.” He demonstrates his talent as a dancer when he performs on stage. His powerful choreography and disciplined movements seize the stage. He possesses something that can’t be attained from practice; he has ‘soul.’

The dance video to “Ringa Linga”, which was revealed prior to the release of his single, is receiving a good response. Taeyang flew to L.A. to record the video with 12 of the best dancers in the U.S. More surprising thing is that Taeyang stands out within the group. The video was so hot that Rihanna began following him on Instagram. On November 11, Taeyang had an interview session with Ilgan Sports at a café in Hongdae, Seoul. He did not cover up his anticipation for his new album. “I made the kind of music I wanted to do the most. I want to perform on stage. I would perform standing on top of a box if I had to.” Taeyang plans to release his complete album after releasing his singles.

– You came out with a hip-hop track “Ringa Linga” rather than an R&B track. Why hip-hop?
“It’s the type of music I’m into right now. I showed a lot of my emotional side before, but my original dream was to become a rapper. Hip-hop is what I like most and what I am best at right now.”

– Could it be the influence of G-Dragon who wrote and composed the song?
“I was working on the song and Jiyong (G-Dragon) made the chorus in minutes after listening to it. I liked it a lot, so I thought it would be better to let him take charge of the whole song. We finished the recording in one day. Teddy hyung and Jiyong know best about the color and the range of my voice. They make songs that are easy for me to sing.”

– The dance video is creating a buzz aside from the music video. What lead you to making it?
“There’s an American dancer named Parris Goebel. I fell in love with her style after watching her videos. I showed this to [Yang] Hyun Suk hyung, and he said, ‘I’ll give you three days. Go to America, learn for a day, film for a day, and come back.’ I went to the U.S. right after filming the music video.”

– The chorus to “Ringa Linga” sounds very fun. Where did the inspiration come from?
“It was Jiyong’s idea. It came from a Korean children’s song ‘Round and Round.’ Both Teddy hyung and Jiyong think of ways to make the songs catchy.”

Your second album is going to release soon. Can you tell us about it?
“I prepared for this album for three years. I included songs I made over the time period, so the tracks are diverse. R&B and hip-hop are a given, but there is also electronic, ballad, and rock. It was difficult because it took so long to finish. Sometimes, I just wanted to hurry up and release it. It was difficult for me to hold in my urge to perform on stage. I couldn’t do anything because I didn’t know when my album was coming out. I wanted to meet girls and travel, but I felt uncomfortable about doing anything. I want to release it quickly and do something else.”

– Why was it delayed?
“I got greedy. It’s hard for me to accept it when someone else doesn’t like something I like. I feel the same way even if it involves the boss [Yang Hyun Suk]. I waited until the boss liked my music. I made him listen to my music until he liked it.”

– Did you feel resentment towards him?
“If he said ‘No’ I would have started over from scratch, but I was disappointed because my schedule kept being pushed back. But when I look back now, I’m thankful for the outcome. It was actually my selfishness that led to the delay. The boss took in all of this and allowed me to release my album.”

– You expressed your respect towards sunbae Cho Yong Pil many times. How has he been your role model?
“I realized what kind of singer I want to become after seeing his comeback. He is the example of the life I want to live. I watched a documentary on him. He doesn’t like to be called “The King.” He said he doesn’t want to be trapped in the image people see him as. He also said the reason why he doesn’t appear on music shows is due to his philosophy that ‘An ideal meeting between a singer and fans is through concerts.’ I believe these are the traits of being a true singer.”

– You accompanied G-Dragon on his solo world tour. Do you also want to do it?
“I want to perform whatever the formality. It doesn’t have to be big. I would perform standing on top of a box of I had to.”

– You seem to have a model student image among the members of Big Bang. Is this true?
“Not really. Actually, I probably have more rebellious thoughts than any of the other members. But I don’t want to cause harm to my group members or the people around me, so I try my best. I don’t have an outgoing personality, and maybe that’s why I seem more well-behaved than I really am.”

YG is going to debut is new boy group. How do you feel about it?
“As I was observing WINNER, I thought about how difficult and desperate they must have felt. Although on the show I was the one giving them tips on how to sing and dance, I learned a lot. It made me think about how I was when I was a trainee. I want them to do well because they will be following in our footsteps.”

– How is Big Bang’s comeback coming along?
“We’re in the stages of recording. I think we should be releasing a single by the end of the year. We are shooting for a new album for next summer or fall. We’re going to release something one way or another within the next year.”

– What does Big Bang mean to Taeyang?
“I think Big Bang is a tree and I’m one of its branches. Big Bang is my roots. I’m prepared to do anything for Big Bang. There were many incidents and happenings involving Big Bang, but whenever something happened, I realized I could do anything for my group members.”

– It’s been eight year since your debut. What is your goal?
“I stopped setting a specific goal after seven years. I think I should be devoted to what I am doing now. If doing something I like and doing something I think is cool are considered goals, then they’re my goals. I have conviction about how I should live as a singer, but I still need to work on how I’m going to inspire people through my music. It makes me happy to be worrying about these things.”

– You’ve never dated?
“I think it’s becoming more and more difficult for me to meet someone I really like the more time passes. I have been on dates before, but I can’t say I’ve had a real relationship. What I really want to do right now is fall in love. I think love is something I need at this stage of my life.”

-You’ve received criticism about your flashy hairstyle. What can you say about it?
“I used to get my inspiration from the African natives from watching shows like ‘Law of the Jungle’ or ‘Tears of Africa.’ I even tried styling my hair after a cow or a scorpion. My thoughts on style have changed now, so I’m going to try hairstyles people will understand.”

– What is your opinion on the on-going arguments relating to plagiarism in K-Pop?
“I get inspiration from seeing different things and listening to different kinds of music. However, the important thing is the intention. Rather than making it sound the same, I think it’s important to listen to the type of music I like as much as I want and then create something new through completely absorbing it.”

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    1. There’s still the full Star News Interview and 10asia but this and Part 2 are a lot to digest at the moment! We’ll post the rest in the coming days. (And there’s still something from JWC coming up…)

  1. I honestly don’t know what to say but I know I feel reassured when he talked about his album. He has to like and enjoy it first for us to be able to appreciate his album. He also sounds happy and content atm, knows what he wants, directions to take? so it’s all good for me 🙂

  2. If there is one thing that characterizes this stage in his life, its an openess to new things because he’s more confident in who he is and what he wants. It’s given him a hard won conviction about his choices – which is great especially since not everyone is going to be on board with his experiments and the changes he is trying out. I’m so thankful he’s fought hard for his choices, and even if he’s not going to get 100% of what he wants, at least there is the move to take risks to make sure he doesn’t get stuck in a rut.

    I for one, am happy that he’s made his peace with reconciling his BB work and his solo work (particularly since he has no choice regarding these things anyway.) He still has the desire to do solo, but at least he enjoys BB nowadays and will probably lead to more involvement in shaping their sound.

  3. I’m glad he seems to have reconciled what we were all worrying about in his Elle interview. I’m happy he’s found confidence and knows what he wants from both his solo and BB work. Thankful as well, that he’s content and happy with his album and has a clear idea of his plans in the future and in what ways. All in all, good news 🙂

  4. He mentions Coldplay! ^o^ I always knew he’s my solmate lol. I bet he’d love Snow Patrol too. YB’s taste in music is just perfect. Love his diversity in music ❤

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