Taeyang’s RINGA LINGA comeback performance and cuts on M!Countdown (131114)

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11 thoughts on “Taeyang’s RINGA LINGA comeback performance and cuts on M!Countdown (131114)”

  1. He’s adorable and I liked the performance but he has way too many clothes on. It looks so constricting (not to mention those heavy boots.) and it gets in the way of the dancing. Considering how he could never keep his clothes on before, its such a pity that he’s all bundled up now he has choreo he can sink his teeth into.

    1. he’s probably used to them by now because he’s been wearing them for quite some time. constantly performs in combat/space boots n shit….. oh kpop lmao

  2. Ditto on the outfit comment above. Less is more, YB.

    I have to add that he sounds good. REAL GOOD. The rapping, the singing, the EVERYTHING. I’m really impressed considering how tough his choreo can be. I wish he relaxed a bit more. I’m not feeling his energy through the performances though.

    1. I’m pretty sure he’s tired from doing concert rehearsals, possibly recording for BB on top of having to pre-record so much for his own promos. Plus having to rehearse for the MAMAs. 😦 Being dressed in what looks like 6 layers of clothes and boots that weigh a ton doesn’t help either.

  3. You know I love this boy but that skirt has to go haha. It’s so distracting and i think it limits his dancing and makes him look a lot less sharper >< He's less stable this time and sings less than the first perf but he must have been tired.

  4. He looks tired here, probably from prepping for BB’s comeback as well, amongst other things. I think we’re all on the same page about his clothes – that skirt thingy (or is it a cloth?) with his pants just looks weird.

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