How International Fans can support Ringa Linga

RL Concept4

1. Buy it on itunes!

2. Online vote on Mnet (between Fridays- Mondays)- For M-countdown you can vote once a day on Mnet. Here is the link:

3. Twitter- Use these hashtags with every tweet #Ringalinga #Taeyang #태양 #링가링가 (especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

4. Youtube- as we know, watch the MV a lot and comment using a lot of encouraging and supporting messages.

5. Pre-vote for SBS inkigayo- Instructions provided by ‘urthesun’ here:

Thanks to GirlYYB for putting this together.  Have we missed anything out?

(Concept photo via allthingstaeyang.)


5 thoughts on “How International Fans can support Ringa Linga”

  1. 50% digital music chart/sales (Mnet, Melon, Soribada, Bugs)
    10% album chart/sales (Hanteo, Synnara, and Hot Tracks)
    5% global fan voting (vote Online with an Mnet account)
    Buy song on chart korea because now this song is 11 or 12 some chart ringga lingga not on chart HELP him because vote online use5% buy music help him more

  2. Get SNS points for Taeyang
    Tweet #태양 One hashtag per tweet use the hashtag when Inkigayo start on Sunday and keep using it until 12AM KSTof Monday only.

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