[STARCAST] “Is this tattoo real?” Tae-yang’s 1mm at waiting room (131112)

Just reposting because of the cuuuuuuuute:

Naver Inkigayo

My name is T to the A to the E (to the)
Y to the A N G

Hello, all. This is Tae-yang. I’m saying hello to you as a solo singer Tae-yang, not a member of ‘Big Bang’ today. Have you listened to my new album ‘RINGA LINGA’? The album was released in three years since ‘I Need a Girl’ in 2010. It is a strong hip-hop song.

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9 thoughts on “[STARCAST] “Is this tattoo real?” Tae-yang’s 1mm at waiting room (131112)”

  1. I just didn’t want this to get lost in the twitter feed because he was so funny in it (plus he looks amazing in the photos.) He really should do these sort of diaries more – he’s hilarious at making captions.

  2. “The cactus looks like my head. That is probably why they chose a cactus among many flowers.”

    Died laughing. He is the best.

  3. Ugh YB’s looking so handsome and what cutie pie lol. I enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed reading his other star diary about their show in Peru lol…adorable ♥

    Sorry to ride this post ><, but I have some information I thought you'd all like to know…

    I found some more information about how to support YB on Music shows, so I put it all together below… ways we can support YB on music shows:

    1. Online vote on Mnet (between Fridays- Mondays)- For M-countdown you can vote once a day on Mnet. Here is the link: http://mwave.interest.me/mcountdown/vote.m

    2. Twitter- Use these hashtags with every tweet #Ringalinga #Taeyang #태양 #링가링가 (especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

    3. Youtube- as we know, watch the MV a lot and comment using a lot of encouraging and supported messages.

    That's all I know so far. There's sms also but it's a bit more complicated…

    Bluemaid, do you think you can make a separate post about this, so that everyone who wants to help is aware?

  4. oh he just has a way with his words sometimes! When I read it I can just see in my head the mental images of him coming across the fan gifts, and the food, everything he thinks he projects in words! such a cutie pie! I love his sense of humor, maybe he could be in a comedy as a actor sometime in the future!

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