Taeyang’s RINGA-LINGA Comeback on SBS Inkigayo (131110)


He did so good! I’ve missed hearing him sing so much! I’m hoping for a really crazy stage instead of a more hiphop stage in the coming weeks though. (One with a real party atmosphere.)

The interview at the start of the show:

That hiphop choir boy outfit is…interesting. But hey – he’s got the good hair on!

22 thoughts on “Taeyang’s RINGA-LINGA Comeback on SBS Inkigayo (131110)”

  1. …I just hope the sound will be better next time…it’s horrible :/, ohhh c’mooon, he just came back and they did that?!?
    I don’t know who is falt, but it’s a comeback, they really made a mistake, huge…it’s that first impression that counts.

    1. Aww. I actually thought the sound was better than usual this time around. (The backtrack usually overpowers the mics but it wasn’t that much of a problem this time.)

      I really thought he did good especially after seeing the HD version. I’d love to see him really get loose with this, especially when he isn’t so bundled up. (Don’t you think he usually does better with less clothes? I always think so. And no, just not because of the eye candy – he’s just more relaxed somehow.)

    2. i actually agree. Look at GDs comeback and even just weekly stages. YB has been gone for 3 years, and its just an average stage, back up dancers nothing special. It was performed well, but there was no wow factor in my opinion.

      1. idk, this is a pre-album/album teaser song. He’s not releasing the album yet. It like how WD and WUA were the teasers for SOLAR (tho hopefully we don’t have to wait as long for the album as we did back then). I do agree that the sound could be better but music shows have horrible sound 90% of the time.

  2. That was freaking awesome! He did great! I didn’t find anything wrong with the sound. I wish the camera didn’t move around so much! I just want to watch YB! Love my YB!! 😘😍

  3. Are his dancers different ?? His usual group of topless YB look-a-likes aren’t there lol.

    Anyways, I thought the sound was great, only real criticism I have about the performance isn’t on YB’s side, it’s a problem they have with a lot of YB’s first few lives and it’s the camera work. They really over do it with the barrage of angles, it takes away from the choreo a little because you miss out on a few movements.

  4. Great performance. I love the adlibs he added at the end. I feel he’s developed much better endurance singing while dancing. He made it look so easy and he sounded amazing ♥

  5. Can a performance be too perfect and precise? Yeah, YB is known for being precise but I thought he “followed the script” too closely. I love it when he improvises and does his own “thang. IT’s lacking that “oooommph” but I know he he will get there with a few more performances.

    And oh gosh, that hair. His trojan horse mane is much more preferred.

  6. Great performance for a comeback!! YB looked comfortable and relaxed compared to how I remember he usually is with comebacks/first stage after a long time etc. The song is growing on me, and like some have pointed out, the camera work got me dizzy @@ But having watched so many comebacks before, not something I wasn’t expecting.

    Love hearing his voice again!!!

  7. Taeyang oppa, congratulation with your come back. Ringa linga is one of the best song ever. You’ve shown ur charism much more. You might be naughty but there is a deep sincerity within you. A great support from Brunei. I wish i could see you or watch your live concert but im so far away. Few hours flight. Hwaiting oppa! Looking forward your creativity and achievement! 😄

  8. Does anyone know when we start voting for YB on music shows? I don’t really see much people using the hashtag these days for his song title. It just feels like we should be doing so much more…

      1. Thanks BM. I think using the song title hashtag on twitter helps too, as well as video views and comments. That’s all I really know. Hopefully someone can help us out with that.

  9. Curious question, its been floating around on Twitter, but is it true that YB’s next single is titled ‘BODY’ ?? Obviously a song about women, LOL.

      1. Awesome, I’ve always been a fan of the songs YB and Teddy have collaborated on, ‘Move’ and ‘Superstar’ being two of my fave songs on ‘Solar’, judging by the title, I’m guessing it’ll be a more tame version of ‘Move’, I wish it wasn’t though, tame that is haha.

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