37 thoughts on “Taeyang drops the official RINGA LINGA MV!”

  1. Thoughts later, but was anyone else hoping they’d put like a small audio teaser of his next title song/single like they did for WUA?

    1. Alright, so I was pretty much expecting an MV like this considering all the MV’s that have come out from YGE of recent are heavy in the image/aesthetic department and not so much on portrayal of a story department. BUT with that said, glossing over the translated lyrics of the song, the only possible story to tell is partying on a Friday night.

      So like most party based songs that have an MV, I think it did just fine. Lots of eye candy which will please a lot of fans. He looked much more comfortable in the choreo this time around, he didn’t look like he was second guessing himself or counting the beats, probably thanks to having more time to practice and not having to film an entire dance in one shot.

      So to sum it all up, expected an MV filled with extravagance, came into it not expecting much of a storyline considering the song is a dance/party track, dancing on point, they sure got the point ‘Ringa Linga’ (round and round) established with all that spinning towards the end, it did its job and entertained me.

      So now that the dance track is out of the way, YB hit me up with one of your classics that’ll hit me heavy in the feels please.

      1. Also excited to see this performed ‘Live’ tomorrow on ‘Inkigayo’. The choreo isn’t as heavy hitting as ‘WUA’ and there’s considerably a lot less singing too lol, so I expect nothing but perfection πŸ™‚

      2. Yeah I wasn’t expecting anything with substance given the lyrics, so I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I still don’t know what’s going on but never mind, it was fun anyway. It’s not YB as we’ve known him but I wasn’t expecting that either.

        I think BM mentioned that it sounded like a big bang song and I get that now, especially with the MV.

        And braids aside, he looked really good. That hair suits him so much.

  2. Honestly, this was such a weird mix of stuff going on I don’t think it had to make sense except maybe as a highly gif-able video for fangirls. Since there is no obvious narrative or even theme (unless “cool fun things I like” is a theme) I think it was really just a bunch of nice visuals to set the music to. I don’t think the video added anything at all for the song but it’s a nice partner for the dance video because he really looked amazing. No discernable theme or concept I could make out, but yeah, he looked cute.

    1. I think the parts in the broken down factory were filmed in S.Korea, there were posts on Instagram saying they saw Team A of ‘WIN’ on the set of the MV.

      1. Meaning the majority of it was most likely filmed after his return from L.A. considering the ‘WIN’ members probably had to stay in the country to finish off their show. Also the fact that none of the L.A. dancers are to be seen in the vid and there’s a considerable amount of Koreans present also.

        So if that’s any indication, I don’t think he knew the choreo before going to L.A. Of course I could be wrong, but the timing of the twitter posts from the Cali Dancers and the IG posts seem to indicate I’m right.

  3. I like it almost in spite of myself, lol. Helps that the original shock of the song has faded a little, and he lets loose more than in the dance video. Oh, and HOT. The song is nonsense, so I don’t care that the MV is likewise, ha. Basically just eye candy. That man is gorgeous.

    Did I mention HOT?

    1. Ahahaha. We had the exact same thought. This is all so he can look good – and he succeeded!

      (But as Jessica said, now that we’ve gotten this little bit of fanservice out of the way – I’m ready for more substantial heartfelt fare. Hit us with the feels, YB!)

      1. Don’t we always?^^

        The second best thing about the MV? All the visuals and eye candy distract me from the inane lyrics. Well, except for the Assah! Jota! part. There’s just no getting around that, lol.

        1. LMAO. Those are the two parts that a certain someone appears. lol.

          The video in some ways enhanced the song for me but in many ways deflated it for me. -_-

  4. πŸ˜€ Wooo, i was so scared how his all new concept will fit into his song, or better yet scared about whole thing about changing…but now i mad at myself for even think about it…i can’t stop listening to this song, and even dancing, can’t wait when they let it in the club ( i mean this IS a song for club what to expect)…all i have to do now beside dancing is sit back, relax and wait for the whole new album.

  5. Was reminded of Fantastic Baby MV but I think I prefer this MV hohohoho πŸ˜› Expect it to be flashier and really blinding but thankfully it wasn’t. But I expected a mv for a dance/club track like most of and i got it some i’m fine.

    anyway there were some funny stuff going on in the MV that keeps me amused. I’m happy that he looks a lot more comfortable in the choreography, as he should, and that he looked like he had fun filming too. Anyone else bugged that we didn’t get the see how his backflip end?

  6. Hmmmmmm. I have many thoughts about this MV that I rather not share here, but I will only say that I understand why they released a dance video then a MV. The dance in the MV was a way watered down version of the original.

      1. Ok, I like the song, but I don’t really like this MV. There’s just something about the editing and the way it was put together that doesn’t jump out at me. The choreo is very good IMO, but to me there’s something missing. You know what I mean? It doesn’t give me chillbumps. I kind of wish Taeyang had more time to get the style down, because I didn’t feel it like I was looking for with this video. For comparison, I did get chillbumps with the Dance Version of this song in the beginning scene.

        1. I want my chillbumps gd it, and I’m not getting them with this MV.

          I’ve decided that it’s the camera work and the editing. It’s upsetting me.

  7. Well if you look, the parts where he dances ,his hair on the side is nearly black and the other parts its white silver. I think the dance parts where filmed maybe a week later and edited. That could be the reason why it was delayed. sorry for my english guys ! ^^

  8. He looks HOT. Sooo hot. How is it I’m even accepting his 4-part braid. lol.
    I think I still have to get used to the song, but it’s definitely catchy (which I’m guessing was the purpose of making this the title). I can’t recall if there was any news about how many titles he’ll have, but I hope there is!

    Feel like I should reiterate that he looks HOT.

  9. Considering this is a party song I agree that there really couldn’t be much of a story line except having a party. But I’m not complaining about all the eye candy of YB that we got. Could have done without the grills, but at least it wasn’t that noticeable.

    Also I like GD and I get that he and YB are BFFs, but was it really necessary to have him in the video? Couldn’t YB just have this video to himself? Maybe I’m just on GD overload after all his promotions, but I really wouldn’t miss him from the video.

    And did anyone else want to swing on that thing at the end? Actually, the child in me was saying ooohhh that looks like fun while the adult was saying you’d probably hurt yourself πŸ™‚

  10. Now that I’ve recovered from the initial song thanks to the dance MV this was just pure fan service. Hahahhahahahahha.

    YB looks a lot more comfortable, and I didn’t really expect an MV with a plot, since most of YG’s MV have been letting their artists look trendy/out there and some fan service shots. Considering that “Ringa Linga” is a dance track, it fits – a party theme going on to match the party tune.

    YB looks hot but also cute in some places, how is that possible?

  11. All I could think is YB looks so freaking hot lol. The song is actually really catchy. It’s growing on me… and tbh I knew it would have that affect. It’s one of those songs that sticks in your mind with it’s very addictive chorus. More than anything else though, he just sounds so good rapping & singing. I’ve got both his DP and MV on replay because I can’t get enough of that choreo and how good he looks in the MV. Eye candy indeed ♥

    On a side note, I hear the album is still not confirmed and only will release depending on the success of the single and that makes me annoyed. Question is, what does YG define as successful? If that album doesn’t come out I’m so done with YG and I mean that wholeheartedly. He can’t be that cruel.

  12. Yhis mv is making me go crazy. I can see WIN contestant along with Taeyang. YG lets rock kpop with your artists and songs. SOL keep up your good wooorrrrkkk……!!!!!!

  13. In re-watching the video, I finally noticed that YB was wearing a plain white T-Shirt. Is this his way of quietly telling us fanmoms/fangirls that despite all this, he and everything is still the same? *dramatic cries*

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