Taeyang releases “Ringa Linga” and a dance performance video!

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Holy moly.  Now this was a surprise.  Now to sit back for a bit and process all of this…

From Taeyang’s twitter

“#ringalinga #dancers thanks guys”

And from Parris Goebel, the choreographer:

“parrisgoebel : Thank you for the opportunity @youngbeezzy #TeamTaeyang”

“parrisgoebel This just dropped!!! Go check it out. TAEYANG was really inspired by the “I love Cali boys” clip and gave me a call. This is what we did. 2 days! He picked it up so quick and my LA boys killed it. Go check it out & support a dope Kpop artist!️️️

71 thoughts on “Taeyang releases “Ringa Linga” and a dance performance video!”

  1. I’m still kind of in shock at the song – pleasantly though. I like that it has elements of the old school YG and new YG sound plus has a nod to various stages of Taeyang (little hiphop Taekwon, R&B Taeyang in the bridge and the new Taeyang all over.) And its certainly a dance jam.

    The filming seems a bit rough and it seems a put together in a rush, but then its not really the MV. The choreo is cool and I can’t wait to see it on stage. (In San Francisco omfg.)

    lol. The braids are distracting though. Hope he loses it for the live performances.

  2. Well….I just died in my lecture…
    That choreography was freaking amazing! And he rapped!! I’m a little bit all over the place atm

    I can’t wait to get home to watch and hear it properly.

    1. Okay, I’ve watched it properly and calmed down enough to actually take it all in. I was worried about this song, but I should have known youngbae never disappoints!

      As much as I love his rapping, the bridge was my favourite part of the song! His voice is so beautiful! I hope there’s more of that on the album

      The choreography is HOT and i love that there’s such a diverse group of dancers (who are amazing omg) it was nice to see them get a fair bit of screen time as well.
      I’m so glad he’s doing choreo like this, but was it just me or did it seem like he’s over thinking again? I hope he doesn’t do that for his performances because I prefer when he just goes with the flow, even if he doesn’t stick to the original choreo. The more he enjoys it, the more I enjoy it.

      The lip-syncing….hehe just makes me love him even more tbh. And that instavid he posted haha they’re such a bunch of dorks and I love it 😀 I can’t wait to see what the mv has in store. And then his live stage this weekend…I hope I survive it all haha

      And I’m am beyond jealous of all you people seeing him in SanFran 😦 you’re so lucky!!

      1. Yeah. He was over-thinking again! I hope he is able to perform more freely as he performs the song more and more. Apparently, he was only given 2 hours to learn the choreo before they shot this!

  3. Parris Goebel does a lot of her videos like this, and she did a great job with this choreography. Plus Taeyang killed it!

  4. Reactions:
    1)Choreography and video was SICK. SICK as hell. I don’t’ think any pop artist as contributed to the Kpop dance (as of late) as Youngbae has. So impressed…way impressed.

    2)It’s this fangirl’s dream to hear a track where YB raps. He sounded good throughout.

    3)Beat was sick. Song was catchy. Even the ridiculous RINGA LINGA was perfectly fine. BUT! It felt G-Dragon if you know what I mean. (other than with his voice in the background.) It’s not completely GD-y, but I can’t help but think about him. Beat is sick though. It’s gonna be stuck in my head for days.

    4)This new “concept” is interesting. I really really want to hear the rest of the album now. Not sure if my curiosity can handle waiting any longer.

    1. He sounds amazing though. (Ugh, that bridge is GORGEOUS.) He’s going to kill on the slow jams. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM.

      I may the only one who finds it endearing that he really can’t lipsynch to save his life.

      1. Oh for sure. I only have good vibes for this song. I like that he chose to go with a good strong song for his title song.

        And I have to add, I love that the video featured all the other dancers and not just YB. And I can’t wait for the live performance. I hope they keep these dancers too. The stage is gonna be explosive.

        And his lip-syncing. His blond hair…what are they? i don’t even know. It’s hilarious. Youngbae is just funny little man in so many ways. He is endearing himself. I lubs him, can’t you tell?

    2. I know what you mean, this song has GD written all over it but at the same time it’s also YB.

      I can’t get over the fact that he’s rapping! and dancing to some legit choreo! …admittedly I felt a bit of resentment during SOLAR that he was going down the path of light dance moves when his dancing is good enough to pull off more complicated choreography. But that album was different. So happy that he’s back to dancing and I’m liking the new concept he’s got going, he lets out a bit of his inner hip-hop boy.

  5. Surprised in a good way. I feel like we just got a little taste of everything in YB’s repertoire. From the dancing, to going back to his hip-hop roots in rap and then progressing forward to what we’re accustomed to seeing in him singing RnB during the bridge.

    Makes me all the more excited as to what all the other tracks sounds like in the album.

  6. A translation here: http://www.kashigasa.com/taeyang-ringa-linga-lyrics-english-romanized-translation.html

    put your hands up like you’re independent
    jump jump til your ankles break
    shake it like youre having a fit
    everyone sing together

    My name is T to the A to the E (to the)
    Y to the A N G (hot hot)
    always like a hot fire
    hot (boil)
    girls to my body to my song (cry)
    Slow jam or dance you can just leave it to my body!
    don’t be scared just look wanna get high its ok if you’re by my side
    tonight were on a ride
    there’s no seatbelt just be by my side

    dont stop baby don’t kill my vibe
    stay like this cuz its good now
    To the left to the right follow me like this ye ah ye ye yeah

    raise your hand like you’re independent
    shake like you’re having a fit
    everyone sing together
    ringaringaring (like)
    ringringring (like)
    ring (sweet) ring (nice)

    put your hands up like you’re independent
    jump jump til your ankles break
    shake it like youre having a fit
    everyone sing together
    ringgalinggaring ringgalingaling (like)
    ringgalinggaling ringgaringgaring (like)
    ringgalinggaling ringgalinggaling
    RingaLinga (assa) RingaLinga (johda)

    today is Friday so careful its poppin so body movin’
    We partying so hard its ok if u flex
    monday is so far it can never find me again
    forget yesterdays troubles forever
    forget tomorrow its someone elses problem
    everyone together jump jump jump like encouragement
    Ladies bump bump bump shake shake that thing for me

    don’t stop baby don’t kill my vibe
    go like this cuz its good
    To the left to the right
    follow me like this ye ah ye ye yeah

    put your hands up like you’re independent
    jump jump til your ankles break
    shake it like youre having a fit
    everyone sing together
    ringgalinggaring ringgalingaling (like)
    ringgalinggaling ringgaringgaring (like)
    ringgalinggaling ringgalinggaling
    RingaLinga RingaLinga

    It’s our party we can do what we want to
    stop to this rhythm everyone 1,2
    one two three baby 1,2 step
    Ye ye ye ye ye ye ye
    don’t let go of my hand don’t run boo
    ill give u the world
    Hey dj turn the volume up

  7. Blond braids aside, I love it. I love how his vocal sounds too because the dynamic of the song is just awesome! from a cool rap to sweet vocals. Damn.

    and the choreography? it’s dope! It’s cool. Someone pointed out he has less energy than the other dancers but he still hold his own. I think that’s true. I love it, I don’t know what else to say LOL. 1:38-2:06 is my favorite part in the song.

    Btw, is this a one shot dance performance or am i seeing wrongly?

  8. LOL

    He got outshone by everyone else in this video. Not just cause they’re already better dancers but he didn’t have as much energy as them either.

    the song I laughed at all the lines used from tracks released this n last year in da US.

    Good luck to him though

      1. Not everyone’s going to like the song because of the new direction, so it’s nothing to get your hopes down about. I remember when ‘Solar’ came out and ‘INAG’ was the title song, to be truthful, I wasn’t feeling the song, I thought it was lackluster for a title track, but when the album dropped I found gems that I still listen to every now and then to this day. Hopefully this is the case for Wakka, he may not like this song, but there’s still an entire album to be listened to. People just have different tastes, some can stand a more ‘pop’ approach to music and others can’t.

        I for one think it’s a good song, it’s something fresh from YB but at the same time, you could still see hints of the old him. It certainly is a stronger title song to make a comeback to compared to his past releases.

        1. Not quiet sure what’s so funny about what I wrote, but I’m glad I could provide you with some sort of entertainment, granted that wasn’t my purpose, but if you’re happy, good for you.

        2. It was in response to ‘sup’ not really a reply to you as my reply is under his/her message. And as to why? Simply a kind gesture from a fan to another fan, as fans we only want what’s best for those who we support, so the whole ‘don’t get your hopes down’ was just a countermeasure just in case you not liking the song portrayed a general consensus as to people not digging the direction of the song.

          I thought the message was rather obvious, but if it wasn’t, I apologize, at least you got a laugh out of it even if it wasn’t mean to.


        3. na, I know it was a reply to sup. I just didn’t really see the need for the countermeasure. I mean I’d hope my opinion would be taken as mine alone and not general consensus but I guess I understand now.

    1. Yeah, you could see that he hadn’t completely mastered the choreo yet… which makes sense considering he learned it 2 hours before filming this. Not to worry, I’m pretty sure he will improve drastically in time for the music shows.

    2. I thought the backup dancers suck. No energy and no hype. They were the boring one.

      As for the song, it’s like GD’s songs. The first reaction is shock (in a mutual way) and then as you continue to listen to it, it grows on you and get stucks on your head. So, ultimately, I actually like. It’s different from the Taeyang that YG’s created to suit for the mass audience. This Taeyang feels like the real one. The music that Taeyang has always wanted to make and sing.

    3. Thank you!! I’ve been scrolling through the comments trying to find an objective one and almost gave up. I agree with you 110%. He looks tired and like he doesn’t even want to be there – they should’ve just released this as a practice video later or something not as an “OMG big release video.” Hopefully the actual MV is better. I’m not even going to say anything about the ‘rapping’ right now. Any way thanks for being real about what you thought; was starting to think I was the only one 😛

  9. 😀 i have to say that i like his song, it’s catchy! Makes me wanna dance like crazy…Liked the choreo too…^^ I caught myself dreaming (while listenin to this song) that i am driving a car (probably something like old mustang 70′) and listening to this song to the max volumpe up!! AWWwww yeeeeeah! 🙂

  10. I love the song! YB looks so gorgeos! im watching over and over, i really enjoy watching him dance =) i agree with all of you about that bridge, i like it too! and we can hear his rap again!
    i like it the choreo but for moments i wanted to see less of the dancers and more YB kk am I selfish? kkk

    1. After three years of being deprived of him dancing, I don’t blame you ;). We are just hungry for more YB! lol ♥

  11. My Taeyang!!! 😍😍😍 I kinda had a feeling he was gonna do a rap song! Love him! And the song! Can’t wait to see his live performance!

  12. Oh snap! Rapping and dancing! Taeyang!

    Just out of curiosity, is this the mv or is he releasing a mv? I was wanting to watch the music video, because of his teaser!

  13. http://instagram.com/p/gbIqKbiWSe/#

    From Parris Goebel (the choreographer):

    “This just dropped!!! Go check it out. TAEYANG was really inspired by the “I love Cali boys” clip and gave me a call😋. This is what we did. 2 days! He picked it up so quick and my LA boys killed it.🔥 Go check it out & support a dope Kpop artist!❤️❤️❤️”

  14. Gosh……even after watching the mv multiple times and having the song on repeat since this morning, I don’t really know what to say.

    My first initial listen of the song wasn’t a good one. It was definitely not a favorite YB song by far.

    The mv was super dope and I LOVED the choreographer. Parris did an amazing job and the dancers were superb. YB did seem off his game to me, like he wasn’t 100% there. And the LA boys definitely overshadowed him in the dancing department, but I still think he held his own regardless. Even if it wasn’t up to his usual standard, he still did a great job. I was glad that he could still hold his own against such a high caliber group of dancers.
    I’m also glad that the mv showcased a lot of the other dancers and not just YB.

    After listening to the song a bazillion times, it definitely grew on me. I loved the opening rap and his vocals when singing. Not fond of that second rap in the middle at all. They should have had him rap like he did initially, or just sing. The good thing about the raps was that it was such a contrast to his vocals and made those stand out even more. The singing parts were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I fell in love with his beautiful voice all over again.

    Not a fan of the braids, but eh. Whatever, it’s just hair. His body though! Those arms!!! They were killing me!!!!

  15. LOL. Now that I have had time to process it, I think this sounds like a BigBang song performed entirely by Taeyang. And the bridge is the most genuinely “Taeyang style” part (since that’s the part he always does, and is usually my favorite.) Like most BB songs, I think seeing it live will make a big difference in the overall feel and appreciation of the song – that’s how it usually happens for me.

    So glad that he decided to do this dance video, however rushed it seems. I got the impression that it wasn’t part of the original plan to have one (or even to use this choreo so I don’t know if this will have anything to do with the live performances from this point on.) But its so great seeing all these amazing dancers and having him do this is a treat considering the last real dance video we got from him was back in 2009 (aside from the odd dance rehearsal fancams …) It’s like a bonus – or is it a teaser? – since we’re only getting this song for now.

    As the song goes, I can see why it was picked to start off with, though it wouldn’t have been my choice to kick off the album. Fantastic Baby and GD’s album were the last really huge hits for YG/BB so they probably wanted to tap into that “trend” while showing YB’s diversity and signal that we are indeed getting something different in this album. (Hiphop Taeyang!) I just think that it may be different from Taeyang’s past work, but not at all unique given the spectrum of YG’s songs. In the end, it seems like it’s part of a company theme – a “YG sound” if you will, infused with some YB and yes, GD, flavor. Having to perform it on the Dome tour probably made a big part in the decision too – I can see why they wanted something with a strong beat the audience can sing-along to easily. (Gah, there has to be some reason for the inane lyrics.)

    And considering the timing with the Dome tour and the lack of promotion (not even a poster on YG building?) I’m thinking that this is really just to have something new to perform for now. (So perhaps they chose the most BB sounding song for a BB concert since YB’s stuff sticks out so much…)

    Knowing that YB said there is a lot of different genres in the album is a relief since I’m really looking forward to something more heartfelt and substantial. And yes, more singing! Argh, must be patient…

  16. On first listen the song didn’t do much for me, some parts that instantly grabbed me was the rap – YB rapping OMG!!! Damn!

    My favourite part is still the bridge though, his vocals are beautiful.

    I couldn’t concentrate on YB alone though, since the other dancers are just as good if not better than YB in the video. He wasn’t completely there either I think, it looked like he was concentrating really hard (like someone said, over thinking things again?). That’s not to say he didn’t hold his own and really, props to him for learning the choreo just under two days!

    Can’t deny that the song reflects the trend YG is going with recently (which are often a hit or miss for me). I think I am having a non-reaction to this song for some reason. The beat is dope, no doubt and his raps and vocals are awesome… but i dunno, something’s not doing this for me. I think I will start to like it more after a few listens.

    Considering how “Ringa Linga” sounds, I am excited for what the rest of the album sounds like. I agree with BM though, I definitely am looking forward to some heartfelt and substantial songs.

    1. The song is catchy but I can’t connect with it emotionally at all. A big part of what makes me a Taeyang fan is his sincerity and ability to project emotion in his songs (whether sadness or even joy like in JAF or Superstar) and I felt emotion was substituted with “attitude” in this song. I mean, that’s fine in a dance track but it leaves me feeling empty and just leaves me wanting to say “Next song please!” I think it’s fine that he wants to give a cool image, but I need more heart to make a song more than just a novelty, “good-for-now” sort of track.

      1. Same here BM. If this track came up on the album, I’ll probably skip it. I’m with you – I love Taeyang for how he projects emotion into his songs and his sincerity. And it’s just not there with this song. It screams SWAG and attitude, and no doubt YB pulls those off very well, but eh =\ I hope there’s something akin to Take it Slow on the album, even just one or two.

        I think you’re right, it’s a dance track, maybe that’s why I’m having issues “connecting” to this song. Emotion’s not usually the big point in dance tracks.

      2. Yup. I’m waiting for those tracks that he connects with and where his sincerity just absolutely shows.

        Dance tracks are fine and I like them, but I need that little something extra that makes me fall in love with songs.

      3. I wouldn’t say I would skip this. I love my dance tracks and this is a hella good dance song. However, it’s not what I think when I think Taeyang. It needs something with more sincerity. However, there’s not much sincerity you can put into a song like this with those lyrics.

        1. @toozdae, yeah I think I went a bit overboard there. You are right, as a dance track it’s great. I found myself getting “Ringa Linga” stick in my head the past few days. It will take some getting used to I guess, sort of like what “I’ll Be There” was for me.

  17. 2 days learning the choreohraphy? Just 2 days?? My oppar is a dancing genius T.T He must have been concentrating on the right moves while they were filming. Hence, the pre-occupied face. Okay.

  18. Great video. Taeyang’s dancing was real good. There were some part of the video where I think he did better than some of the other dancers and other parts where I felt he was abit lacking or not as “strong” if you get what I mean compared to others.

  19. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with this video. It kind of reminds me of Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat MV. I can’t wait for the rest of it.

  20. Nothing much than a usual second-hand-manufactured-Kpop-flashy/versatile-but-no-depth/sincerity-and-cohesiveness song and probably performance, so plagiarism issues are inevitable I guess (though in this case quite irrelevant).

    Interesting though, with YB’s international popularity (predominantly the US market) No reports from the Billboard yet?

    So when is the next track dropping?

  21. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/11/yang-hyun-suk-reveals-he-also-has-taeyangs-dance-performance-clip-on-repeat#ixzz2k71jGrbB

    Yang Hyun Suk revealed his fondness for the dance performance clip, mentioning, “I’ve replayed the clip several hundred times… I think the clip is so cool, so even nowadays, I replay it so many times each day.”

    If you didn’t know already, the dance clip was actually filmed in Southern California with 12 dancers who are the best of the best. The choreography is the work of Parris Goebel, who is part of the famed ReQuest dance crew.

    Yang Hyun Suk commented, “In this clip many dancers, who are some of the best dancers over in the States, have gathered. Parris Goebel, who was in charge of the choreography, is one that is considered the best in the world. Because of them, we sent Taeyang to the States to complete the choreography.”

    “Taeyang showcases high quality choreography that doesn’t pale in comparison to any overseas solo artists in the clip. What’s more impressive is that even despite dancing alongside some of the best dancers in the world, Taeyang’s skills don’t fall behind at all,” he praised.

    Goebel also once mentioned, “I was honestly very surprised seeing Taeyang’s dance skills… He put in a lot of effort to learn the choreography, and he is a great partner to work with.”

  22. So I’m not gonna lie, but after I heard YB rapping in Let’s Talk About Love I was hoping at least one of his songs on his album would have him rapping. Of course I didn’t expect the first song released would be the one haha. As a dance song, it’s pretty good as far as dance songs go. Will it be my favorite Taeyang song? Most likely not. But I will say that it will probably get stuck in my head a lot.

    As far as the video, for him to do everything that he did in just two days to me is impressive. And that explains also why it looked to me like he was counting in one part of the video. I thought it was all in my head, but maybe not 😉 The braids need to be done differently though. All through out the video I kept wanting to tuck the braids behind his ears haha.

    Overall, I really liked everything 🙂

  23. What a song!!!!!!! I really like every thing from dance to costumes and vocals to music. Everything is a killer. Youngbae Oppa you rocked. I m addicted to RINGA LINGA . Its totally new from Sol’s other projects. Oppa keep rocking with ur music and please do some more rapping. LOVE YOUuuuuuuu………..!!!!!!!!!

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