19 thoughts on “SBS Inkigayo teases Taeyang’s Comeback (131103)”

  1. Beat sounds good. Song sounds promising. I think I like it. I’m not going to comment about the hair here ><

    1. Lots of hair stuff going on so I’m sure he’s deliberately trolling everyone for complaining about his “weird hair.” And the grills…I am having conniptions at the thought that he might promote with them. One has to draw the line somewhere…

      I’m liking what I’m hearing from the song. I’m not so sure I’m on board with the MV but whatever… I’m sure he’s prepared for a lot of strong reactions.

  2. The grills. yes. Um, who gave him the idea tho. >.> i hope he can’t sing with those, so that he won’t ever wear them during a performance 😛

    about the ‘strong reactions. that reminded me of what YB said during GD’s interview. How he insisted on a ‘scene’ to be put in the MV. Hmm… hahaha this is interesting.

    1. I’m not even sure if this is the actual MV though or a completely different video concept just for the Inki teaser. We’ll have to wait and see… a little over 4 days to go!

  3. Taeyang just went bankrupt of all possible “f***s” that could be given with this teaser. (RC Reacts)

    Totally supporting this. GO YB HYUNG.

  4. My first and strongest reaction watching this was ‘HAHAHA the braids are back to troll everyone happy that they were gone’.

    But honestly at this point, whatever his image is will just be a second to third to fourth priority to me as long as his music still appeals to me.

    Excited for the comeback, the track is shaping up to sound like the dance track of the album, so I’m definitely going to be expecting some next level choreo. Also glad that he decided to switch it up with choreographers, don’t get me wrong, love Shaun and Lyle, Lyle more lol, but along with this ‘new’ YB we’re supposed to be seeing, I’m pumped to see a new flavor of dance along with it.

    1. LOLL. Just noticed he’s wearing a hairnet in one screencap… I’m digging the tribal print and lion-esque hair.

    2. Some beautiful snapshots. Especially the one with his shirt off, with aztec style tattoos all over his body, and the mohawk with blond highlights that loos like sunrays ♥

  5. Some thoughts:
    1)I dig the hair especially here: http://cfile21.uf.tistory.com/image/21743D355276447E1FFCCA

    And I’ve given up any hope that he will change his hair at this point. I’ve accepted it.

    2)The grills are no bueno. He looks like an idiot.

    3)I hope the smoke makes sense with the rest of the “concept.”

    4)Beat is good and catchy. I pray for no auto tune and that the track itself isn’t’ too electronic.

  6. Fist thoughts, this is going to be grand & artsy, and even with the many different crazy hairstyles and bold fashion statements he still manages to looks gorgeous ♥ (but those grillz YB plz TT…)

  7. Does anyone have any idea of what the album is going to be called? The ‘Rise’ wording in a symbolic format seems to be on everything so far

    1. I know it’s going on in Twitter but I think Admin should make a post for everyone to know what to trend on the 8th…it would be amazing to show our love for YB 🙂

    2. We’re not the best people to ask about Twitter trending (since we’re not often on twitter) but do let us know in the comments if you hear of any plans. I see #ringalinga hashtagged a lot so maybe just go with that? (And tweet the MV too)

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