RINGA LINGA will be out on November 8

Confirming the rather widespread rumors that we would only be getting a single for now, YG finally releases a short teaser of Taeyang’s comeback song and video:

Updated with track information teaser below:

It’s a very tiny taste of what is coming, but I suppose its better than nothing considering we have to wait another 7 days. For 1 song. After 3 years.

No, no, I’m not bitter AT ALL.

YB Teaser Pic 3

30 thoughts on “RINGA LINGA will be out on November 8”

  1. So I’m guessing it’s going to be the ‘Solar’ promotions V2. Release a Digital Single (Solar’s case, two, Where U At + Wedding Dress) and then release the full scale album at a later date.

    A little disappointed they’re going that route, only because we were told an ALBUM was being released and I don’t know, maybe because we’ve been waiting three years …

    Also was expecting a little more from the teaser, possibly an official statement as to what’s going on and what to expect etc. etc. But I guess that’s expecting a little too much from YGE these days.

    Onto the actual teaser itself. The set of the MV so far looks dope, like they’ve invested a bit into this, didn’t get to get a glimpse of his hair coz of the cap, but I saw strands or braids hanging down, not sure how I feel about that. As for the actual sound/concept of the tiny bit of the song, sounds like a dance track, very electro, kind of like Where U At, but with a piano melody, the title kind of bothers me though … ‘Ringa Linga’ … Not too fond of it.

    All in all, disappointed it’s only going to be a Single, excited for the MV, curious about the new look, pumped for the new song, sounds like it’ll be a fun one, but eh on the title.

    1. I’m hoping it is the first of many, one every month or something, but I hope the wait between those and the album isn’t too long.
      And I’m praying it isn’t like 2NE1’s promotions. They just disappeared after the last single, no mention of the album.

      I’m really worried to be honest. YG management is so bad atm.

      On a positive note, the MV set looks amazing so I can’t wait for that, the new look and sound should be interesting! I’m pretty excited and I’ll be here supporting YB all the way!

    2. Actually I don’t think it would be a bad thing for the promotions to be like Solar’s. With all of the activities that will be going on for YB with BB this year I think it would give him more time to promote because it will be after the dome tour. However, there is a possibility that the album will be out before his San Fran concert. There is the possibility too, that the album could be released in halves like Tablo’s Fever’s End, LeeHi’s First Love and GD Coup D’etat. With YG I’ve learned to stop guessing. As long as YB isn’t screwed over by the end I’m good. I’m sure his voice is being heard in this, so for the time being let’s just encourage YB for now! He knows his Sunbeams are waiting XD

    3. Yeah…but I’m hoping the full album will come with the second MV (because it’s a double title track) and I’m hoping that won’t come long after. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

  2. Honestly, who can even really tell what the song sounds like from that tidbit? (Though I’m willing to bet a couple of donuts that Teddy produced it. Okay, a full dozen donuts.) It’s a teaser that lives up to its name by not giving anything away, though I can imagine that all we wanted to know was the actual release date anyway.

    I don’t know when he will find time to promote properly so I understand that delaying the album makes a lot of sense BUT I can’t understand WHY it had to be delayed so much to begin with. Considering everything YB has been saying since the start of the year, I think he’s been ready a while now and its just management who has been putting on the brakes. As it is, he’s probably really stressed preparing to promote the single alongside preparations for the tour. Oh well, will just channel all my energies into supporting this one song for now. If we can’t change YG’s mind, fans can at least make YB feel better about it…

    1. Just got info that GD wrote it apparently (and it was produced by some producer named Ricky). Hand over those donuts.

        1. I guess I’ll just have to buy a whole box for myself so I can do the same…(suddenly in need of a binge).

  3. I like what im hearing. Its a very tiny little titbit of it, but i like it. another seven days we gotta wait, and for a single only. Papa yg is not on my list of favs right now…..BUT will continues supporting the greatness that is YB. seeing some braids. hmmmm….not feeling that look Baeby,but will wait for the whole thing!

  4. so excited but i’m kind of nervous about that thing hanging on his head tho.looks like braids to me god pls not the braids anything but that)):

  5. OMG….I’m ready to SPAZZ so hard!!! I freaking LOVE the beat!!! I think it’s going to be a dance track. Which means epic choreo. Hopefully by Paris!!! I’m just ready for YB to kill it!

    I hate that we have to wait a week for the mv. I hope YG releases more teasers in the meantime.

    Although it sucks, I’m glad YB is only releasing a single now and the album later. The time is just not right for him to promote an album. It would be rushed like crazy. He’s already busy with the tour. And not to mention, everyone and their mama is releasing something this month.

    I guess it’ll be like Solar where WD and WUA were released way ahead of the actual album.

  6. It’s good? I think? In the beginning when the piano starts, u just have that feeling that you know the rest of the song’s going to be good? XD it really makes me anticipate omg


  7. I think I have to agree with some of you. I am upset over the delay of the album, yet again, because he could have just promoted the album any time of this year, not just push everything to the 2nd half of the year, what with BB comeback at all. but we don’t know how it is in YG maybe someone else made the call to release it now or something but right now, since everyone’s making a comeback+BB dome tour+BB comeback+TOP he’s not going to have much time for any promotions anyway, so maybe January gives him a better chance at it.

    It just kind of suck that the album has always been schedule for a release but somehow it just has to be packed together between all other releases+promotions going on too. i mean why push YB’s album for further date, when they could have scheduled all other comebacks at another time? it can be done that way too. #justsaying

  8. *Crying* We finally get to hear YB’s voice singing new music, even though it’s just a second or two :’). My feels are strong right now ♥. It’s been such a long time. Ugh, I’m too happy to even be annoyed right now lol. Cherishing the moment….so excited for the full MV ♥

  9. this teaser made me cry legit manly tears. the piano intro reminds me of Wedding Dress and Tell Me Goodbye, only faster, which means it’s gonna be damn epic. the MV looks really promising so i’m really excited to see the whole thing.

    some rant i posted on another website:
    it pisses me off that YB will have to degrade his album to a single and cut his promotions off while GD gets to promote his album for 2 months and is still promoting. some people are saying YG doesn’t want his acts to overlap. but how come Seungri got overshadowed by GD who released his album in less than two weeks after Seungri released his? now YB, who hasn’t had a comeback in 3 years, had his album degraded into a single and will have to share the spotlight with TOP who’s also releasing a single this month. to top it off, he has to halt promotions when the Dome Tour starts. everything’s just so damn ridiculous. i’m butthurt for real and i’m not even afraid to admit it because there’s a truth to what i’m saying. people are trying to compare the situation with last year when GD released OOAK but at least he was able to release the whole damn mini. YG promised a full album comeback in September but all of sudden, after all the delay, we’re just getting a single. forever shaking my damn head.

  10. I’m just disappointed in the way YG deal with him this in my opinion.I wish he would leave the agency and sign with other agency maybe JYP. This is my opinion i don;t think YG treat him like Gdragon who allway get the best. Taeyang is the best. if he leave YG i bet you will see some real competition. Sorry i’m frustrated…

    1. No way man, YG is Taeyang’s best shot at superstardom. I think we’d all be surprised at how much work YG (and talent agencies in general) put into Taeyang and their artists. They’re probably trying to do things the best they can for him.

      1. We’ll never really know what goes on behind closed doors over at YG and how Taeyang feels about his relationship with them. But there are many ways to define success in the music business and while I very much want YB to be successful, I just pray that its on his own terms and that it makes him happy. Staying with YG is only one option, and YB doesn’t have to be with them forever.

  11. I don’t even know what a pre-release means. Isn’t it a single? Does this mean that it’s a warm-up before an album? Why does YG manage to leave out the most important information but give useless press releases about every other thing?

    1. Yep, pre-release means it’s a lead up to the actual album (although it’s a track from the album). It should also mean that we can still expect two title tracks that will be released with the album. This might just explain why It seems as though YB filmed 3 MVs (that’s if he also filmed one in LA, like we all suspect he did). The two other MVs are possibly for his actual title tracks. If that’s the case then the promotions won’t be like Solar, and maybe we’ll get the full album in one. However with the pre-release coming out on the 8th, who knows when the actual album will be released at this rate. In normal situation it doesn’t come long after. But this is YG we’re talking about…

  12. I’m liking the teaser so much, it’s like a combination of Wedding Dress and WUA on fast-foward with that beginning piano bit.

    (Posted a comment earlier but it didn’t seem to get through :/

    YG has always been rather messy with their management, but this year it seems it was just all over the place.

    On the plus side though, like some of you have said, at least it seems like this will mean that it won’t clash with YB’s current preparations for BB or his SF concert.

  13. So, there’s no official release on an album date? T.O.P is schedule to have his solo album in mid-November. What about Taeyang? I’ve been waiting for 3 years and all I get is a single? Really YG? Is that how you treat Tae? *Fuming in anger*

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