Aaaaaaand… we’re getting a Teaser on November 1

It seems that November 1 is NOT the actual album release date, but the release date of the TEASER.

The teaser will reveal the album release date.   (Source: Osen)

The  translation: (Thanks Redsun!)

Taeyang from Bigbang, who’s going to come back with his new solo album will reveal his teaser on Nov.1 and set his comeback date.

The news about Taeyang’s new solo album has spread out since last year, which has raised his fan’s expectations widely, but YG will show his teaser on November 1, so his fans have to wait again. It seems YG will announce the specific come back date on that day.

His return will be the first time in 3 years, from his last full album <Solar> on 2010. His song, ‘Wedding dress’, ‘I need a girl’ created a great sensation in international music market, such as I-tunes chart as well as local music market.”

Considering the inopportune timing (with the juggernaut Infinity Challenge Song Festival due to release songs the following day) it seems a logical enough move. If only waiting weren’t so difficult….

17 thoughts on “Aaaaaaand… we’re getting a Teaser on November 1”

  1. Oh BM, that Ralph gif depicts me so perfectly right now.

    I’ve never heard of someone giving a teaser for a teaser. Maybe this will be the start of some sort of unique crazy promotional cycle? Lol

    But seriously, I can see why they delayed the release. IC is an enormous act for anyone to tackle.

    I’m just blah at this moment. I take comfort in the fact that YB will for sure release the album before SF. Sigh…..

  2. Saw it coming, there was just too much to do in too little time, so I can’t say I’m surprised, just again disappointed at the vague announcements/information and YG’s one-track mind.

    However, it might be for the best, there are plenty of artist comebacks/promotions early November, JaeJoong, Troublemaker, IU, Shinee, Miss A etc. etc. YB may have an easier time on the charts and on sales if he releases his album Mid-November when the hype around all the comebacks have fizzled down.

    Still though, delaying the album release even further is going to be HELL for YB when it comes to promotions, they start their Japan tour in November, not to mention he’s flying down to SF for his concert there and on top of that, music programs, variety programs etc. etc. for his solo work. Which makes me all the more mad at YG’s inability to stick to a plan, or at least his word.

    Oh well, nothing we can do about it. I just hope our boy doesn’t tire himself out in what looks to be a very, very strenuous/busy end of year for him.

  3. YG = biggest troll ever. I can’t say I’m not surprised, YG never sticks to his word on comebacks and releases. Urgh.

    Great GIFs BM, pretty much describes me right now too.

  4. there’s rumor that 1 November only teaser and only 1 single… full album will be on January…

    i read it from forum… (hope it’s not true)

    DAMN YG… i bet Taeyang is very mad right now…

    Jay Park please meet Taeyang and join with you Independent label (AOMG)

    1. well I also really hope it’s not true. He needs new songs for his SF concert, so I hope he’ll release his new album before it.

  5. It would make sense for the delay though, because if it were to be released on the first he would only have two weeks to promote the album before he leaves for the dome tour and the San Francisco concert and that wouldn’t be fair. I would expect the album to be out by the end of November at the latest early December. By that point as well, GD will hopefully take a long break before he falls over, so there won’t be an overlaying shadow from any of his promotions (like what happened with SeungRi). Plus Team A just won and I’m pretty sure YG’s trying to find a way to incorporate them into YB’s comeback since he was their mentor. I just know by the end it will be worth it.

  6. sorry but it just makes me mad. it really does. i was hoping that i’d be able to get his album already when i’m in seoul the week after november 1. i don’t know how long more YG is pushing his album to. now i can see it he keeps pushing and other artists keep coming back. i don’t usually get this frustrated but even as i enjoy all the other YG releases, i get really upset hearing of this. sighh i know it will be all worth it cus it’s YB but if it really gets pushed to december or 2014.. sigh. sorry for the rant. i need time to get over this. who knows in the end it might be summer 2014.

  7. Sigh. No surprise… this is YG we are talking about, but I’ll still point out what horrible mismanagement this is. I feel for YB… on top of producing most of his album on his own, it looks like he’s going to have to manage a lot of other things just to get the final product out. YG is obviously too occupied to support him efficiently, and to be brutally honest YG just sucks at management. I find it so embarrassing that he can’t get that together…still after all these years. I feel almost foolishly gullible for continuing to believe any date he announces lol. At this stage it’s only when inkigayo announce that YB will be performing the following week that I’ll believe it…

    However a part of me is glad it won’t be squeezed in right before the IC release. I just hope YB gets his time to shine properly..

  8. very sad that this is happening but like everyone is saying, not surprised at all…. I still can’t believe he would release the song for Team A and Team B and we have to wait till Nov 1st for just another teaser… I really really wanted to make sure I have the album in hand at the concert in San Francisco so he can see people are buying his album… I guess I can show up with his solar concert dvd ( His last release T.T)

    1. I’m almost positive, emphasis on almost, that the album will be out before his concert. I’m guessing Mid-November, if they’re going to start releasing Teasers consistently on the 1st, you can expect the album to be out in 1-2 weeks time from then.

      Of course this is YG, this is the first time I’ve ever witnessed a company release a Teaser for another Teaser, so who knows, maybe they’ll do it again.

      But I think the plan is for Taeyang to perform new material in his concert at SF, so you may have time to get the album before then.

      1. I worry about the shipping time too….YG eshop can take a bit of time to send out stuff, my glow stick took almost 3 week last time but nothing I can do to speed up the album release, just hope it happens soon ^+^

        1. Well TOP is said to be coming out with a ‘Digital Single’ (MV is said to be finished already, so it looks like it may not be delayed) Mid-November right after Taeyang solo album drops, so if YG is good to us, we may or may not see the YB’s album drop within the first week 🙂

  9. i’m not surprised about any delay anymore now, but the rumor about his album coming out in January and we’re only getting a single?? i don’t know what to say. if it’s true, then i will be a little upset. why is that album taking such a long time to be out tho T.T
    and on YG’s reps, I get that they want to anticipate fans for TOP’s single, and i’m happy as well but YB has not started promoting yet, in fact there is not much publicity about it. just wished that they could have at least focused more on an artist whose album/single that is about to be released within a few more days.

    Sorry if I’m whiny SOLmates.

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