[COD] Taeyang at the YG WIN Finale (131025)

Team A mentor Taeyang was a guest along with the rest of YG Family at the final battle of YG trainee survival show WIN.  He cheered on both teams and was adorably shy when caught by the camera. (cr on tumblr: shabbitable) More video, gifs and photos below the cut:

Fancam from Eee GGO. (cr on tumblr:allthoseprettyfaces) (cr on tumblr: youngbaebae)

(photo cr: 518%) Hope someone compiles all the onscreen cuts of Taeyang on the show and shares it with the rest of us 😉 Update: Yay! Ask and ye shall receive:

Thanks Fraffuqi! (via YBMania)

Update 2: Even more photos here on urthesun.



16 thoughts on “[COD] Taeyang at the YG WIN Finale (131025)”

  1. OMG…..flawless post. Ngl. This might be the best post we’ve had in a while. Lol

    Gorgeous man is gorgeous! And I love how he’s all shy and bashful. But that smile! That smile is what kills me. Mess up the hair. Mess up eyebrows. None of that matters when he smiles! Hahaha

    1. Agreed!

      I can’t stop staring at his smile…that first gif is perfection *sigh* I missed seeing his face ❤

  2. i miss that smile i miss those smiley eyes i just miss seeing him so shy but happy hahaha ❤

    also yay to no shades indoor 🙂

    1. The smirk in the second last photo, and the GIFS ARE NOW IN COLOUR! Hissmileomgicanteven asdfkoiusourrdskdfh *gush gush gush* <— fangirling

      Thanks BM 🙂

      (I'm a little panicky and stressed out with essays due soon, sorry for the randomness! But seeing this has cheered me up a little, it's just pictures and GIFs but still, haha)

  3. He smiles and hearts just melts across the world! I love his new look!! that is what I was talking about before! wait for Taeyang to finish his transformation first before judging!

    1. Haha. I’m sure YB will try to shock us again with more hair and fashion escapades during this comeback. As long as he doesn’t cover up that smile (I repeat, NO GRILLS) I’ll be ok with whatever…

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