Taeyang will be on MTV Music Experiment in San Francisco! (Update: Concert date rescheduled to November 26)

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MTV Iggy and Intel Present ‘The Music Experiment 2.0’

Taeyang of Big Bang to Headline in San Francisco
on Tuesday, November 26th at Secret Location.

 Fans to Compete in Daily Challenges at musicexperiment.com
to Win Tickets, VIP Passes & Backstage Access to the Show of a Lifetime.

MTV Iggy and Intel announce that K-pop sensation Taeyang will headline The Music Experiment 2.0 in San Francisco at a secret location on November 26th. This show, like previous ones in the series featuring Empire of the Sun (stream) and Disclosure (stream), will be broadcast live across the globe at the ME 2.0 website or via the Music Experiment Windows 8 App and will also air at a later date on the Palladia music channel. Fans from around the globe can join the live show remotely as part of the Virtual Audience via their webcam and will be projected onto a giant screen at the venue.

The Music Experiment 2.0 is a themed, social-media powered music series that connects passionate fans with their favorite emerging artists. Tickets are awarded to fans that visit the online hub (http://www.musicexperiment.com) and engage the most with the series on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. Social submissions deemed the most creative will be awarded prizes including VIP tickets to the show, a personal meet and greet with the artist and a starring role in their own MTV Iggy-produced music video.  Social media challenges end Friday, October 4th.

 One of the foremost examples of the K-pop global phenomenon, Taeyang’s debut solo release Solar occupied the #1 and #2 spots on the Canadian and US iTunes R&B/Soul album chart respectively, a first for an Asian artist. His solo career took off having already conquered the world as a member of Asia’s first super group, Big Bang. They have worked with Diplo, Boys Noize, and Flo-Rida and embarked on a 12-country/24-city Live Nation tour that was witnessed by over 800,000 fans throughout the world. The New York Times included their show in the reputable “Best Concerts of 2012” list.

The Windows app will allow homes users to direct the show themselves from multiple camera angles – zoom in for a close up on their favorite band member, cut back for a wide shot, and save their own edit to share with their friends. The entire experience is in full HD video and can be wirelessly sent to the users TV using Intel’s new WiDi technology while being controlled from their lap. (official press release)

For more information, check here for how to join: http://www.musicexperiment.com/rules/

The CF:

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62 thoughts on “Taeyang will be on MTV Music Experiment in San Francisco! (Update: Concert date rescheduled to November 26)”

  1. Julie over at bbvipchannel, one of YB’s most loyal supporters is asking for help to win tickets to the event. if you are not trying to get tickets yourself, please RT this tweet https://twitter.com/mizz_julie/status/381467111173783552 asap to help her out.

    And please, please, please RT the tweet of our fantabulous (but twitter challenged) ATY translator Silly:

      1. Tickets are not for sale.

        You can either do the challenges to win tickets or just keep on tweeting. And when it gets closer to the date, the more tweets you send out, the more clues you get to the actual venue location. And on the day of the concert (I think), if you know the venue, you can wait in line to get tickets.

  2. omg I would love to go! San Francisco is sooo close to me.. I have to wait till I get home from work to figure out what is needed, this is killing me!!

    1. You need to register your social network accounts and they will tell you the challenge so you can win tickets. Let us know how we can help.(Ex: Post the link to the tweet you want RT’d) We’d love to help all the Bay Area/NorCal fans (esp ATY readers) get tickets if we can.

        1. I think you have to include the official hashtag and link to qualify – please register on the site to see the challenge rules (see the links in the main post.)

  3. Of course this happens when there is absolutely no way I can get free!!! My favorite singer performing in my favorite city. And I can’t go! WHY!?!??!?!!

    I love the fact that this is happening. He’s actually doing a solo promotion of some sort in the US! Yay!!!! And that means his album must be on it’s way to us soon. Even better!!!!

    But while there is no way I can go, I don’t mind trying for others. Hopefully someone from ATY wins!

  4. I was getting a little excited there! I guess it’s for practical reasons too, if it’s a worldwide thing the winners and prizes will be hard to allocate with all the traffic.

    All the best ATYers joining the competition. Australia’s too far from everywhere (nearly) but am happy to help fellow YB fans out 🙂

    So good to see YB getting some promotions/publicity happening, please let this mean an album’s gonna drop soon! The wait and teasing is agony!

  5. It’s not only for the winners of the challenges. The more you do this, they’ll give you clues that lead you closer and closer to the venue. And when that happens, you can wait in line to get the tickets.

    At least……I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes as well.

    1. You have to check your email constantly for updates (winners are revealed 24 hours after the end of each challenge) since they only give you around 48 hours to RSVP once you’ve won. They also reveal ticket locations with very little lead time so you need to check so you can make arrangements to get tickets (and get in line quickly.)

  6. Hey guys! MTV Iggy has been sending out emails saying the concert date has been changed. (check your inboxes) We’re waiting till they actually confirm by updating the official musicexperiment.com website but it might be good to start planning accordingly….

  7. Aaaargh. So what else is new? Music Experiment Concert date seems to have been moved to November 26, in between scheduled concert dates for BigBang’s Japan dome tour. Since BB is supposed to also be promoting a single during this period and YB is coming out mid October, does this mean he’s going to be promoting for his solo AND BigBang at the same time? This is kind of insane. 3 years in the making and its still very last minute. I have no idea how this is going to turn out well….

    1. As soon as I saw the new date my first thought was isn’t BigBang doing their Japanese tour around that time. I’m feeling exhausted just thinking about all the things he has coming up and I’m not the one that even has to do it. If they’re not careful, they could run YB into the ground.

    2. And even more reminiscent of Solar – the schedule for this concert is right before Thanksgiving at about midterms for a lot of students. On a Tuesday. (Basically, as bad as scheduling it on chueseok weekend in Korea.) Hopefully it will be as awesome as SolarCon to make up for all the stress it seems to be causing (both YB and fans alike.)

      1. Well…..most students usually get a week off for Thanksgiving. So this will be good for them at least.
        It’s the people that work that’ll have problems with this date change.

        Not to mention the fact that it’s going to be soooo expensive to fly around this time of year. This date change works with my schedule the best so I’ll just have to bear with it! Lol

        The scheduling sucks for YB though. I can’t even imagine how tired he’ll be. Hopefully he can pull himself together and find some energy once he sees the fans gathered around just to get the chance to see him.

  8. Another date change? Hopefully the last. It’s good in the sense that it will be after the release of his new album. So a good opportunity to promote stateside and very lucky for all of those who get to hear and see him perform his new stuff!

  9. Just a note for international fans:

    While the contest is only open to US residents, international fans may attend as a guest of one of the US winners. Winners will be required to present photo ID with proof of residency and age at the venue (both winners and guests will have to show ID indicating that they are at least 18 years old.)

    International fans can also stream the show live at the online hub- http://www.musicexperiment.com.

  10. Just out of curiosity, has anyone received any emails that they have won any tickets (general admission, VIP, or backstage)? For at least the first and second challenge, I imagine some people should’ve gotten some confirmation if they’ve won some because it’s been some time since those challenges ended. And also because according to the rules and stuff outlined on Music Experiment, some people should be receiving tickets in like 24 hrs or so, right? Give and take a few days due to the amount of accounts that have to be reviewed for winning.

    Any lucky winners care to share if they’ve won, so it spreads light onto the fact that it is possible? =D

      1. Oh, dope! Thanks bluemaid! I hadn’t noticed the area where they announced winners haha

        And I guess I spoke too soon since I received my invite through email not too long ago. First time winning something and it’s my favorite artist, in an area near me. SO HYPED right now!!

        Good luck to everyone still trying to get tickets! And be sure to check your email regularly since these tickets are time limited to claim them once they’ve been sent to you, just to let people know. =D

  11. Hi everyone! I live in the bay area and would LOOOVE to see Taeyang in person. However, I am social network-challenged — I never felt the need for a social network account, but this convinced me to create a twitter account and I am clueless as to how it works. Please help me retweet so I can hopefully, possibly, win tickets to see Taeyang! He is my favorite kpop artist! Thanks!!

    #sony vaio pro ultrabook ultralight, ultrafast, it's off the hook in a class all its own get it, your mind will be blown #musicexperiment— Sherry P (@solmatexx) October 2, 2013

  12. offtopic: So I’ve just forced myself back into Kpop after 3 years hearing of Taeyang’s comeback. YG says it’s slated to release sometime Mid-October, is that still the plan?

    Excuse my impatience, I’m just anxious seeing all these Kpop artists who’re scheduled to comeback in October already coming out with Teasers and what not, whereas Taeyang has yet to release any type of Teaser, be it pictures or previews to a song or a tracklist and Mid-October is fast approaching.

    Is an October comeback really the plan or is YG pulling another promised comeback only to delay it an entire year?

    1. October looks like a pretty safe bet this time seeing as he’s already filmed an MV and is in the process of filming a second one. Mid-October should be about right for the actual drop and I expect we should be getting some teasers any time now (maybe in a week?)

  13. I’ve been away from the Internet for a while so I’ve only just retweeted people now :/ I know all the social media competitions end tomorrow but if anybody still wants retweeting let me know 🙂 I’d love to help out all my fellow taeyang fans! good luck 🙂

    And congratulations to all those who’ve won! Can’t wait to hear how it is! I’m so jealous haha

  14. Big fan of Youngbae, I really wanna go to his concert pls help me win tickets by RT. twitter.com/joeypas/status/385864846471745536/photo/1

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