Taeyang mentors Team A on Episode 5 of YG’s WIN (130920)

Taeyang and GDragon were each assigned a team of trainees to mentor for YG’s WIN, a 10 episode reality show in which 2 teams of YG trainees compete to debut first as YG’s entertainment next boy group.

Taeyang cuts with Team A

More below the cut:

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In Episode 5, Taeyang coaches Team A as they put together a performance of “Look Only at Me” and “Wedding Dress” vs Team B’s performance of GD’s “One of A Kind.”  Team A has been struggling on the show so far, with Team B judged the winner of the past 2 evaluations by a panel of YG staff.  After a rather uninspired first round of practice performances, Taeyang challenges the boys to find their own style and to loosen up and act naturally.  The second practice round goes much better as Team A add their own unique spin to the songs. Meanwhile, Team B also work with GD to improve their performance.

BIGBANG and 2ne1 will judge the performances for this round in next week’s show. Will Team A finally turn the corner and come out on top?


11 thoughts on “Taeyang mentors Team A on Episode 5 of YG’s WIN (130920)”

  1. YB did such an AMAZING job as Team A’s mentor!!!

    He came in, immediately decided what was wrong with them, and went around trying to help them. Our oh so wise and calm YB. He should mentor every episode!

    Honestly, I was never interested in Team A just because, while they were talented, they were so uninspriring. There’s nothing special about them, just a group of boys performing on stage, but not necessarily enjoying it. And if they can’t enjoy it, how can the audience?

    But with YB’s help, they pulled through. They were finally able to put their own color and spin on the performances and actually looked like they enjoyed themselves. This was in practice at least. Let’s see if they can do that on the actual stage.

    And can I just say that YB looked so freaking gorgeous this episode! :3

    1. Totally agree! He seems like a good mentor too – very warm but strict so he pushes them but also gives them confidence. I could definitely see the improvement in the practice sessions. Hopefully they (especially Jinwoo) conquer their nerves and really get to enjoy their stage.
      LOL – the whole time he was there I kept on thinking that he’s such a natural parent. (And yes, I thought he looked HOT…)

  2. omg! i was hoping they would do wedding dress! that is a beautiful choreo and it will really make them shine. Team A tends to be a bit R&B-ish so i guess it makes sense to have TY w/Team A and Team B w/GD, they’re more Hip Hop! ahhh! I’m gonna watch the episode w/out understanding! #Americanproblems

  3. i’m rooting for TEAM A since the beginning… no matter what happen they lose or not… they will always in my heart

    as Taeyang fanboy since 2008 i must said that, he is good at mentoring… warm but dicipline, he knows what to do… which one is less and needs more pushed

    what i like form Taeyang is, he always act naturally… no lie, he is hardworker, dicipline, focus for doing something… also wants to learn and lear more and more…

    i hope TEAM A will win this episode…

  4. Article from Osen (via YG-life http://www.yg-life.com/archives/22129?lang=en )

    TAEYANG unleashes full charisma on ‘WIN’ – Team A’s “performance leaves no room to breathe”

    [OSEN=임영진 기자] BIGBANG’s TAEYANG, who is in charge of Team A (Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, Song Min Ho, Kim Jin Woo and Nam Tae Hyun), unleashed his full charisma on ‘WIN’.

    The program that was aired on Sept 20 is YG Entertainment’s real survival program “WHO IS NEXT: WIN” by Mnet. TAEYANG, after watching Team A perform, commented, “It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. All I could see is your strong will to show the audience something. Your performance left no room to breathe.”

    He added, “I think the result from the last competition is affecting all of you. You are under immense pressure to show the audience something, and you’re trying too hard. You showed a lot of things but nothing sticks to mind. If 80% consists of something you came up with, then it would be more entertaining to show something already known to the public in the remaining 20%.”

    Before going face to face with TAEYANG, Team A seemed extremely excited. Song Min Ho commented, “It’s like meeting a celebrity,” while Lee Seung Hoon said, “It was great that he pointed out exactly what we needed to improve.”

    ‘WIN’ is a real survival program that divides YG’s 11 trainees into Teams A and B for an extremely fierce battle. For 10 weeks, the two teams will be put in 3 battles, and the winning team will be making a debut straight away as a boy group under the name ‘WINNER’. This will be YG’s first boy group in 8 years.

  5. Man does YB look damn fine there! *fans herself*

    I haven’t been watching this documentary (though I definitely am interested, but alas my Internet is strictly limited at the moment, sigh), but I’ve always thought YB would be a good mentor to his juniors (and also a good parent but maybe that’s going a bit too far haha).

    Great to see how much Team A changed even though my basis is just on the cuts here – you can see the difference.

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