Taeyang talks with GD on Starcast Line Chat about his new album and MV(130916)

Translation below the cut from 518%:

GD : Taeyang. I’m going to call him. Is it better to use a speakerphone? His phone number is 010-……
YB : Hey!

GD : wassup!
YB : Word up!
GD : It is like.. wait for a while~~ Say something.
YB : Something.
GD : Hi, Youngbae?
YB : Hi, Jiyong?
GD : This is Taeyang, everybody. I’m doing starcast onair in naver now.
YB : whoa.. you are doing this very well~ hahahaha
GD : I’m not that doing good.. this.. I don’t know how it is going…. and..
YB : Hello guys guys. This is Taeyang!!
GD : Uh so I’m going to release your phone number….
YB : Okay. Release it!
GD : Uh releasing it..
YB : Everyone, get my phone number and contact me quickly.
GD : Did you hear that? He said contact him. He doesn’t have a girlfriend so I will give you his phone number and then if you have interests, contact him. What are you doing now? You are filming MV, right?
YB : Yes, I’m filming MV for my title song which will be released soon. I’m here to take MV now.
GD : How.. how is it going now?
YB : I’ve taken MV since yesterday, well.. it’s a bit.. there are many scene that makes you surprised.
GD : Why? Why are we surprised? How?
YB : Uh.. you can see a different me that you’ve not been able to see till now. Please look forward to it.
GD : How different?
YB : Well.. I’ve become a grown up..
GD : Uh.. I got it! The scene that you asked director several times to put in, right?
YB : Yes I had asked him again and again finally I could put that scene in.
GD : Uh.. yeah.. that’s great. I’m gonna watch it for sure. Tell when your album will be released and introduce it.
YB : Yea! uh.. I don’t know the exact date but maybe you will be able to get my album which has my voice. Well.. this album was like a constipation. I felt like it would be out, and out, and I was wondering when it would be released.. and finally with Teddy and awesome producer GD, it’s being released soon.
GD : Well..you were introduced your album very elegantly.
YB : Haha.. even you could smell it?
GD : Anyway I listened to his album.. it’s really good.
YB : Ah.. yeah. Thanks. Well he is my friend but honestly I’m a bit worried because of him. He made so great album and so many people like it.. I’m a bit worried that if I can do this well after his album.
GD : Don’t worry. It will be fine.
YB: Yes. It should be!
GD : Anyway, thank you for getting the phone while you taking MV, work hard!
YB : Okay, I’ll do hard everybody. And support and love our GD till the end.
GD : Okay. Bye.
YB: Bye.
GD : Okay. I’m gonna call you.
YB : Okay~~
GD : Ah.. our kind Taeyang. So cute, right?

Thanks so much 518% for sharing the upload and translation!

20 thoughts on “Taeyang talks with GD on Starcast Line Chat about his new album and MV(130916)”

  1. Yay! October seems about right given the usual last minute preparations that goes into an album launch. Hopefully they don’t run into any snags and YB gets the album and promo that he wants.

    Intrigued about the “grown-up” scenes he’s talking about considering he’s been doing kissing scenes in his MVs for a while now. Eeek… What other adult things could he be thinking of…. paying utility bills? buying a vacuum cleaner? eating ice cream for dinner? (you know… because he can…lol)

    And seriously, this album is like the most extended pregnancy ever. Let’s just get these labor pains and false alarms over with and get this baby out there!

    And on another note…. Taeyang has such a nice phone voice…

    1. Lol! giving birth would have been a better comparison than constipation but YB will be YB haha. And yes I just love the sound of his voice. Although deeper than I imagined, he has such a comforting, familiar voice that you just know it’s him. Also, the way he laughs is just ♥

  2. It almost feels surreal! To know that he was filming his MV is confirmation enough that it really is just around the corner now. I couldn’t be more happy to finally know and actually believe it this time. I’m anticipating so much, but I’m just a little nervous about the scene he thinks will surprise us lol. Like bluemaid pointed out, YB is not new to somewhat risque scenes in his MVs so it’s like omg what exactly could it be now haha. All in all I’m just really excited and looking forward to YB finally coming back! I missed this guy so much ❤

  3. TBH im won’t be happy if the “adult” scene refers to more risque and explicit/sexual stuffs…that’s just the title track, why take the risk of being censored at such an early stage?

    Im sure he can do better *cough* something like The Weeknd’s Belong To The World *cough*

    1. I’ll have to agree. I’m a little worried about that and how that could limit his market audience. I think YB’s smartly than that though, but we’ll just have to see what he means exactly.

      However regardless I have high hopes for his album as I trust his music taste, and I especially look forward to hearing some of his own compositions.

      1. I’m actually of a different mindset – I wouldn’t mind him going for something 19+ at all if it made sense artistically (or more simply, if it was really good, which is the hope anyway.) I hate the thought of him being restricted by a ratings board especially if they are going to be using the standards of MOGEF. YB’s music has always had more of a niche appeal in Korea anyway so I don’t think having the 19+ ratings will affect sales too much. (Though yes, it may delay getting approvals and will limit what he can do on broadcast.)

        1. Yea I wouldn’t mind at all with any censorship or restrictions, as long as it has some level of artistry, but given the theme in his past solo works used to revolve around love/relationships/sex (which, R&B is “notorious” for), its hard not to worry about his “grown up” concept.

          If the title track is again a love song, Im more than happy if he comes up with something deeper? Even showing struggles of an adult relationship eg. …like what you said real life struggle with paying utility bills or family commitments those sort of stuff? Anything but the usual Kpop sugar-coated contents.

        2. For my own completely selfish reasons, I’d love to see a bed scene if only to see what a full on bedhead would look like on him. (Not you know, that perfectly coiffed but impossible look he wore in the Solar Concert intro with Yoo In Na. Who naps with good hair and a dress shirt?) I’d think it was hilarious if he still stuck to a mohawk for that…

          Anyhoo, I guess whatever he is talking about would still fall in the range of what a grown 26 year old man would be going through (especially one, who like him, would be single and living on his own.) I’m just hoping for a more creative video than what we’ve seen from YGE as of late. I don’t expect he’ll get the kind of budget GD gets for his stuff but hopefully, he’ll have good concepts.

        3. That would be my concern. I mean I want it to do well, and for that it has to appeal to a wider audience. So hopefully he can bypass any censorship. Anyway, a part of me is comforted by the idea that YB censored himself in their SBS performance lol, so who knows if he’ll go as far as I’m imagining…

          If YB did have a bed scene though, I’m sure it would be done well and with a purpose. I know YB is not complacent when it comes to his music and how he represents himself, which has always appealed to me personally. This definitely will be his biggest transformation yet, which is exciting to see.

  4. Subs for those looking for it (ElectricLoveBB1):

    And more GDYB on twitter today (130917):

    @IBGDRGN: I came to Taeyang’s MV shooting to watch. It’s amazing. It’s good. It’s jjang. I’m looking forward to it. #taeyang @Realtaeyang

    @Realtaeyang:… @IBGDRGN Love you!!:)

    @Realtaeyang: My lactobacillus @IBGDRGN

    (trans: @kristinekwak on twitter)

      1. For those who aren’t so much into yogurt or probiotics… lactobacilli are good for digestion and …er.. constipation. (You know how YB likes extending his jokes….)

  5. Ahhhh!!! Filming an MV and extended twitter conversation – that means an album release is close!? FINALLY, don’t know how long we’ve all waited for this – I’m sure it will be amazing, knowing how YB is such a perfectionist.

    Constipation.. Hahahaha, that’s actually how I would call my writer’s block sometimes, lol.

    I agree with bluemaid on how YB has such a nice phone voice, hehe.

  6. When he said grown up, my first thought was baby making scene too, especially since a lot of rnb revolves around love and sex.

    But has anyone else thought it might just be explicit as in cursing and a bit wild, sorta like GD’s albums.
    Also I’m guessing he hasn’t shaved his head, since he’s already doing the mv, and still has the long dunno what to call it hairstyle at the moment. Would have loved to seen the old school mohawk make a comeback from OLAM days.


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