Seungri’s “Let’s Talk about Love” on Inkigayo with Taeyang and G-Dragon (130915)

I didn’t hope to see a live broadcast performance of “Let’s Talk about Love” (mostly because I didn’t think the lyrics would make it past the censors board) so this was certainly a treat.

Taeyang is coyly keeping that hair under a cap (with only a hint of a larger blonde streak) so it seems we will have to wait until his own solo drops to see the changes to his mane.  He looks great though… er, skirt and all.

Such a cute performance (though understandably a bit restrained since it was just the lead in to Seungri’s stage of “Got to Talk to You”.) Nice move to keep all three solo artists on one stage since their promo periods are overlapping, but also highlighting their difference in styles and support for each other. It would make a good piece to do in concert when they could really hype up the energy.  (Wonder if they would also have to censor in concert though, haha.)

9 thoughts on “Seungri’s “Let’s Talk about Love” on Inkigayo with Taeyang and G-Dragon (130915)”

  1. Oh, you’re back! I was going to make this post and lo and behold you beat me to it! Lol

    I really enjoyed this performance. Each person got their own time to shine. The performance did seem a little restrained, but like you said, it was just a lead in to GTTU. And GDYB were just features so I can see why they held back.

    YB is being such a tease with the hair. Wearing caps but still giving us enough of a glimpse that we’re stuck wondering what it looks like. Haha

    I do think he lost a lot of weight though. I know the stress of completing his album and getting ready for his solo promotions must be putting a toll on him. But can I just fly over to Seoul and stuff some cheeseburgers into him? LOL

    But aside from that, he sounded great! I love to hear him after a long time because it’s so refreshing to me. And he never fails to sound amazing. And I find it hilarious that he censored himself on the show. How cute!

  2. Although I knew he’d end up wearing the hat to the performance, I was still disappointed to see it lol I was hoping he wouldn’t.

    I really enjoyed this performance, I think all three of them were amazing as usual. (GRI doing the genie dance LOL) I agree about it being restrained so I’d really love to see it at a concert where try can give it their all…it seems like it would be such a good performance! YB looked fabulous, even with that skirt thing! I absolutely loved the fan chants especially T.A.E.Y.A.N.G haha

    And YB’s album has been pushed back to October? Can’t say I wasn’t expecting it *sigh* oh the woes of being a YB fangirl….

    1. “I’ve learned from God and my Fans… “Love is waiting” Thank you for always waiting for me i love you from the bottom of my heart 🙂 ” – Taeyang on twitter, 3Oct2012

      The man knows what he’s talking about.

  3. Sorry, not sorry, but I was internally squeeling when YB came out! It’s been so long since he performed in a broadcast studio. This performance didnt take anything away from each member which is a good thing, honestly, they completely complimented each other.

    Just drop that album, dang lol this is too much to handle.

  4. YB sounding and looking good!!! Though like others have said it was a rather contained performance since it’s the intro to GTTU.

    YB being a tease with the hair doesn’t help, now I really want to see what’s under that cap! XD

    Love Seungri and GD adding in the Genie dance bit, haha! Very nice performance from all three of them :)))

  5. I also never thought we would see a studio performance of this. Even though it was restrained this makes me even more excited to see a performance where they can go all out.

    And YB knows exactly what he’s doing with his hair. He gives us just enough to make us go crazy and then leaves us hanging. 🙂

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