Taeyang features in Seungri’s “Let’s Talk About Love”

Seungri dropped his solo EP “Let’s Talk About Love” and the title song features both fellow Bigbang members Gdragon and Taeyang.  All three BigBang members had a hand in their lyrics and music. (Get the song and the rest of the EP on itunes.)

If this is a taste of the vocals YB is bringing to his own solo, I am SUPER excited. He always manages to bring a little twist in his treatment of every song so I can’t wait to hear how he changes it up from Solar. Love, love, love the  the semi-rap and boy how sexy are the lyrics? (Though what is up with the cussing? Not too happy about that.)

See the full translation of the lyrics.

Taeyang’s part:

The sun shines bright
And your eyes are blinded by me
Tell me baby
That you love me baby
I will shine in the darkness
And steal your body
Sorry baby
[I ain’t sorry b**tch]
What more do I have to say
It’s me, it’s me, honey
As I eat more I get more thirsty
You’ll be looking for me Girl
Tonight scream my name and
Move your body
Let’s talk about love
Baby let’s talk about us
Now we gonna talk about – Shhh..
We don’t have much time now
Let’s body Rock

translation: @BIGBANGGisVIP on twitter

Congratulations to Seungri on his sophomore EP and best of luck with his promotions!

26 thoughts on “Taeyang features in Seungri’s “Let’s Talk About Love””

  1. Omg the lyrics! lol! Wow. Honestly, YB just has the perfect tone for rapping. That deep manly voice. I know I love hearing him sing, but I didn’t know I’ll love it this much hearing him rap again. He has a very sexy voice that just goes to a whole new level of sexy when he raps.

    I have a feeling we are going to hear more of where this came from in his album. I’m just super excited for his album. Can’t wait!

  2. OMG OMG OMG. I was blown away by YB! He definitely stole the spotlight, sorry Seungri.

    It’s been my biggest wish that he raps again, that and work with Lyle again, so you can just imagine my excitement at hearing this! He manages to brings such a fresh sound to rapping. His rap is so melodic and just flows amazingly. I really hope he incorporates some of this for his own solo.

    And those lyrics! Getting more and more practice since Take It Slow. Haha

    Although I’m not a fan of the cursing AT ALL. But at least he still managed to censor himself. Lol

  3. Wow ok.. taeyangs part was h-o-t. At first I was like wait.. is that really him rapping bc thats a sound I haven’t heard from him and I freakin love it. Back to his rapping roots. Cannot wait for his album but please do something else about that hair

  4. Hmmm. I think YB’s looking at another 19+ album for his next solo. Haha. Not that I want him to censor himself, but what a pity if he ends up selecting a lead single based on what isn’t banned.

  5. OMG OMG OMG, NOT OVER IT. I died and came back to life at his voice. His rapping voice is so low and a nice contrast to his singing voice. If he doesn’t rap on his album I will cry, seriously will cry

  6. I think the song really benefitted from everyone’s different input:

    Let’s Talk About Love (feat G-Dragon and Taeyang)
    Lyrics: Seungri, G-Dragon and Taeyang
    Composition: Seungri, Ham Seungcheon, Kang Ukjin, G-Dragon, Taeyang
    Arrangement: Ham Seungcheon, Kang Ukjin
    (via bigbangupdates)

    This was a collab that really worked.

    LOL. I keep imagining SR and GDYB doing a “Blurred Lines” type MV for this song.

  7. OMG I just died! I was so unprepared for that! It actually took me a few seconds to register that it’s YB rapping…and the deep voice…and the perfection of it all. I actually replayed his part so many times.

    This has made me so impatient for his album. I hope there’s more rapping to come.

  8. His part is the definitely the one that stole the show for me too!! it is the perfect finish to the song. I feel a lil bit guilty tho because this is SR’s song but it’s YB taking the spotlight (at least to me). But what can I do when YB’s really good? I love how he switch from singing to deep-voice rapping xD Not surprised at all about the lyrics 😛

    1. No news yet. We’re hoping for a concert of course, but we’d be happy for a confirmed album release date first! (Even if YG is kinda-sorta promising it in September, you never really know….)

  9. kekeke I remember when this same thing happened with INAG and folks were swaying GD overshadowed YB on his own track. Keeping the tradition alive I c

    1. With INAG, I think YB fans were more upset at the time that there was a featuring on the lead single at all (especially since the BB members regularly work together as a group anyway.) Most of them would have been expecting a GDYB collab on the album actually, just not as the lead single.

      To be honest, if Let’s Talk About Love were the promoted lead single, I would completely understand if Seungri fans would be upset since the whole point of the solo projects is to experience the artist away from the group. (And for fans having their favorite on stage 100% of the time.) But Seungri is promoting another song altogether so the point is moot anyway…

      1. That was my problem too. If LTAL was the lead single, I would be upset and I’m not even that big of a Ri fan. Despite it being his song, he’s barely in it and is way overshadowed by both GD and YB.

  10. YG please please PLEASE tell me you’re about to release a teaser for YB also like how you released one for GD out of no where. Damn, Bae’s rapping got me all unf lmaooo. I want that album.

  11. Taeyang’s rap is incredible. I like his rap voice, it sounds very different from his singing voice which I also like. I hope Taeyang raps a lot more in the future. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG.

  12. So I don’t know what I was expecting the song to be like, but it definitely wasn’t what I just heard haha. It was nice to hear YB rap since we don’t get much of that from him and he can rap. I admit I’m not too pleased with the cursing either, but it could have been a lot worse.

    Now YG needs to give us something for YB. All we really want is a confirmed date. Is that really too much to ask? 😉

    1. The cussing looked a lot worse on paper to me than it actually played out. I read the lyrics before actually hearing the song and it looked much more shocking (and seemed schizophrenic to be cussing the girl he’s trying to impress.) But when I heard the actual song, it sounded more like a side comment to the rest of the world (as in “I’m not really sorry though I said I was”) rather than a comment to the girl in question, mostly because of the way it was sung. And I did get the humor and shock value of putting it in. (and while opinions are divided about that line, I was surprised so many people liked it…)

      That said, the fanmom in me wishes he wouldn’t cuss at all (just don’t think its necessary – what’s wrong with being polite?) Which is kind of weird since it’s pretty much a hiphop staple (and truth be told such a part of everyday language) so I don’t even notice when other people do it… But, yeah… I wish he wouldn’t do it.

      1. It does look a lot worse on paper than it is in the song. I completely agree about the cursing. I would much rather he not curse too. It’s just unattractive to me. But I do realize it’s a part of the hip hop culture and something I may have to just deal with if YB’s album happens to go down that road.

  13. I was so excited to see Taeyang feature in Seungri’s album but was disappointed with the cussing 😦 I hope he doesn’t start that

  14. This song gave me goosebumps, in a good way…they did good, very good :)…and as this is YoungBae’s page 🙂 he made me speechless and i like it that way…G Dragon’s Genie…yeah well…that would be nasty Genie…

  15. YB’s part was so damn good that i kept on repeating his part lol.i wasn’t expecting much.i been away from the internet so this is a nice surprise.

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