Taeyang in JSDA’s “More Dance” Magazine (Scans and Interview)

When I dance, I’ve never been conscious of anything. I just let myself go with the music flow.





When I dance, I’ve never been conscious of anything. I just let myself go with the music flow.

SOL danced really happily during CF shooting. What is the charm of dance for him? What artists have influenced him? And his thoughts for dance industry.. a Must Read!

It is important for dancers to increase public exposure.

 Q 1 : First of all, how do you feel about becoming the main visual artist character image of JSDA?

I‘m happy, super happy.

Q 2 : Thank you. Today’s CF shooting features a lot of your dance performance. What are you usually trying to consciously express when you dance?

A:  I dance without conscious thought. I just let myself go with the music flow.

Q 3 : This CF promoting “Street Dance Certification License Exam (SDCLE)” will be broadcast through various advertising media.
“SDCLE” is an approach to provide standardized dance evaluation methods in Japan that have so far been unclear, to encourage advancement of dance skills and to improve the job outlook for talented dancers. What do you think of this “SDCLE”?

A  : I think it’s very good. We all (dancers) are in the same situation in that it’s very hard to make a living with a dancing career, not only in Japan but all over the world.  And you can’t make it (=you are unlikely to make a living at dancing ) unless you are really  outstanding among others.  In that sense, the certification exam is a very good movement.

But on the other hand, I’m afraid that more dancers might forget the pleasure of dancing itself and consider it as just a job, and not-so-skillful dancers might go public as professional, and as a result, dance industry might reach a saturation point.

Q 4: I see. JSDA supports various dance-related activities other than SDCLE. What would you suggest we do so that dance can gain wide-spread popularity? Like baseball and soccer?

 A:  I think it’s important for dancers to [have] increased public exposure. In the case of (major sports like) baseball and soccer, people have many chances to see them when the season starts. But in the case of dance, they don’t get to see it unless they like it, you know. So I think it’s important for dancers to appear on TV and festivals in order to gain the attention of those who are not interested in dance.

Q 5  : For example, if you can spend time and money freely, what would you do for the advancement of dance?

A:    I’d like to gather the world’s best dancers and tour with them. I’d love to show our cool stage to many audience,  I want as many people as possible to love dance.  It’s also good to invest in dance-related associations and companies, but I’d rather contribute in a way that I can get myself involved..

“ I want be an artist like Michael Jackson.”

Q 6: What made you interested in singing and dancing?

A:   I always liked to sing and dance, and when I was a kid, I saw Michael Jackson, who came to South Korea, and I thought to myself, “I want to be an artist like him.” I was 13 when I started to learn dancing.

Q 7: When did you seriously start thinking about becoming a professional artist?

A: I participated in the MV of Hip-Hop Artists JINUSEAN who are Senior Colleagues under the same agency (as me). At that time I was thinking about pursuing an acting career, but as I experienced hip hop culture with them, I strongly felt that I wanted to sing and dance more. So I went to meet the president (of YG) and asked him to let me join, and I started to learn to sing and dance seriously.

Q 8 : Are there any artists who influenced you other than Michael Jackson?  

A:  Since I learned to dance seriously, I came to know the U.S. dancer called TWITCH: he has given me such good influences. And HENRY LINK  of Elite Force.. and also Shaun Evaristo who choreographs for me since I was a solo artist.

Q 9 : Is there anyone other than dancers?

A:  Of course, there are many (artists who influenced me)!  SISQO, Usher, Omarion.. I liked Omarion even before I became a singer.


 “I hope that my dance will move people’s hearts.”

Q10: You have promoted as a Bigbang member in Japan since 2008. What would you like to express and convey through your solo activities?

A:  Passion.  I want to inspire people with my music and dance.    I hope that my dance will move many people’s hearts.

Q 11  : What is the greatest appeal of dancing for you? 

A :   Dance makes me feel good; feel the greatest joy. When I’m completely absorbed in dancing, I feel like I may completely abandon myself or rather, I CAN!   Dance, to me, means extreme happiness.

Q 12 :  The last question: Any advice for the readers who are middle/high school students and seek to become artists on how to succeed as a top artist?

A:    I’ve never thought of myself as a top artist. I sing and dance because I love it.  When I was in middle school, I was just happy to be able to sing and dance.

“I love to sing!” “I’m happy when I dance!”  – if you don’t forget such feelings and keep on going, you can make your life meaningful even if you don’t become  a top artist.   The thing is –  it’s important to keep your dream alive.


Translations by Rika F. (solysombra0518) for alwaystaeyang. Please credit if taking elsewhere.

Thanks to YB-518% for the scans! (Check here for cropped versions of individual photos.)

8 thoughts on “Taeyang in JSDA’s “More Dance” Magazine (Scans and Interview)”

  1. Love the photos! (I’m also amazed how much media mileage one afternoon’s work and one interview is getting. They get to use the same interview in various edited forms for different publications and video clips. So efficient!)

    I’d actually love it if YB got to work with some international dancers for his new album (even if just for an MV.) Showing a lot of different dance styles interpreting the same song would be cool. Oh well, one can hope…

  2. That’s what separates Taeyang from other artists…his PASSION. Taeyang has grown to become confident in who he is and knows what he wants. He is a great artist. If only people wouldn’t mind that he’s not a pretty flower boy or he doesn’t wear clothes they like. Taeyang is Taeyang and as an artist, for me, he is the greatest in Korea. Not because he is my bias, but because he remains humble and works hard on the things he want. Much Respect YB!

  3. YB looks so good here! He looks so happy to be talking about dance.

    I wouldn’t mind it at all if he went on tour with a group of amazing dancers. It’d definitely be an event to remember.

    And YB has definitely reached his goal. His passion in singing and dancing has already moved so many people. As long as he keeps on doing what he does, he should have no problem.

    This is the first time I’ve heard the name Henry Link or Elite Force. Anyone have any more info about them?

  4. He’s so eloquent and genuine. Two things I really love about him. I just love reading his interviews ♥

    A dance tour with top dancers would be awesome! I really hope, one day, he is able to carry this idea through. Ofc, knowing YB he would have to be involved and not just organizing it lol. I admire his passion and dedication to his craft.

  5. It’s amazing how I can feel his passion and happiness about dance even through his words. Even if there were no pictures to prove it, you can see just how happy he is when he talks about dance. I especially loved his advice at the end. I think that advice can apply to anything and not just dance. 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Henry Link but I know Twitch. He was on the 4th season of So You Think You Can Dance and I believe he made it to the finals. He also was in a couple of the Step Up movies. He’s an amazing hip-hop dancer.

    1. Twitch used to choreograph for Se7en back in the day and was GDYB’s dance trainer for a while predebut. There are still some practice videos of them dancing together floating around youtube.

  6. Great interview! and amazing photos, I was missing YB a lot lately, never knew he went to Michael’s concert in Seoul! I love it when he mentions him as one of his main influences, surely if he was here, he’d be very happy to know that! Youngbae is one of the greatest dancers and has so much passion for it, love him.

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