Taeyang cameos on Running Man (130728)

Taeyang made a cameo appearance on the July 28 episode of SBS Running Man.

2NE1 members were the special guests for the episode and with along with the Running Man cast were divided into 3 teams. To even up the numbers, Taeyang was made an extra member of the Green team (with Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook and Ji Suk Jin) in their special mission at the YG Building. (There were other missions at other locations – Taeyang just helped out for the YG Building part.)

The tasks included a crossword puzzle, guessing the singers of a special mp3 “mashup”, dancing their way with pedometers to hit a specific number of steps, and solving a musical puzzle – all to win a certain number of liters of water to help the team in their race to collect 21 liters.

Solmate has collected all the Taeyang cuts from the epsiode in a playlist on their site:  http://sol-mate.co.kr/xe/board1/180632

Here are some cuts from the official site (NewSundaySBS):

MashUp Mission:

Pedometer challenge (Taeyang comes in at 3:30):

Photo credit: SBS

3 thoughts on “Taeyang cameos on Running Man (130728)”

  1. I was hoping to see Taeyang do more than dance (which is the usual thing he gets to do on variety for the past few years) but it wasn’t really his time to shine so maybe next time? I’d love to see him on Running Man again when he really gets to do something active. Variety has never been his forte but he does like games…. (or y’know, stick him in another haunted house…)

    Here’s a clip of the sheet music puzzle challenge:

  2. I was really hoping for YB to be more active and do something else as well. But at least he was laughing and smiling and having fun.

    I’m going to need YB to come on RM for his own special of RM. He needs to show the world just how great he is at physical variety shows like RM.

    2ne1 proved the haters wrong and showed that they do do well on variety shows. Now it’s YB’s turn. 🙂

  3. Ohhh!! I will have to see this episode in full! FINALLY, 2NE1 on Running Man, wish come true!

    And I agree with @ygtaeyangbb that YB should get his own RM special…. The man loves games (and to win it) and it’ll be such a treat to see him in action and show the world what he’s got X)

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