Introducing… Homie!

“Me and my boy “HOMIE” #homie#bulldog

Say hello to the newest member of the family!

This is my new “HOMIE”

Wordup errrrone #homie

@xxxinxx & Homie


From @youngbeezzy on Instagram

5 thoughts on “Introducing… Homie!”

  1. Awww. So happy for YB especially since he’s been wanting a bulldog for the longest time. And his name is so perfect… (since YB always did have a thing for “hiphop dogs”.) Homie is adorable and I am sure he’ll be super pampered.

    Congratulations to YB and the family for the new addition πŸ™‚ Welcome λ™ν˜Έλ―Έ !

  2. YB has been in love with bulldogs for the longest time so I’m glad to see that he finally got one.

    Homie is so cute! YB has the cutest taste in dogs, always wants to make me dognap them.

    First “Boss” and now “Homie”. Can we start guessing what his next puppy’s name will be? Haha

    But welcome to the Dong and YG family Homie!!!

  3. I agree YB really does know how to pick the cutest dogs. And Homie already knows how to pose for the camera πŸ™‚

    I’m glad YB has someone to keep him company now in his apartment.

  4. Lol that doggy will snore so hard!! πŸ˜› YB ain’t gonna have much sleeping time if he sleeps beside him…cute thought ^^ bulldogs are funny doggys πŸ™‚

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