Taeyang for Vogue Living Korea


Taeyang sits down with Vogue Living Korea and shows off his new home in the August issue of the magazine (their 17th Anniversary Issue.) HQ scans and translations below the cut!

YB Vogue Living 1

(at the Top)


A fashion-music icon recognized by most, Bigbang’s Taeyang opens up his home for the first time. In a space that Taeyang calls ‘Disney Land’, his eye-catching pop-art sensibility and toys stimulating the innocence of childhood are mixed with black furniture that creates his own style.


(at the bottom)

In the living room that overlooks the Han River, the black sofa and the ‘B&B Italia’ table balance out each others’ weight. David Mach’s art (which he fell in love with at first sight), the eye-catching Philippe Starck gun lamp and the pop artist Kaws’ clownish cushions give the space humorous feeling.

YB Vogue Living 2

A high rise mixed-use apartment in Mapo with an open view of the Han River. Bigbang Taeyang’s new (nest) is here. Let’s rewind the clock to 3 months ago for a moment. I was proceeding with fashion pictorials of G-dragon and Taeyang, Korea’s greatest fashionista musicians, for the March issue of <Vogue>. At that time, Taeyang said to me that he’s been caught up in decorating his new house and said that he will invite me to his housewarming party. Of course, I suggested that he open his house for the August issue of <Vogue Living> instead, and he gladly accepted my proposal. Watching the popular TV show <I Live Alone>, I enjoyed fantasizing, ‘What will Taeyang’s home look like?’ Now finally, the secret door to Taeyang’s house has swung open – Taeyang, who is one of the most stylish fashion/music icons of Korea along with G-Dragon.

A man overflowing with talent in music and fashion, a man in his twenties with a cheerful charm – what will the space he occupies alone look like? As someone who tends to adhere to his style rather than the trend, his taste and sense will reveal itself in his living space. As soon as the front door opened, a sweet strawberry scent greeted us first, followed by the cheerful greeting of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in the artwork of pop artist Mr. Brainwash. As I expected! “I collected my purchases little by little whenever I went abroad during the World Tour. I really like this vintage Mickey and Minnie Mouse poster which I bought in Hong Kong!” But once we passed the hallway littered with eye-catching pop art by Lichtenstein and vintage Disney posters, the living room with a grand round table and black sofa caught my eye at once. Actually, I had speculated that his home might be similar with that of Lapo Elkann, full of bright colors and model figures. But while there were a plethora of figures and pop art, the color that greeted us in the living room was black. “Ah, I like the color black so much that I coordinated all the furnitures to be black. My favorite item out of all the furniture I bought is this big round table that I purchased at ‘B&B Italia’!”

Before he began planning the interior and furniture layout in earnest, Taeyang asked for advice from his friend and colleague, TOP, who has a good eye for this field. TOP is a sophisticated amateur interior designer who keeps in touch with the owners of famous interior specialty shops like the AA Museum in Hongdae. With Top’s advice for reference, Taeyang likely selected the wallpaper, flooring and other furniture items that coordinate with the black furniture and decorated the rooms with the items, small pieces of furniture, books and pictures that he collected while on tour. And the result? As you can see, the fabulous Philippe Starck’s gun lamp purchased in New York lies on the side table next to the sofa. The original Disney posters from Hong Kong are hanging on the wall in acrylic frames. The David Mach artwork he recently purchased in a Seoul gallery after falling in love with it at first sight and the toy-like works and cushions by Kaws, a currently hot pop artist, give the modern feel of the living room a funky edge. “In cities that I visit often, there are streets or shops that I always stop by. For example, there’s the figure shop ‘Toy Sapiens’ in Ayoyama, Japan, a vintage bookstore and poster shop at the Peninsula Arcade in Hong Kong, Seine Street near Mare, France, and the Columbia road market in London!”

If so, what about the bedroom of this cute and attractive single man? Again, the furniture is black, but the fashionable main characters from his favorite anime <One Piece> and his latest aquisition, <Ironman> limited edition figures, occupy one wall and infuse life into the bedroom. In a way, it is reminiscent of a toy shop for kidults, while it can also look like a small gallery exhibiting modern art works. And on the side facing the black bookshelf lie a streamlined rocking chair and leather cushions from his favorite accessory brand ‘Chrome Hearts’ (Chrome Hearts shops in Japan sell lifestyle products too!), and small artworks with the cross shape that symbolizes Chrome Hearts decorate the space here and there (He is a devout Christian!) Black-and-white pictures presented from his designer friend are by the bedroom window, and on the walls are artworks by London Police, a street artist widely known for his funny ‘LADS’ character, while his cherished bull sculptures bought at Inca Market in Peru sit on the table. His bedroom is, so to speak, a place where the weight and dignity of the black color and a humorous playfulness coexist.

There is another room by front door that serves as a guest room for his parents, who drop in from time to time. Artworks presented from artist Kwon Mina decorate the area around the bed. Pets Rock cushions with witty dog prints lie on the sofa given to him by his friend, Nigo, known for the Japanese street brand, Bape. And rare photograph collections that he collected from around the world and his beloved Walt Disney collections are on display on the cupboard like trophies.

In actuality, because he is abroad for more than half of the year and basically eats and sleeps at his company when he is working on his album, Taeyang does not have a lot of time to stay in his own space. But at least during the time at home, he can enjoy complete relaxation in a space he has completed entirely to his taste. This is the black Disneyland of a hiphop musician with a child-like openness and inherent sense of humor, abound with artistic talents and aesthetic sense! How he will develop his Disney Castle from here on is of as much interest as the innumberable albums he will release in the future.

Editor / Lee Jia

YB Vogue Living 3Original Walt Disney posters infuse a humorous atmosphere.(above) His figure collections are on display like trophies on the black cupboard decorating one side of the bedroom room wall. (below)

YB Vogue Living 4

The modern black bedroom faithfully reflects his taste. A Chrome Hearts streamlined rocking chair and leather cushions decorate the window.(above) Original Walt Disney posters and photograph collections. The guestroom in which the original Walt Disney posters, his special collection of photo books, Mina Kwon’s artwork synthesizing Taeyang and Michael Jackson, and the “Pets Rock” cushions all coexist. (below)

YB Vogue Living 5(From the left picture) Humorous items lights up Taeyang’s ‘Disney Land’ brightly. Kwon Mina’s artwork with Taeyang’s cherished Boss motif. Character figures of his favorite anime, “One Piece”, and “Ironman” limited edition figures. Wood sculptures he bought from the Inca Market in Peru. The picture below… Walt Disney posters in custom-made frames. A sofa presented from a designer of Bape and the witty “Pets Rock” cushions full of wit. The picture above are London Police’s artworks that match the modern space perfectly and Philippe Starck’s gun lamp.

YB Vogue Living 6

Taeyang’s Disney Land which is a fusion of Taeyang’s pop art sensibility. Books full of characters with the innocence of childhood and an artist he likes, M.I.A’s, pictorials occupy the black table.

Translations by Carol of YB Mania, edited by Silly of AlwaysTaeyang. Please credit if taking elsewhere.

Initial scans from twitter.com/ShrimpLJY (photo 1). Updated HQ scans  from YB-518%.

6 thoughts on “Taeyang for Vogue Living Korea”

  1. This is exactly how I imagine YB’s home to look. It’s open and airy with dark furniture and lots of pop art. especially of Boss and Michael Jackson.

    I see the toy collections have spread from YG to TOP to YB. YB and his One Piece addiction. Lol

  2. I like how much it reflects him and his personality – it doesn’t look too “designed” and looks like something that just grew out of his own personal style and interests. And its nice that he’s been adding to it bit by bit. It’s clearly a place he lives in rather than a showpiece – very practical, comfortable and personal.

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