Finally! – From YG on Taeyang’s Solo


Excerpts from the letter below the cut:

How is TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album going?

TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album that is to be released in September is his first one in 3 years.

To make it an album in which he can be completely satisfied with, TAEYANG himself is in charge of everything related to album production.

Unlike G-DRAGON who has an experience of being fully in charge of producing BIGBANG’s entire albums and his own solo album, it’s the first time for TAEYANG to be producing on his own, so it may take him some time.

But we believe that the hardship will reap a fruit for his career and that the skills gained will aid him in many ways for the rest of his music life. For the last few years, TAEYANG has been working not only with the main producers but also been travelling to the United States several times to work with world-renowned songwriters. Just a few days ago we completed the track list of about 10 songs for his 2nd regular album, so there will be no change in plan for releasing it in September.

Read the whole announcement here.

Thanks to YBeffect for the photo!


11 thoughts on “Finally! – From YG on Taeyang’s Solo”

  1. I have no idea why it took so long to actually make that announcement (because it’s annoying and bordering disrespectful to YB fans to just keep everyone in the dark.) It’s great that he said SOMETHING but of course with YG’s track record, who knows how it’ll actually turn out? (Ahem, the single that was supposed to be released last November…) Anyway, will just have to trust Taeyang knows what he is doing…

    Anyhow, regular readers might have noticed the lack of updates…. Just so everyone knows, since YB is presumably focused on working on his album and won’t be too distracted with other activities outside the studio, we’re also taking the opportunity to take a breather and go on a break. Posts won’t be as often and we’ll mostly focus on his solo music related activities. With any luck we’ll be back in business come September when he comes out with his new music!

    1. And I’m back!

      I’m so excited for this information. Although I am still doubtful that the album will be released in September. Because this is YG, I won’t believe anything until it’s actually released.

      I’m excited to see that it looks like works are being included both from the Korean producers as well as the international producers. It’ll be interesting to see how the songs come out and how they compare to each other.

      But the main thing is, YB has a hand in producing all of the songs in his album! Yay yay yay YAY!!!!!
      Since I’ve loved everything YB has helped compose/produce, this was the news I felt the strongest about. And with every album, YB has said that he wished he had more input into the creation of his album. I’m so happy he’s finally getting this chance. I trust YB’s instincts. The man just makes great music.

  2. i’m gonna play the selfish card here. WHY ONLY 10 BAEBY?! maybe a tease will “leak” on the taedaddy channel before anything official comes out…i’ll even not completely hate on the hair during promotions, just come back to me, YB! *runs around apartment like a mad person*

    1. I’m not sure if they mean they’ve already confirmed that there will only be 10 tracks for the album, or if only 10 tracks have made it onto the album so far, with more to be added.

      I hope it’s the latter,

  3. Ahhhh!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!

    And FINALLY. Some news on what’s happening too! They don’t have a date set for “September” and it’s already mid-July.. Not going to get too excited until some teasers or promo pics are dropping.

    BUT, BUT BUT!! A FULL ALBUM PRODUCED BY YB!!! *screams*~~~~ >////<

  4. To put it simply, I just can’t wait! Finally! and YB producing it is exactly what I wanted hear. I’m just so happy and excited ♥

  5. I’m hoping he’ll untroll us by getting rid of the hair and going back to his foreverhawk, If he did that, I would literally run around butt naked.

  6. I go on vacation for a week and finally news comes out. Maybe if I go on more vacations more news will come out 😉

    But I’m excited too that YB has a hand in the production of the album. It’s great that he is being given the chance to be in charge of his music.

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