Taeyang in Malaysia for GDragon’s One Of A Kind Concert (130622) – Fancams and Trip Instagram

It was great seeing a happy Taeyang performing as a guest at GDragon’s concert in Malaysia!



Thanks so much to urthesun and OplusT for the fancams!

More than just the performance, Taeyang had a lot of instagram goodies from the very start to the end of the visit. Putting the newly launched Instagram video to good use, he’s been sharing some little backstage scenes with fans.  (Click on the image to be taken to the video to play.)


youngbeezy:  Hi Charlie


youngbeezy:  Off to Malaysia


(VIDEO)  youngbeezy:  Malay

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Tellmewhaturnumber #dante #bigbanband

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(VIDEO)  youngbeezy:  Tellmewhaturnumber #dante #bigbanband

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(VIDEO)  youngbeezy:  BIGBANGBAND

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Love u all!:) #Malaysia

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(VIDEO)  youngbeezy:  Love u all!:) #Malaysia

Love this fancam of him taking video of fans after eating at a restaurant. Just look at that huge smile! Thanks to kjeanlai for sharing!

8 thoughts on “Taeyang in Malaysia for GDragon’s One Of A Kind Concert (130622) – Fancams and Trip Instagram”

  1. The absolute best part of the whole Malaysia trip was seeing how much he seemed to enjoy himself. (Thanks to the Malay fans for such a warm and enthusiastic welcome.) As a fan, I was happy (and relieved) to see him in good spirits and being his cute, random and teasing self.

    Another encore fancam:

  2. I agree. It was so great to see him having so much fun and enjoying himself. His smile is so infectious that I can’t help but smile too.

    And that was the best mic drop ever. 🙂

  3. Looks like YB really is serious about wearing white shirts all summer. Lol

    And I’m just so happy that he looks so ecstatic to be on stage. He looks so happy, like he’s having the time of his life. Just smiles and laughs all around. Thanks to the Malaysian fans for showing their support.

    Loved his little sunglasses flip and that mic drop? Epic!

    YB is just a joy to encounter outside of a show. So playful. Always posing for the camera. Recording the fans outside the restaurant. Messing around with Big Bang Band. And I know at the airport he tools the time to pose for and take photos with some fans.

    He really is just amazing! ❤

  4. I dunno. I’ve been keeping this for a long time now.
    YB is my ultimate bias in Big Bang. And as a dude I really like his singing voice. And honestly id love to see him sing more, rather than say adlibs and dance. He is, after all, a singer, not dancer.

    Not that I hate his dancing, the dudes amazing dancer, but i guess id just love to see him sing more you know? You dont really see him actually singing, ever anymore. I remember his HOT days back in 08 when he really sang and i loved every bit of it. Wish hed start singing more again and not throw some “lets go” and start dancing…

    Just wanna hear you sing bro. Other than my rant, glad hes enjoying himself after everything. Keep it up bro.

  5. i think there are some misunderstood regarding that YB keep saying Malay.. Malaysian are multiracial country.. there are Malay, Chinese, Indian n others Bumi people n etc. the Malay word actually refer to Malay ethnics only. So pls call us Malaysian people not Malay.. it’s not same like Thailand that everyone can called them Thai people.. ok ^__^ btw i’m Malay gurl and i’m love YB very much.. and sorry 4 my english.. i’m working on it..

  6. His energy not even on stage but in general is so amazing. I dont think anybody could be sad standing next to that korean adonis…….but i really do miss his singing. Hopefully his album will hurry up and come out. I also wish him and TOP did more songs together.

  7. How did I miss this post?? I didn’t go this time, and I’m feeling a little regretful for not watching YB live again. But nevertheless I heard everyone who went had a good time and they said YB was so energetic haha. I see some fanboys in a video YB took and it reminded me of the BB concert last year in Malaysia where the ratio of male-female fans were like 40:60. and it made me feel so good that the boys have a lot of fanboys here 🙂

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