Taeyang to Perform at ′A-Nation′ with M-Flo′s Verbal

Big Bang will be performing in the grand finale for this year’s  A-Nation, Japan′s biggest summer music festival, with Japanese artist M-Flo.

A-Nation is an outdoors live tour that has been held by Avex every year since 2002. Last year, it gathered a 500,000 audience.

This year′s A-Nation will be held from August 3 with such prominent Japanese stars as CREAM, Matt Cab, Miliyah Kato, MINMI, YOSHIKA and more.

Taeyang will be performing on August 11, at the last special concert of the festival to be held in Yoyogi National Gymnasium. The performance will be a collaboration with M-Flo member Verbal as the producer.

The singer was brought to Japan thanks to endless requests from local fans.

Source: enewsworld   Photo from Verbal’s Instagram

10 thoughts on “Taeyang to Perform at ′A-Nation′ with M-Flo′s Verbal”

  1. I’m really curious about this – could it be a new song? Or will it just be a sort of guest feature like what they did at the Summer Wave Festival? It would be really, really cool if they could do a new R&B song like how M-flo used to do back in the day. (I’m not really digging M-flo’s new sound and I can’t imagine how YB would work into that.) I’m hoping that this schedule means he will be in the middle of promoting and that he will already have his album out at the time – I love his festival performances!

    1. Same here! I’m hoping this means we are closer to an album coming out before then. Now I’m starting to believe this July schedule release date ;). It would just be the perfect time to promote and get to perform in front of such a large audience.

      Awesome to know he was so highly requested. I look forward to seeing exactly what he performs will be. It would be cool to see a real collaboration between YB & Verbal, with new music ;).

  2. Yes! Can’t wait for this. YB+music festivals is just a crazy, hyped up on sugar performance. Lol

    Wonder how this would work. Hopefully it’ll be new songs they perform, which means YB will hopefully have his album out.

    So is it just YB that will be performing? Or BB as a group? Or both?

      1. Well since A-Nation spans a good amount of time, I would assume BB would be performing one of those days and then maybe just YB later on with Verbal. With hopefully one of YB’s new songs. Lol

    1. Well based on what YGEX announced on twitter, it seems it will only be YB performing. Every other article I’ve come across, besides enewsworld, also only mention YB, so I think it’s just him.

  3. I won’t get my hopes up too high, but if it’s just YB maybe this will be part of his promotions for the new album. A girl can wish right? 🙂

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