Taeyang at GD’s One of A Kind Nagoya Concert (130602-03) Fancams

All the Big Bang members were special guests at the final concert for the Japan leg of GD’s One of a Kind Tour.  (Taeyang still had his solo spot though.)

June 2 Fancams

Where U At and Breakdown




Fantastic Baby


Badboy- Encore


Hands Up – Encore


Thanks to urthesun for the uploads!

Nagoya is particularly special to Taeyang since he spent 2 birthdays in concert there. Must be why he was in such a good mood on the way there…

YB-518% via EeeGGO

Check out more airport photos of YB on his way to Nagoya on YB-518% (and here) and on urthesun.  These are still my favorite though:

YB Nagoya 130601 YB Nagoya 130602

4 thoughts on “Taeyang at GD’s One of A Kind Nagoya Concert (130602-03) Fancams”

  1. No matter how many videos I’ve seen, it’s always a joy to see YB on stage. He just loves performing.

    And yes! The outfits today were what we’re sort of used to seeing. No ginormous sweaters! I loved how sharp and fluid his moves were looking during WUA and BD.

    You can tell YB loves traveling, always laughing and joking around. And it’s always great when he takes the time out to smile and pose for the fans. ❤

  2. I seriously need to find out what he does to get all that energy!!! Cause I could use some right about now haha. And I agree the outfits were so much better. But I have a feeling he could be dancing with a trash bag over him and I would still love it. 🙂

    And that boy just cannot keep himself from dancing… even in the Starbucks at the airport. Now the question is: was there music playing at Starbucks or was the music all in his head 😉

    1. Lol! Good question. Knowing YB he could probably just dance to the rhythm of his heartbeat LOL. I love that guy. Just watching him makes me happy. Such a happy soul ♥

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